Love it or Leave it Alone: Kim Kardashian Rocks Cornrows (Kanye Supports!)

Love It Or Leave It Alone: Kim Kardashian Rocks Cornrows And Kanye West Approves

Kim Kardashian PFPhoto: Instagram

You never truly know what you are going to get from KimYe, because every day they continue to have us talking or straight up speechless. Kim Kardashian‘s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli (who also does Nicki Minaj‘s makeup) posted a throwback picture of Kim rocking french braids with beads on the end and a caption that read:


With Kanye snuggled at her side, the comments on the picture range from calling Kim an “Egyptian Goddess” to down right “Ridiculous.”

What do you think, StyleBlazers? Is KimYe hungry for attention?

-Adrienne A. Gadling

  • yes, she is. he’s gonna make her blacker than she already is!

  • Skylin500 C

    Kanye West do love those white women! Got his Face all up in that womans Brazillian butt injected fake butt. Guess Kim K is now trying to copy Beyonce wearing braids. What can one say!

    • amirbey

      Beyoncé is not the first person to wear braids so how she copying her???

  • just sayin

    ya this is getting ridiculous! But if she needs so much attention shes got it now

  • Kori Majhor

    WOW! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Really Kim? I am not sure if Kanye West wants a Black woman or White/Armenian woman? It seems as though he wants a light skin black woman. He should have stayed with Amber Rose. She was exotic enough to rock any hair style. I am really trying to understand, what I am looking at; its disturbing. Not because Kim is of a different race, but because she looks GHETTO! Then, she attempted to glamour it up with make-up and fake lashes. It is not working for me, but she loves it and that is all, which matters.

    • Justcallmeden

      Oh yes….Amber Rose is beautiful!

      • Mr Dee

        Yes… Amber is beautiful….Both Kanye and Kim have issues..I really have a problem when a lot of these comments are race related…I think that you all have more problems than Kim and Kanye. People posting here need to assess their values about how we view our neighbors… Look in the mirror people and learn to love,and assist others if you can…

  • If you read it, it says that it is a THROWBACK photo. I’m white and I have had braids before. So what? All you are doing is type casting when you think like that. And how exactly is it “ghetto” to have braids in your hair?

    • Know Whatyou’re Talkingabout

      Because people assume have to be black to be ghetto. And “black people wear braids”. So therefore non black = non ghetto. So don’t wear braids.

    • Justcallmeden

      Stereotypes exist for a reason. Period.

    • j a sassy

      braids are not ghetto dumb a__.. what you are is a copy catter!

      • Whydid Youblockme

        #CO SIGN

  • AmericanWoman

    Well, she is Persian so that’s closer to the African roots. Besides, anybody can try out this look if they want. No big deal.

  • she’s not Persian. She’s Armanian.

    • Just help me get it – How is she Armenian bc her father was? That makes her at best 1/2,or does her Mom’s ethnicity not count at all?

  • Umm negative poster’s… don’t know whether to laugh or cry about you. Get a life and let other’s live their. If you don’t want to look…don’t.

    Keep your negative, hateful crap to yourself. I feel sorry for you.

    Keep livin’ Kimye………that is what life is for. You only get one chance…

  • A commentator

    She is trying waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard…………….

    • Justin_Igger

      So that’s why they go for the ape ni66ers, they’re part ape ni66ers themselves!

    • Brittney Jake Khane

      specially the eye lashes! they are wayyyyyyy toooo long!

  • Everyones hating, but no says she looks bad…. because there’s no denying..

    • Froggage

      There’s no denying what, that she looks insane? Because she does.

  • I think she seriously wishes she were black. Rocking braids, big boobs and a$$, only dating black men. Can you be more pathetic?

    • Shianne

      No one wishes to be Black. In society its more acceptable to be anything but Black.

      • doesntmatter

        you’re a racist idiot

        • Charlie Griffin

          doesntmatter, is that your position, doesnt matter, how do you know the person making the comment isnt black…

        • Justin_Igger

          Why do you call him an idiot? He is correct, you know.

      • Justcallmeden

        Oh honey….you don’t know much about white ghetto girls. I can’t tell you how many of them would LOVE to be black. For me personally, I don’t care what color a person is….as long as they are themselves. No need to try to be someone/something else.

      • Trisha Evans-Blaine

        That’s what you NEED to believe because YOU wouldn’t , but I’m proud to be Black, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • Justin_Igger

          You’d give up being a ni66er in an instant if you could be a fully evolved human being.

          • Fair and Balanced

            So would your mother.

          • lessonsoflife

            Oh for God sake grow up. So childish.

      • Jean Deaux

        no, rather be black than Muslim/arab/middle eastern

        • Muslim is not a race. idiot!

          • Justin_Igger

            Doesn’t matter, muslim, black, both are just about as equally subhuman and genetically inferior.

          • Priencess Mone Chai-ung

            muslim is a religion not a race

          • Amanda Cruz

            you make me sick… GOD created all of us… black white yellow green.. who fricking cares… you may live this life however ypu please… if you choose to be a racist.. ok, but you will pay for this as when your time comes you will face the creator and he will know exactly what to do with you… send you straight to hell.. you are a weak person full of anger and hate and mut have lots of personal issues.. i pity you… as there is nothing more beautiful to wAlk the streets feeling free, free of hatred and anger.

          • guest x

            bloody subhuman troll.

          • jeandeux

            thank you . i was intentionally lumping them all together. I do understand that Muslim is not a race, however, someone in an earlier comment used the example of “muslim in boston”.

        • nunya

          You know, only about 15% of the Muslim population is even “Arab/middle Eastern”, and there are many Christians and whatever else in the Middle East, so you just sound uninformed.

          • nunya

            And…there are more black, white, and other Asian Muslims than Arabs, so, yeah…

      • Herbert Nenenger

        I highly doubt that. My asian friends are picked on relentlessly. How about an obese person, or a dwarf? How about a Muslim in Boston? Shianne you’re one of the “woe is me” people who think the world is out to get you, when in fact it’s out to get everyone. you’re not special.

      • flagal18

        right on…that’s why black women dye their hair blonde and STRUGGLE to keep it from getting nappy….no one wants to be black unless they are a famous athlete…..

        • FutrPA12

          Ever thought that Black women are the MOST VERSATILE women on the planet? They can literally come in any color (from white to the deepest brown); most can rock various hairstyles and hair colors and look GORGEOUS, which is probably why there are so many Caucasian women trying their hardest to tan, rock braids, plump their a$$e$ with fat, dating black men, and having biracial kids. Want to be relevant much? It’s sad actually.

        • lessonsoflife

          ha ha your comments shows your ignorance and limitation of your mind. People like you need to travel and experience life.

      • FutrPA12

        You sound stupid…

    • really?

      Her ex husband was white!

      • buggieboo123

        Her ex husband was half black.

        • Beverly

          He FIRST husband was a full black man.

        • Justin_Igger

          One drop rule: any ni66er DNA, and you’re a full-blown ni66er.
          Subhuman to the bone.

          • hoo boy

            Guess that makes white blood weak and inferior, if all it takes is one drop of Black blood to change one’s molecular structure. lol

          • Priencess Mone Chai-ung

            you cant be full race if one person is different you are 50% not 100%

      • her ex husband was black… in most of her relationship, she only dating black .. n i believe second husband was mixed of black n white…

      • Guest

        Chris Humphries wasn’t white he is biracial!!!

      • Kris Humphries is actually African American, German and Irish if I am not mistaken but he isn’t white!!!

        • Justin_Igger

          Yes, he is a ni66er.

          • Mr Dee

            I really wish you had studied in school. All humans are one family, whether you like it or not Justin…I’m ashamed of you..

          • don’t even feed into it

            Justin is just a troll…he says things like that to get a rise out of people… He’s only saying the same thing other people have been saying for centuries, yet that hasn’t stopped the progression of large groups of black or any other demographic, so he’s just running in circles. He’ll get bored with it eventually, or if he hasn’t anything to offer to the benefit humanity ever in his life, he’ll just keep on with his ignorant antics. Don’t be ashamed. He’s Justin_i66er, right?

