15 Most Ratchet Moments in Fashion History

15 Most Ratchet Moments In Fashion History (From Kanye West’s Skirt To Naomi Campbell’s Receding Hairline!)


When chasing the bright lights of the fashion world, one may find themselves frantically chasing pursuits that are considered taboo to outsiders. And while wild ignorance is more rampant than ever across the industry, the runways are littered with moments that can only be described as ratchet.

As New York Fashion Week has come to an end and we go back to our regularly scheduled lives, it is positive that those boundaries of beauty and aesthetic turned into some outrageous moments.

But before all of those miserable attempts, check out 15 Most Ratchet Moments in Fashion History. Enjoy!



15. Lil Kim in ‘Red Bikini’ At 1999 VMAs

B.I.G.’s lil’ mama made everyone gasp at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Who’d have thought she would become more famous for her crazy sense of style than her actual musical talent.

She By Sheree - Presentation - Spring 2010 MBFW

14. ‘She’ by Sheree

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield thought her new clothing line would shake up the fashion world. Unsurprisingly, it fizzled out and can be found on most of the members of the Magic City Hall of Fame committee.

ng sandy charity concert 4 121212

13. The First Time Kanye West Wore A Skirt

Only the Louis Vuitton Don can make a single leather skirt the focus of the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 concert, piss off the entire Internet—and spawn a legion of Twitter accounts in epic ratchet fashion.


12. Master P Drops ‘No Limit’ Clothing

Master P contributed to millions of fashion mishaps when he added clothing to his portfolio. Placing tanks all over your shirt doesn’t make you desirable or worth hiring.


11. Nelly Releases ‘Apple Bottom Jeans’

If it wasn’t ratchet enough to refer to a woman’s curvaceous figure as an “Apple Bottom,” giving them tight-fitting jeans that were overpriced was just plain insulting.


10. The Internet Discovers That Naomi Campbell Has ‘No Edges’

Ladies, let this be a reminder that money doesn’t make you ‘unbeweavable’. When Naomi Campbell’s edges were exposed it showed the rougher side of fashion.


9. Illamasqua Australia Unveils Makeup Ad

The British-Australian makeup company was in hot water when a woman appeared in blackface in their holiday ad. The moment has been forever engrained by the ad’s slogan, “NOT Dreaming Of A White Christmas.”


8. Jessica Simpson Wears Uggs In Public

Whenever Jessica Simpson is not popping out little ones, she can be found rocking a comfy pair of tracksuit pants and Ugg boots.


7. When The R&B Group TLC Debut Their ‘Condom Style’ —

Can condoms really be fashion accessories? The group was known for wearing condoms pinned to trademark baggy, psychedelic-colored outfits—but did they ever decrease any childbirths?


6. Dolce and Gabbana Walk Racist Earrings Down The Runway

The questionable earrings, featured mainly on White models, featured a Black woman with a fruit basket on her head and romanticized slavery.


5. Alexander Wang Introduces Bon Qui Qui To The Fashion World

The rudest King Burger employee (from MADtv) landed a job at Alexander Wang’s flagship store. The ill-mannered character managed to anger both African-American and Latino fashionistas with her harassing comedy.


4. Danny Brown Show ‘Adult Videos’ At McNairy’s Runway Show

Mark McNairy’s muse for SS13 was Detroit’s own Danny Brown. The ‘Adult Videos’ rapper, who’s lyrics and lifestyle scream ratchetness, confused many who were in the crowd during NYFW who wondered aloud what just happened.


3. Kenneth Cole Discovers Twitter; Angers Cairo —

What better way to peeve the Internet than to turn a cause the world is fighting for into an impromptu placement for your product?


2. Wiz Khalifa’s ‘O.N.I.F.C.’ Album Cover

Instead of helping people get in touch with their inner sleaze, Wiz Khalifa’s cover art for his second album just made millions feel sleazy.


1. Prince’s As-less Chaps Romp Around MTV

Have any of you tried to dress like the Purple One? His “romp” around MTV performing “Get Off” went on to inspire Janet Jackson during her Super Bowl performance.


-Talyah Whitworth

  • MsT

    Prince can wear whatever the he11 he wants to wear. He’s Prince, dammit, and sometimes azless chaps are on the agenda.

  • Pawesl

    1. that was not the first time kanye wore a leather skirt. He’d been seen in them for at least a year prior. he wore one in the Ni**as in Paris Video.

    2. If you mention the Kenneth Cole/cairo tweet how can you forget the Aurora/Celeb Boutique tweet? Right after the theatre shooting they tweeted that Aurora was trending because of their “Kim K inspired dress” not realizing it was cause of the massacre.

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