Is Rihanna The New Princess Diana? (“The Sunday Times” Thinks So)

  • Soji’s Heart

    Sad thing about the article and Rih’s response is that Rih actually thinks the article compares her in a positive light to Princess Diana….the last line in the article says it all….basically Rihanna is behaving like the typical abused woman….OAN: I like how Princess Di was made a Princess…and the photo image has Rih putting the crown on herself.

  • Girl777


  • Guest

    What has Rihanna done besides uploading nakked pics of herself on twitter? Nothing

    • Shanyce Nicole

      She actually has a charity foundation opened, and donated milions of dollars worth of medical equipment to a hospital in her home country, she also is a grammy winning singer, an actress, and more recently a fashion designer.

  • JRoc85

    Rihanna is a lot of things… Princess Diana WILL NEVER be one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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