Stylish Technology: Topshop to Partner With Google, London Fashion Week

Stylish Tech: Topshop To Partner With Google+

Topshop PFPhoto: Topshop

Just in time for London Fashion Week, Topshop is teaming up with Google+ for an eight-pronged project, “The Future of the Fashion Show.” Google+ will serve as a digital diary for Topshop’s famous faces. Jourdan Dunn, Rosie Tapner, Ashleigh Good and Cara Delevingne will be featured in the “Road to Runway” series, that tracks each model from first fittings until the moment they hit the runway.  YouTube will broadcast the live show and a red carpet hangout, that will show the who’s who of attendees, and Google 3D will give access to the fashion show’s venue, The Tanks at Tate Modern. During the show, some models will wear “Model Cams” that will allow viewers to see what models see as they strut the runway.

For more access, Topshop and Google+ will also reveal a “Be The Buyer” app that lets you create mood boards from pieces on the runway. Videos from Topshop’s International buyers and in-house team will offer tips to those aspiring for a career in fashion.

StyleBlazers, are you excited for this style and tech partnership?

-Adrienne A. Gadling