      • fenderbass

        Kris Humphries in half black moron

        • flagal18

          yeah,poor Kris…he was STUUUPID to marry Kim…what trash she is.

    • Tempestt

      She doesn’t wish she was black. She is naturally thick, and Im thinner than she is (as an african american women). Wearing braids was fun, and dating black men is her preference who gives a darn. There a millions of NON BLACK women pregnant by black men…how does that make them WISH they were black???? HOW.

      • j a sassy

        oh that diaper booty aka walking mattress wishes she was a blck woman… she looks stupid in those braids…fake and phoney is what her butt injected self looks like.. get real!! why she dont date armenian she racist against her own race of men?

        • Whydid Youblockme

          OKAAYYYY????? please say that LOUDER

        • Herbert Nenenger

          the whole idea of being racist is that you discriminate against others that are not like you. Your whole comment is racist in that you are drawing a line against Armenians/whites/blacks. That is racist. Why do you see color as important? Isn’t this the whole attitude you are supposedly fighting against? Look no further than the mirror.

          • Justin_Igger

            Ni66ers are completely and utterly subhuman in all ways. The line must be drawn between fully evolved human beings and violent animals.

          • Fair and Balanced

            Stands to reason you would say this you are a racist snake who slithers around spreading your racist venom. Do humanity a favor and crawl back into the hole your slithered out of.

          • lessonsoflife

            Doest worth cursing him because he doesnt know any better. I guarantee you that he looks much older than his age. The burden of hate and venom is consuming him from the inside, feel sorry for him.
            As for Kim K. she is not trying to be black, its just fashion. People is free to do as they please. Why not have canerows if you want to.

          • lessonsoflife

            I feel sorry for you, your’re full of hate. Take a good look at yourself,
            the bitterness you demonstrates shows your subhuman nature.
            Why dont you study/read black history ,acient history and travel, you would gain more experience and expand your mind as its very limited.

        • JFW

          so black men aren;t american?

          • Justin_Igger

            No, of course not. What a silly question to ask.

            Ni66ers are filthy africans. There’s nothing at all American about being a ni66er.

          • lessonsoflife

            Ha ha you need to study history, none of the so call americans are american, its the native indians that are the real americans.

        • Priencess Mone Chai-ung

          some Armenian actually have black in them and if you dont believe me look it up on the internet

      • amirbey

        I agree, and what does wearing cornrows have to do with it. Also she is not white. Folks should read up on her. She’s Armenian, big difference.

        • PleaseDOBetter

          I feel the need to be clear that there is a difference between race and ethnicity. This isn’t solely directed at you, but you are incorrect when you state that Kim K isn’t White. Racially, she is White. Her ethnicity is that she is Armenian. That is really what the big difference is.

          • Justin_Igger

            A Caucasian would clearly know better. She is most definitely NOT White.

        • Ocrisia

          That’s like me saying I’m Russian, not white. She’s white.

          • fenderbass

            In germany,you would be considered a non german so you clean toilets even if you have blues and blonde hair.

        • FlaGal18

          she is half Armenian…remember she has a mother who is white trash Californian…

        • FutrPA12

          And her being Armenian means NOTHING!!! I’ve seen her BEFORE photos. She had a FLAT a$$ and no breasts. NO ONE grows an a$$ or breasts, UNLESS during pregnancy or obesity…

      • She’s fake.

        Kim had plastic surgery,liposuction after the baby,and tons of implants.Be proud of who you are,not some fake whor3.

        • Ocrisia

          agreed. ironic that shes wearing a ring that says couture when she definitely isn’t. She just pick parts of her face off a screen, her boobs off a shelf….

      • Justin_Igger

        Millions? Hardly. Less than 1% of White human women in America lay with ni66ers. No as far as other races, hispanic etc., I do not know.

