Would You Go Green?: 'Teen Vogue' Beauty Editor, Elaine Welteroth Turns A New Leaf

Would You Go Green?: ‘Teen Vogue’ Beauty Editor, Elaine Welteroth Turns A New Leaf

o-ELAINE-WELTEROTH-570Photo: Instagram


Elaine Welteroth recently landed the plum title of Beauty & Health Director at Teen Vogue and you know what that means–trying out the best lotions, potions, products and treatments you can think of.

With that said, it should have come as no surprise that Elaine strutted into the tents at the start of New York Fashion Week with a head full of green hair. Elaine’s covetable locks have been coated in emerald green (the official color of 2013) and we never thought such an unnatural hue would look so darn amazing–especially on a woman of color.

See more pictures of the transformation at BlackVoices.

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