Kim Kardashian’s First Pregnant Cover Spread For ‘DuJour’ (Says She’ll Never Stop Wearing Tight Clothes )


Kim Kardashian has always expressed her fascination with Elizabeth Taylor, another extraordinarily famous woman who loved love, but could never seem to be tied down. And with Liz’s likeness as inspiration, Bruce Weber photographed Kim at his Miami home for the latest issue of DuJour Magazine. The cover shoot followed Kanye West‘s onstage announcement of Kim’s pregnancy, but from the sultry photos to her opinions on style, she’s all vixen. Kim says she never wears flats, unless she’s in the gym, and she wears tight clothes to flatter her frame.  In the interview she dishes on dressing for shape:

“I think because I have big boobs it could make me look heavier if I don’t, like, show off my waist or something, so I just have kind of learned to dress one way only,” she says. “Khloé can wear flowy, pretty things because she’s really tall. Kourtney is, like, really little. I’m just kind of in between, so it doesn’t really work.”

Friends says that she’s a good girl, who would rather have a Diet Coke than a martini any day. And she also says that season 9 will be the last for her hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. For now, specifics about baby KimYe will be kept offscreen, as viewers won’t see any “baby stuff” on the show.

Read the entire interview at DuJour, and check out Kim’s cover flicks below!




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  1. says:

    We are not in a post-racial America.

  2. says:

    We all know, Kanye tell her what to wear, and not to wear.Watch it Kim Kanye might
    make u wear baggie clothes tomorrow .

  3. says:

    She is so beautiful. I really like Kim Kardashian, I get what she’s about.

  4. says:

    She looks SLOPPY AND OLD IN THESE PICS looks a lil like osama bin laden and elvis in the face SHE IS NOT THE BUSINESS ANYMORE!

    • says:

      it is because she is sloppy and old,why anyone cares abut her is way beyond logic

    • says:

      “OLD” as in OLD News and I agree. it’s annoying already that on every online, daily, DAILY! Kim’s doing another photo shoot and nothing else..she needs to learn to be a lady and know when to step away before she is told to go away…a lady knows when its time to leave..

  5. says:

    she looks a mess im tired of seein her

    • says:

      well thats simple just quit clicking on her articles

      • says:

        Or the media could stop stuffing her everywhere they can. You know, people do try to avoid her but after a point it’s like Kim K Kim K….soooo…eventually some of us get tired and want to speak on it.

    • says:

      she’s over exposed on every level, she’s all about PHOTO SHOOTS! yes, she’s beautifull but what else? she dresses up daily to be seen, and nothing else. boring and should be embarrasing by now. I AM bored of KK by now and when will the Kardashians’ get old enough? get a life kIm!! BORING!!

  6. says:

    Don’t stop wearing them; when your child comes out deformed from being so choked up, just blame your stupid self.. So ignorant…..

  7. says:

    I know Kimmy Cakes aint black but she certainly dont look white..U gotta admit

  8. says:

    The photographer didn’t capture Kim’s beauty, because I agree with some these pics aren’t flattering. Also, I believe these shots are supposed to be in her natural state. Clearly, she needs some make up. Even Beyonce “natural” look is make-up.

  9. says:

    Is she even pregnant or is she carrying the baby in her butt? Seriously, Ive not seen any real sign of a tummy.

  10. says:

    She looks like a man in drag….

    • says:

      stop hating

    • says:

      She is really beautiful, even without makeup (I’ve seen photos.) I’m no self-proclaimed Kardashian fan, but it’s ridiculous to say that she looks like a man in drag – it’s simply impossible.

    • says:

      I agree! This woman doesn’t resemble beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in any way as they try to impress this on us. I feel very sorry for this dillusional woman.

  11. says:

    dont hate her because you aint her

  12. says:

    who gives a flying fck about her, reada book go outside and live your own life not some one elses

  13. says:

    These pics look amateur and lame.

  14. says:

    I am starting to think this whole pregnancy is a hoax, NONE of the pictures showed a pregnant tummy… hell, ALL of the pictures wear either head shots only, in moving water or she had covered her belly with a piece of clothing… she is a big joke and so isnt the rest of the family…

    • says:

      that’s because she is so fat all you she is wide load cellulite and fat rolls-no “baby bump” showing-when they are skinny and just have the huge bloated belly they always do a side shot -like Giselle or Shakira-when you are just hungry hungry hippo looking like MeMe and Jessica Simpson they do the close up B&W for best photoshop results

  15. says:

    She looks beautiful and earthy………….. EXCEPT ALL YOU SEE IS HER! She is hiding or trying to cover up her belly in every shot. She just looks so insecure and self centered. YOU’RE PREGNANT and you look vain trying to hide it with dogs and sweaters.

  16. says:

    I didn’t even know she was preggers. Kanye was thinking about Amber the whole time they were conceiving I’m sure lol

  17. says:

    Kim, I’d like to donate you my sperm. Kanye’s too weak.

  18. says:

    Dis she request that her belly NOT be shoot? That it purposely be covered in EVERY shot?

    • says:

      That sounds very likely. I’ve seen pictures of her, you know, just paparazzi photos compiled together, and it looks like she tries to do everything she possibly can to cover her pregnant belly, as if she feels very self-conscious about it. I think the consensus is that she would look beautiful if she’d show off the belly with flattering clothes, not attempt to awkwardly minimize it. So yeah, she probably did ask them to cover it.