    • amirbey

      What’s wrong with that; black women rocking weaves, blonde hair, etc. trying to be white!!

      • Justin_Igger

        Who in their right minds would actually CHOOSE to be a ni66er?

        • Fair and Balanced

          You for one which is why you are a racist piece of feces.

        • nunya

          But you don’t have the balls to actually spell the word out. Who in their right minds would actually CHOOSE to misspell with numbers?

        • Anna

          You are disgusting. Shame on you.

        • Pooh

          Someone who wants full lips, a big butt, and big breasts.. which MOST white girls don’t have.. without surgery

      • divine promise

        black women do not want to be white–but they may want to fake being white to escape the jealous assaults against the divinely given beauty by the Mighty Creator himself who calls us his beloved Sheep

      • Fair and Balanced

        Women are women and if you actually believe that Black women want to be Caucasian you are ignorant and even more ignorant if you believe Caucasian women want to be Black. There are no guidelines when it comes to fashion and since when is the color of one’s hair any indication of what color they would like to be? It stands to reason for anyone woman or man that they are allowed to wear or style themselves anyway they want. Stop the ignorance!

        • yep

          black women do want to be white

      • FutrPA12

        Then lets speak about whites tanning themselves to look like they’re black. Top that, ignoramus!!

      • lessonsoflife

        Black people are not trying to be white, its fashion and freedon to do as you please.

    • Charlie Griffin


    • Anna

      What’s wrong with her dating only black men? Really? Why in the world would you post such a racist comment?

      • FutrPA12

        That was fact. Not racist. Check yourself.

  • Pankie

    Armenian Trash ………… Daddy is spinning in his grave over you Kardashian girls.

    • Maria

      Pankie garbage….

    • Whydid Youblockme


  • Fed Up

    What is funny is if a non-black woman wears braids (which by the way, women do in many many many countries, not just black heritage places), they are trying to be black, but when black women put all there straight weaves in, some even with blonde, they are not called out for trying to act white. Get with the program people.

    • Know Whatyou’re Talkingabout

      Yes they are called out by both races.

    • MARIA

      Fed up you are spot on with that comment

    • j a sassy

      you get with the program.. first of ll black women ae called out for blonde weave,, and white women wear weave too you know.. they get lips, butt, tan skin cokor and try to have swag like blk folks..gtfoh! they try nore than blk women..and those braids where atarted in Africa. not Europe!

      • Fatality

        I’m guessing you’re black, judging by your inability to form a coherent sentence, your use of ‘swag’, and finally the term ‘gtfoh’.
        You’re right that braids originated in Africa. Though not where you expected them to, I’m guessing it would actually be a surprise to you to know they originated in Egypt, not Uganda like you probably believed.
        Education is everything, Dear.

      • flagal18

        go back to grade school and learn grammar and spelling….
        black women have terrible nappy smelly unwashed hair..

      • Justin_Igger


    • PleaseDOBetter

      Are you Black? Better yet, are you a Black woman? I ask because you should NEVER try to give voice to something you don’t understand or have had experience with. As a Black woman who relaxes my hair, I have been told that I am trying to be White which I find absolutely ridiculous and offensive. Most of the time I hear this from my own people; but it is not based in the work that I do (paid or volunteer), rather, it is solely based in the fact that I relax my hair.

      While I appreciate your opinion. Please know that you are not speaking from a place of fact.

      • Justin_Igger

        We don’t blame you, we would try to appear more human as well, if we were all subhuman ni66er chimps such as yourself.

    • Justin_Igger

      That’s not ni66ers trying to act White, that’s just ni66ers attempting to appear human.

  • karnac

    …so cronrows make her less of a goldigging *hore, HOW?…lol

  • Babs

    She’s such a wanna-be black!

    • wow – every one i know who goes on vacation gets braids…..why does she want to be black ??? and theres only one race …the human race

      • Maria

        Finally someone with common sense .. kudos to you lady !!

      • Justcallmeden

        Oh come on. Let’s not try to be ridiculous. There is more than one race. And people should be proud of who they are!

