Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake Hosts Gentlemen's Club In "Suit & Tie"

Video Premiere: Justin Timberlake Hosts Gentlemen’s Club In “Suit & Tie”


Judging from Justin Timberlake‘s latest string of performances, two things are absolutely certain: he loves Tom Ford, and he’s very much capable of getting Hov out his seat. And he does just that in latest black and white video for his comeback single, “Suit & Tie.” The lyric video was just a warm up, as JT gets back in the groove with slick hair and even slicker choreography. Along with Jay-Z, it looks like Justin is trying to revive the Rat Pack era of Frank Sinatra and co. Luckily for us, the two compadres are bringing their grown man show on the road. They’ve confirmed a tour this summer!


Happy Valentine’s Day to us! Watch Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” video after the jump.



StyleBlazers, are you loving JT’s latest clip?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo