Think Twice Before You Ask: 15 Stars Who Oppose Autographs

Think Twice Before You Ask For Their Signature: 15 Stars Who Oppose Autographs

Bruce Willis PF WENN

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Everyone encounters a celebrity at some point or another during their lifetime. Most fans like to commemorate the moment they meet a star by getting a signature from them. However, not all celebrities welcome the request for their John Hancock.

Here are 15 celebrities who are notoriously anti-autograph when it comes to their fans.



Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr PF WENN

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In 2008, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr released a YouTube video informing fans that he would no longer be signing autographs. Citing the fact that he was too busy, Starr warned fans “with peace and love” that he no longer wanted fan mail—especially those intended to be signed.


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney PF WENN

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In 2010, Ringo’s fellow Beatle band member, Paul McCartney, announced he would no longer perform autographs while out and about in daily life. The singer-songwriter told the UK-based Radio 4 Today Show, “Most people are very understanding because they understand privacy.” The decision has since made McCartney’s signature in higher demand among collectors.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz PF WENN

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Green Hornet actress Cameron Diaz is notoriously cagey when it comes to signing autographs. In a 2005 interview the actress reasoned that if she stops to sign for one person in the public, an entire crowd will form wanting the same. Autograph Collector Magazine has subsequently named Diaz among their worst signers several years in a row.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson PF WENN

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Batman actor Jack Nicholson will sign autographs on the red carpet, but seems more resistant while out in public. Word is that Nicholson once spent an entire hockey game signing for fans, only to later tell a journalist profiling him, “See? That’s why I don’t sign autographs.”

Steve Carell

Steve Carell PF WENN

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“The Office” star, Steve Carell, also has a reputation for turning down public autograph requests. The actor is known to travel with an entourage who, among other things, deflects signature requests on Carell’s behalf. When the actor does relent to autograph requests, he allegedly refuses to sign if handed a blue pen. Carrel  believes the certain color of sharpie to be a sign that his signature will be resold by dealers for a profit.

William Shatner

William Shatner PF WENN

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Original Star Trek captain, William Shatner, flat out refuses to sign any piece of memorabilia for fans unless it is one of his books. At his book signings, he’s been known to only sign one book per person, insisting he must see every person who wants his signature.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis PF WENN

Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN

While the Die Hard actor will sign autographs at red carpet events and public appearances, Bruce Willis has a reputation for being icy towards autograph seekers outside these venues. In 2006, a source reported to Autograph Collector Magazine, “Bruce won’t even look at you, and he actually seems mad that you’re bothering him.”

John Malkovich

John Malkovich PF WENN

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RED star, John Malkovich, sports a difficult signature to obtain. The actor has been known to tell eager fans, “I don’t sign autographs” or “I don’t contribute to collections.” However, the actor has been known to make an exception at fashion shows promoting his clothing line Uncle Kimono.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire PF WENN

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Of all the celebrities on this list, Tobey Maguire is most well-known for his anti-autograph tendencies. He’s one of the few on this list to refuse to sign for collectors, fans, and even children. The actor has made both Autograph Collector Magazine and’s worst celebrity signer lists.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin PF WENN


Back in the 1980s, Steve Martin grew overwhelmed by the constant request for autographs from fans who met him in person. Instead, Martin printed out business cards reading “This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and that you found me warm, polite, intelligent and funny” with his signature pre-signed. Though Hollywood urban legends report Martin still gives out the card, he abandoned the gimmick after six months. He has since embraced one-on-one encounters with his fans over autographs, reasoning when fans request them, “What they really kind of want is a little encounter; to find out what you’re really like in 30 seconds.”

John Densmore

John Densmore PF WENN

Photo: Apega/WENN

John Densmore, former drummer for The Doors, released a statement on his website in 2011 to inform fans he will no longer be signing autographs. Densmore attributed the decision to autograph seekers “disrupting” his personal life. Though he will continue to do “official” signings, Densmore refuses public and mailed signature requests.

Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell PF WENN

Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN

Since the days of her hit talk show, Rosie O’Donnell has refused autograph requests from adults. The actress/comedian has said that adult autograph seekers make her “sad,” but she is willing to make an exception for children.

John C. Reilly

John C Reilly PF WEN

Photo: WENN

Step Brothers star, John C. Reilly, is known for simply refusing to sign autographs for fans. He’s been quoted by Autograph Collector Magazine as saying, “It’s a free country, and I can do what I choose. I choose not to sign.” The actor also caught heat from collectors at the premiere of his film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, where Reilly chose to only sign memorabilia in character as “Dewey.”

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell PF WENN

Photo: AI-Wire/WENN

John C. Reilly’s Step Brothers co-star, Will Ferrell, stopped signing autographs upon learning people were reselling his signed merchandise on eBay. He has been named among Autograph Collector Magazine’s worst signers for several years in a row, a reputation he later spoofed on Conan. The comedian explained it was literally impossible for him to sign, holding up an artificial hook hand appendage.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray PF WENN

Photo: WENN

Ghostbusters star Bill Murray often refuses his fans in-person autograph requests, not just because it’s intrusive, but because he seems to find it boring. Murray has been known to put his comedy skills to use to give his fans a more interesting one-on-one experience. In 2012 Murray made headlines after giving an autograph seeking fan the opportunity to instead perform with him in an on-camera slow-motion stride (ala a Wes Anderson movie).