        • SHO’NUFF Bruce Leroy WELL WELL

          everybody is black duh

  • Vivian

    jajja I love to come to these websites just to read the comments.. she is crazy and has no personality of her own .. she is fame hungry ..

  • Keepugesin

    I thought she said she was no longer going to wear fake eye lashes? She has never stopped!

  • She is Beautiful

  • The GOD

    WOW. The state of your society is so evident through comments of articles and stories like this.

    Racism is another indicator of lack of education and ignorance, and is a form of displacing self hatred onto others who in actuality have no bearing or relation on the inner workings of your own personal lives.

    Posters such as Shianne and FutrPA12 really show the infantile state their brain and moral compass reside in. Sadly, they seem convicted in their twisted ideologies. Sure, we are raised in a world where such charges are easy to be inherited from past generations. But as a people it is our obligation to push the human race forward. Race is constructed, and there are advantages and disadvantages to every race in America, not so much in other homogenous countries.

    I pray for Shianne and FutraPA12.

  • I totally thought that was Alicia Keys…

  • Jason

    And why do we care about her.. Shes a nobody! Plus shes trying way too much

  • deuce1984

    “you’re” not “your”

  • Once you try black you never go back

  • johnwayne1

    He is hiding his face because he is embarrassed to be seen with this fool

    • Johnny Bordeaux

      I agree

    • Whydid Youblockme

      LOL, that is EXACTLY what i thought

  • justbad

    I can see why he would be hiding his face. Her hair is her best quality… but not when it looks like that.

  • Justcallmeden

    LMFAO @ look up Bo Derek!!!! Biaaaatch ain’t no Bo! And it’s YOU’RE not your. Speaking of ignorant…..just sayin…..

    • Knowsbettah

      Looked ridiculous on Derek, too. Do you realize if she ever married Don Ho she’d have been Bo Ho?

    • j a sassy

      bo derek was copy catter too!

  • Some where down her blood line she has black….she looks like a lot of the mix girls!

  • keaty mwachiro

    wow kim your are cute in those braids

  • cin amn

    Kim’s braids are on point doesn’t matter what race you are she looks nice in the braids. By the way this is not the first time she is rocking cornrows.

  • Froggage

    She really needs to slow her roll with the plastic surgery; I could care less what she does with her hair but she’s starting to look like a freak show from the neck up.

    • Knowsbettah

      Considering her only talent, weak as it was, was displayed in her first video, she’s been a freak from the neck DOWN all along. When your only claim to fame is being filmed with a black baseball bat upyourass and then you release it on purpose, well……whatever follows can’t be significant to anything above pondscum.

      • SHO’NUFF Bruce Leroy WELL WELL

        i think you are upset because she likes black bats more than anything. its ok there are plenty black bats in the world for all

  • Knowsbettah

    Oh, dat be good. Now da hoe look moeblack….bet Kanye’s happier now….

  • Jean Deaux

    love it. nice look

  • Anon


  • Anon

    Clearly this is photoshopped

  • Gina007

    People refer to her as a Karthrashian (wisely so). The cornrows look ridiculous on her..

  • yessica

    It doesn’t matter if shes trying to be black or not. This was about her hairstlye not her race.. wich btw I hate it. It doesn’t fit her.

  • Nina

    Oh it’s Sonny and Share !



  • mindylindy123

    Say what we will about Kim but she is a gorgeous woman and this hair with the eye makeup = lovely combination.

  • Chantel Cole

    Ok don’t get mad but I have to say this. Once you try Black you never go back ahahhahahahahahaahah I kind of like those braids on her it looks like fun

  • Smakin Da Box

    Kims Gots CornRows In Her Hair! Does She Have Them DownStairs Too?

  • amirbey

    She looks beautiful; nothing wrong with cornrows. As a matter of fact, it’s a carefree style to have during and after her pregnancy. Folks have so much hate in their blood…

  • amirbey

    If white folks was talking about your Remy straight blonde, wigs and weaves you be having a fit. Look at yourself, be proud and take care of he hair God gave you before you start criticizing someone else.

