Video Rewind: Passion Pit & Sophia Bush Get "Carried Away" In Quirky Love Affair

Video Rewind: Passion Pit & Sophia Bush Get “Carried Away” In Quirky Love Affair


Men. One minute we want to run into their arms. The next minute we want to strangle them. Considering they’re from Mars and we’re from the more civilized Venus, it’s just the laws of universe. Fresh off the heels of Valentine’s Day, pop band Passion Pit brings these laws to life in the adorable clip, “Carried Away,” starring Sophia Bush. The quirky girl and fashionista we love plays girlfriend to frontman Michael Angelakos, as their words play out in subtitles. Will they live happily ever after? Keep watching for clues!

Watch Passion Pit and Sophia Bush’s cute video after the jump.

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-Jada Gomez-Lacayo