Modern Day Dream Girl: Beyoncé Covers 'The Gentlewoman' Spring/Summer Issue (Madonna Is Her Idol, Says You Can Be A Music Mogul, Too!)

Modern Day Dream Girl: Beyoncé Covers ‘The Gentlewoman’ Spring/Summer Issue (Madonna Is Her Idol, Wants More Women To Become Moguls)


Photo: Alasdair McLellan/ The Gentlewoman

As Bey season continues to flourish, the King adds another glossy to her list. Beyoncé is all power suited up for the cover of The Gentlewoman Magazine’s 2013 Spring/Summer issue. Not only is her body killer (look at those abs!), her minimal makeup look shows off her natural beauty and flawless skin!

We all know that Beyoncé is a beast on stage, but at 31, the new mom is determined to prove that there’s more to her than what’s on the surface. In the interview, she lays out a business plan and a mission statement with a corporate strategy fit for the female version of a hustler. And her intention is clear—she’s leaving a blueprint for her little one:

“I’m controlling my content, controlling my brand and archiving it for my daughter and making sure she has it and she respects it but there’s not enough of us that become moguls. And I think there are many ways to get there.”

As the CEO of her multimillion dollar brand, she’s well on her way! She also cited another pop icon with mean business savvy, Madonna, as one of her idols.

The Gentlewoman is dedicated to spotlighting powerful women. As the cover girl for VOGUE’s “Power Issue,” looks like Bey is exactly where she belongs. Read the entire interview when the UK magazine hits newsstands worldwide.

Check out Beyoncé’s cover shoot below.


Photo: Alasdair McLellan/ The Gentlewoman


Photo: Alasdair McLellan/ The Gentlewoman


Photo: Alasdair McLellan/ The Gentlewoman


Photo: Alasdair McLellan/ The Gentlewoman


StyleBlazers, are you loving Bey’s fierce cover shoot?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

  • Stop

    Beyonce is no mogul.

    • japjapjapper

      i tought the same thing i tought her husband was the mogul all this time and i tought she fired her father to join jay kingdom but i quess if ur a wife of a mogul u can say ur a mogul to ? o thats how u become a mogul just marry one and ur good to go for the mogul tittle smh its probly in the prenup lol

    • Truth Hurts

      She’s no Mogul yet the media follows her every move, she’s on several magazines, signed deals with billion dollar corporations, wanted at the Superbowl, Presidential Inauguration, and has sold out throughout the world this year for her upcoming tour. If that’s not mogul status for a 31 year old, then what is?

  • mars

    I love to see women making power moves! Go Bey

  • anyone noticed her new nose?

    • saywhat

      Omg just getting ready to post -wherever she got it form she needs to give it back. And she really need to talk to Kelly about her workout because those arms are not the business.

    • Cyn

      That would be the second new nose and yet she’s still very plain looking when the weave isn’t blowing in the wind & the face is not caked in makeup. Interesting.

  • natalieS102

    Madonna? Really? another over rated person is her idol? ok makes sense.

  • Lioness Domain

    It’s so true what they say….Women are our own worst enemies. I am not a Beyonce fan but I can not deny that she is a smart business woman. Some of you need to learn to give credit were it is do. She had a brand before J’s management and she has increased it after. Whether you like her as an artist, her business moves have made her a household name.

  • iHeartMarijuana

    Wow, she is truly beautiful and driven. Her work ethic is great and she is just a huge talent. She’s just an amazing person!