  19. says:

    Ha! Caught ya, skipped right to the comments too. After just eating diner, looking at pic of one of the Lardassians isn’t a good idea.

  20. says:

    first and foremost, you cannot call it a pregnant shoot if you cant even tell the subject is pregnant. if you arent emphasizing a pregnancy, dont call it a pregnant shoot.
    secondly, have her tits always been that big? i mean, one boob is bigger than her head!
    third..well i forgot third by now and im not looking back through those pix to remember it. *shudder*

  21. says:

    Wow, most of these photos are awful and unflattering. It’s like they were trying to Frida Kahlo her.

  22. says:

    Kim is a PIG! She may think that it’s funny to pack on an extra 15-20 pounds every month that she is pregnant but wait until she gives birth to a six-pound baby, not a 70+ pounder. She will be sorry. What on earth is she eating to put that much weight on? I was tiny when I got pregnant 5’5″ and 110 pounds and my doctor only allowed me a 20-pound weight gain. After a 5 pound 5 ounce baby and some residual water gain, that extra 10 pounds took me forever to get rid of. She will be sorry for being a PIG and will hate herself for it but she will be blaming everyone else but herself.

  23. says:

    sorry Kim, but you are going to have one UGLY kid, just look at that kid’s father…..:(…..YUCK!!!!!!!!, your lack of good taste is in the tubes

  24. says:

    When were these taken? She looks really skinny because now she has actually gained 65lbs since she has gotten pregnant. So I guess these must have been from a few months ago when she first came out she was pregnant.

  25. says:

    Kim Kardashian could never be as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor, she is not attractive at all. Liz Taylor was beautiful even with out her makeup where Kim is very ugly. Plus who wants to see that fat butt that has now decided to sit on the back of her thighs, wit all your money Kim get a butt lift , in fact Kim, Kourtney,Kloe and their mom kris all have fat droopy butt’s, thank God Bruce’s girls are normal.

  26. says:

    kanye’s beard. remember that time ray-j peed on her?

  27. says:

    What the heck? You’d think “pregnant cover spread” meant pictures of her belly. Or at least I did.

    • says:

      When Kardashian Twitlets use the word “spread” it usually means their legs go in opposite directions–the wider, the more money they can charge.

      • says:

        Wow! Seriously? So they think they are all going to have to start stripping and whoever has the widest vadge will bring in the most money? I believe it

  28. says:

    She is either A) Not Pregnant, or B) Very uncomfortable with her baby bump. She seems to be hiding her belly too much. I think she should be proud to show it off.

  29. says:

    she needs to get the fact that tight clothes are not something to wear when your rear end balloons to huge proportions, its unattractive and not classy, but as we know she is far from classy

  30. says:

    hate it when kanye turns on her and spills all her dirt on stage…..smh she looks constipated beating that drum…..

  31. says:

    Oh just ANOTHER idiotic Hollywood attention whore…IDGAF. *yaaaaaawwwwn*

  32. says:

    They are okay.. not a big fan of Kim.. people always make her look like a top model and she’s not.. she’s just like all the other actresses and famous people out there.. she isnt any different. She just doesnt look natural in pictures..

  33. says:

    How can these pictures be her “first pregnant cover spread” when you can’t even see her stomach, is she that superficial?

  34. says:

    pointless I am ashamed I clicked on this.

  35. says:

    What WON’T she do for $$$$ ??? All that silicone she’s had pumped into her now makes her look more like a sow/cow than a svelte mom-to-be. The Kardashian Twitlet is hardly someone you’d want your daughters to emulate.

  36. says:


  37. says:

    Im sorry but is she pregger are not? I know it’s her first baby and all but you cant see a belly in any pic she has done. And i know she has to be atleast 5-6months along and she is very tiny

  38. says:

    I’m so sick of this pack of rabid dogs

  39. says:

    Is shameless the way that people are exploiting the children before you even born nowadays

  40. says:

    Please don’t make us look at her fat a$$ any longer,

  41. says:

    I’m starting to think she is faking the pregnancy to get more publicity.

  42. says:

    this photo shoot was awful!

  43. says:

    I just wasted five minutes of my life.

  44. says:

    I’m sorry, but the pics of Kim sensually playing the bongo drums are flippin hilarious.

  45. says:

    Kim is a fat cow. Always has been. Plus she’s dumber than dirt. I don’t understand why so many people buy into her life.

  46. says:

    i think she looks beautiful ….

  47. says:

    The whole banging on the drums things look totally ridiculous. I hate when photographers try to be artsy and different and end up failing miserably.

  48. says:

    This wasn’t anywhere near a pregnancy shoot! She’s hiding the pregnancy in these photos. Disappointed.

  49. says:

    There is no evidence of pregnancy!! All it looks like is someone who isn’t pregnant and doesn’t want to show off her pregnancy the way her sister did. Be proud of it and show it off. It’s what makes us women more beautiful.

  50. says:

    none of these pictures really look like they go together. Nothing to do with being prego.

  51. says:

    Why has this woman become so popular? What makes her different from any other beautiful woman in L.A.? When see her speak on TV, I get the impression that she is a little stuck-up. Fame has definitely gone to her head! I wish that the media would turn away from her an her family for a minute. I am actually starting to miss Paris Hilton. Her 15 minutes of fame came and went too. So shall Kim’s.

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