Movie Double: Lil Mama To Play Left Eye (But Can She Pull It Off?)



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  1. says:

    I believe she can do it i am rooting for her

  2. says:

    Purists to Left Eye are going to definitely find this a hard sell. I hope that it’s not like that Notorious movie where no one looked like who they were supposed to betray.

  3. says:

    Please give this part to “Bobbi Christina” or “Jennifer Hudson”.

  4. says:

    i wish her all the best, but can she even act? plus she always seems like she is trying too hard.

  5. says:

    HELL NO!!! I’ve always been a Left Eye fan and admirer, she is the antithesis of Lisa. They should chose an unknown that is troubled who resemble her. Hell they could’ve chosen Nicki Minaj if they wanted a known celebrity who can bring troubled authencity to the role. I will not support this crap! Lisa is pissed and shaking her head at the choice I’m certain.

  6. says:

    The only person who even remotely resembled the person they were supposed to was Jamal Woodard who played as was almost scary seeing him in the gear..I don’t know about this one..hopefully she can pull it off..Lil Mama has a stronger face structure than Left Eye’s but I do see they shared those similar bold colored outfits and the wigs some times too. So I’ll kick back and see where this goes before I give a complete opinion….

  7. says:

    I know she’ll do great :-)

  8. says:

    Left Eye was cute! :)

  9. says:

    Nobody can play my cape verdean princess

  10. says:

    NO! She should play Jada Pinkett-Smith! She could almost be her twin.

  11. says:

    I hope the movie is not horrible… it is coming on VH1… they are known for their original movies to be duds… MC Hammer movie(funny when it wasnt meant to be) Michael Jackson movie (too bad to focus on the bad script, plot, acting and make up) will t he TLC movie redeem VH1 in their qualities of original movies, i wont hold my breath.

  12. says:

    she can do it,she ,looks nothing like left eye,but i think she will be great

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