  • heaven bieber

    leave it (dreadful)

  • zurrup808

    How come some men don’t know how to wear a condom, really. Kim kardashian pornstar pregnant by that idiot Kanye West. Poor poor child is goin to suffer when made fun of by other kids.

  • Carla Teegarden

    Of course she is after attention GESSH…look at her show, life, everything she does is for attention. I think the look is good for her. Shes allowed to change her hair for god sake. But she wwants to be a reality show star and does things to get attention. I see this minor in lght of the fact that Kanye and her are not married. If you have a baby together and are in a relationship together, get married. (please do not get married just because you have a baby) If a guy wont marry you, don’t have a baby with him. His commitment isn’t there. A baby wont change him or make him grow up.

  • Vicki

    Damn………Obama coulda been Kanya, LOL

  • pekingthom

    If you’RE an ignorant speller…?!

  • Ocrisia

    This really doesn’t have anything to do with race, I don’t understand why people make EVERYTHING about race. I personally think she looks like an idiot, but I’ve seen white women with braids who don’t. It’s ironic that so many people talk about not being racist, blah blah…but the first thing out of people’s mouths is race. Who cares what color she is? It’s 2012, the first thing we think shouldn’t be “oh she’s white with braids, or black with blonde hair. Just be who you are, and if you like braids, or blonde hair, wear them. You shouldn’t have to worry what people are going to call you out as a traitor to your race, or say you’re trying to look like a different one. Everyone looks different w braids, black and white, and on some people they look good, on others not so much. Same w blonde hair. Some look good, some don’t. I just find it ironic when people say they’re against racism yet looking at the comments, out of the first 5 I saw (reading from newest to oldest) 4 were based on skin color. I’m not even talking about the comments on the comments. It’s sad. It’s good to be proud of who you are, but skin color shouldn’t be what be base people on.

    • Guess

      you are living in a fantasy world, you keep saying ppl say…what ppl? cause ppl I know talk crap about everyone, even their own ppl, that is human nature (which reminds me earlier someone said human race…not a race we are a species with various diverse races no matter how you want to sugar coat it). ppl in real life just say they aren’t racist to be PC in reality everyone is a little racist even if you think you aren’t. Anytime you generalize or think something that has to do with a particular genre of people of a particular race you are racist ppl are just in denial because they want to feel they are above that, but examine your thoughts on a regular basis are you really that perfect? But since this is still a free country ppl have the right to do that as long as they aren’t physically messing with someone they can think or say (as long as it isn’t harassment) whatever they want. A lot of ppl do base their identity on what they look like, and their color is part of what they look like so its kind of hard to ignore. Just love yourself and don’t worry about the haters and then it really doesn’t matter, cause ppl are going to judge that’s what they do, you can let it define your or you can define yourself.



  • disqus_gDUnsCXk08

    for some reason I feel like watching… The Predator

  • Frank Rivera

    Dem Kardashian gals do likes dat dark meats. Kayne? He gots money, gots a whites womens. A caddy in the driveway. What Mo could a brotha wants.

    • EddieGin12

      just some dope, and it will be heaven on Earth for him. I can’t believe dumb white sycophant morons actually pay money to listen to his *Chit. Hail they can go to any street corner in the ghetto & get all they want for free. I don’t get it.

  • Brian Willis

    waiting for the moment when scum of the earth kanye cheats and leaves her. and the whining begins

  • Grace656

    It seems Kanye’s love for Kim, which he’s said has been there for a very long time, could be the poster relationship for “I love you, you’re perfect, now change!” He seems to want to change everything about her. And I’m not talking about corn rows.

  • jaks

    i’m not a big fan of kim at all. but she definitely can pull of a Cleopatra costume for Halloween with that hair and I mean it in a good way.

  • fenderbass

    All I can say is Kim better be carful.She’s said on more than one occasion that people posing as Paparrzzi is following her and threatened to kill her.I see a Princess Diana in the making and Kayne could be Dodi.Just saying.

