The Half-Shaved Haircut: Rosario Dawson Takes The Plunge

The Half-Shaved Haircut: Rosario Dawson Takes The Plunge (Dos, Don’ts And Three Great Celebs Examples)

NYFW - Boy meets girlPhoto: Derrick Salters/WENN


Randomly, Rosario Dawson decided to chop off her locs to go with the half-shaved hair look. Popularized by punk culture in the 70s, the cut was revived in the 2000s with Avril Lavigne. Since the Canadian singer gave life to the look, a plethora of stars have tried it and styled it in their own ways.

From shaved lettering to bouffant teases, there are many ways it can be styled. The problem is… something about the look seems played out. Like harem pants or crop tops, the half shaved look is so risque that only a few people can rock it.

Truthfully, we don’t love this look on Rosario, but it does work for the ladies below.



Cassie-in-Alexander-McQueen-lace-up-boots1Photo: Instagram

Do: Have fun with the haircut but trying updos, ponytails and even high buns.



Rihanna PFPhoto: Terry Richardson/Rolling Stone

Don’t: Be anything but confident with this look. This haircut stands out, so if you’re going to do it, be totally confident about it.



kelis-hair-4Photo: Arista

Do: Try going short on the longer end with a cute bouffant or pixie cut. If you want a more subtle version of this hairstyle, keeping your hair short is a great way to do it.


-Danielle Kwateng

  • TbeeZ

    Rosario looks a old mess

  • iHeartMarijuana

    I LOVE this haircut, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s for tight-faced beauties like Cassie, Rihanna and Kelis. Rosario is beautiful too, but she has a fuller, wider face. I have a face shape similar to hers as well and I don’t know if I could pull off that haircut either. But it’s good to take risks sometimes, and I don’t think it looks THAT bad on her.

  • qtpi

    Kelis was simply stunning!

  • tt

    ummm, you forgot that salt & pepa rocked that look in the 80’s…way before avril levigne.

  • lance wade