  • FLGal18

    she is a white trash woman wanna be black…..pathetic….why would she degrade herself like that?

    • Honest American

      She must hate herself like America does.

  • Bibilin

    I feel sorry for her. She used to dress really well, nice, classy. She used to smile. She seemed to be a strong, independent, successful woman. Now, she is with a control freak, narcissistic, egomaniac ghetto male. She walks looking at the floor when she goes out with him, she does not smile anymore. She dresses worse than ghetto. I have tons of black friends, who dress absolutely classy and would NEVER wear what kk wears. The poor woman is just waiting for her master to call her and order her what to do, where to go. Even her family is being affected by him, including the joke the “Christmas Card” is. Supposedly he didn’t want her to “expose” her body, well… she is used in his videos, his “clothing line”, she is always wears these over-exposed “pieces of fabrics” – cannot call them dresses. So sad. The falling of a “reality star”.

    • Billy Beatty

      Bravo! You are so right. This has to end badly.

  • sarah

    kim dump this loser, u r becoming more and more of a LOSER everyday just like kanye is!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Real braids; lots of tension on the hairline and roots; probably not really good for your hair.

  • Abby

    Oh, God.

  • Mz.Understood

    It’s a HAIR-style people. Take a breath!

  • anon

    Hair is hair. So, it’s not ok for her to rock braids? We should like that she embraces this kind of hairstyle, as many of our black sisters throughout the world, try waaaaaaayyyy too hard to emulate the white/European standard. I mean, really? You’re getting straightening perms and putting other people’s hair on your head because you’re too lazy/ashamed to manage your own natural God-given curls, and then you bash Kim K for rocking cornrows (NOT French braids, btw)… talk about double standards. Stop hating on Kim just because she’s Kim. You sound thirsty, now.

  • EddieGin12

    White-trash bottom feeding “Mud-shark”. She had so many strange *skcid in her if you turned the “Ho’ inside out she would look like a porcupine.

  • Luckeybuttons

    Bo Derek did it so why not, some people love to change up so what is so wrong with that.

  • Franc

    Is she capable of making any of her own decisions, anymore? I think not. Under “his” spell. Makes me sick.

  • check those facts

    looks like alicia keys to me, not kim.

  • someone_against_ni66ers

    You know what Justin_Igger… you’re right “ni66ers” are subhuman, but black/African/African American people are not “ni66ers”! Look up the definition of what a “ni66er” is.. it’s someone who is ignorant. It’s not a race, it’s not an ethnicity, it’s not the color of someone’s skin. It plain and simple ignorance. And based on how you speak your ignorant, stupid, back-woods, hillbilly, red-neck, inbred, trailer-trash, dumbass comments… The only person on this blog who is a “ni66er” is YOU!!! You are the one who you are describing. You’re the subhuman of society. you’re the one who has the inferior DNA, inferior genetics. It’s creatures like you who society should ostracize out of existence!!! Do society a favor, if you have any self respect and conscience, get yourself fixed and do not reproduce!!! Furthermore, get your fingers cut-off and your tongue cut-out so you can’t infect anyone else in society of “YOUR NI66ERISM” (and yes I know I made that word up, dumbass!)

  • jane vincent

    I don’t like the woman at all (yet I clicked on the website, so what does that say about me?) Actually, whether or not she is wearing a lot of makeup, and whether or not she had plastic surgery, I do think she looks gorgeous in the cornrows…or French braids, or whatever they are. It probably is just a phase (as well as another excuse for attention).

  • jodi

    wow…another phuking culture thief, but consider the source and the jackazz that luvs her.

  • Whitese7en

    This woman’s insatiable need for attention knows no bounds.

  • pugwis

    Jeez! Are people still interested in this no-talent loser? I guess I am too, if only to try and understand why. She is a racist who somehow stumbled into a pile of money. How come?

  • Balooh

    She looks so


    She looks like a Klingon from Star Trek.

  • Sheril

    She looks cute!

  • guest 6

    what a bunch of idiots formenting racism. she prefers black men and thats her choice. get over it