  • jdizz

    I have to stand up for Bruce Willis….my friend bagged his groceries the other day, and he was VERY charming and sweet to her, AND tipped her $10…he is a cool cat in my book, which is more than I could say about Oprah, who has also been through my friend’s checkout line, with COMPLETELY different results…

    • Ronnie0000

      I this that is very nice of him. He could easily have someone else do his shopping but he chooses to go out, interact and tip.

    • Jaws

      Ha Willis is NOT so nice. My son works behind the scenes in Hollywood and mostly 12 to 16 hour days for months at a time. Was owed hundreds of dollars by BW for his phone bill on one job and had called his office numerous times to collect when BW answered the phone and told him he wouldnt pay ever and there was nothing he could do about it. Petty and greedy to a hard working guy just trying to make a living

      • RobertP

        Curious why/how Willis owed your friend money for a phone bill? Was he borrowing your friend’s cell phone?

    • Simon Alvani

      I bet bagging Oprah’s groceries would be a full day’s work!

  • don mcdonald

    My take on most of these POS’s is “Who the F*** do they think put them where they are today?”

    • Tinwoods

      Why so angry. Clearly envious. Should we begrudged you for getting your job and being paid for it? Of course not. These people work, make a product, we buy it — contract complete.

  • 100PercentChanceOfAFauxPas

    Here’s the deal. Back in the day (before the 70’s) one could write away at no cost to get a signature from a famous person. Famous persons actually budgeted for their fan base. Not anymore. You must pay to give homage to the ones you love. Why bother. It’s not like they save your life when you need it. What a waste of time.

  • Rosie Fatass can go to hell.

  • inthenorth

    If I went up to someone’s table and asked them for something, or stopped someone in public and asked them for something, I would expect their reaction would be less than ideal. Why would anyone think that doing these things to a celebrity is OK? Leave them alone. We own a part of them when we sit in a theater or watch them in our own home. We don’t own them in public.

    • Carona

      Because without us “the fans” they would be nobody! its that simple

      • Daniel


        Quite stuck on yourself aren’t you. They don’t owe you a thing. And as for interrupting their private moments, put yourself in their place. Some stranger walks up to you in the middle of dinner wanting a signature. How are you going to react?

        • Lebowski genmay

          It’s not being stuck on ones self to want an autograph. It’s being stuck on ones self to refuse to spend 15 seconds to autograph something and say thanks.
          They absolutely owe people. They owe them a lot. WE are the ones that go to their movies. We are the reason they make millions of dollars. They wouldn’t have success if they didn’t have fans. They could be a little appreciative to the people that like their work.
          If they are concerned that resellers are trying to make some money off of them, then they need to personalize the signature item by including the recipients name.
          I’m a huge start trek nerd and if I had Shatner sign something (he will sign things other than his own books) I’d rather have him sign it addressed to me, because that makes it personal.
          If someone says, oh, just put your name, then you know they are an autograph hound.

        • Erin

          Interrupting private moments is understandably annoying. But as you read through the story, you discover it’s not just those moments that these folks refuse to sign something. At events, red carpets, where there are fans, they refuse. Yes, some people are there just to get the autograph and resell it but there are other actual fans there. These people have come out to support the celebrity’s endeavor, a signature is a nice way to thank them.

      • Tinwoods

        The transaction has already been made. They give us entertainment and we pay for it. Contract complete, you self-important nit.

  • Personally, I didn’t see one “star” I’d want to waste my paper and ink from my pen to get their little john henry. Ain’t worth my time.

    • kingsabo21

      Oscar winners, A-listers, 2 Beatles for crying out loud…….let me guess you want Beiber’s signature or someone like Ke$ha.

    • Tinwoods

      Because you are so important… yet, here you are taking your precious time to read a story about the stars. Hypocrite.

    • Sara Grace

      I think you mean John Hancock.

      • Donna Lyn Harris


      • The Dude

        It’s Herbie Hancock

  • Mark

    The fact is that what they do as their job is to entertain us. As an engineer, if some stranger were to come to me while I out and about and ask me to give them a quick and free consult, I would tell them to screw off. Imagine how often this happens to these people..Dont blame them a bit.

  • I used to do security at the Ritz Carlton in K.C. It was my job to keep people from pestering the celebrities. The absolute nicest one to their fans was Tom Petty. One morning before getting on his bus he spent over 20 minutes with a small group talking and shaking their hands as well as allowing for photographs. He picked up 2 young children, (6-8 years) and the kids parents were allowed to take a snapshot. Blew my mind how nice he was. The worst was N. Kerrigan screaming at a desk clerk for being charged on her bill for batteries she asked for and I delivered.

    • who else besides him were nice to fans..?

    • Mark Lenard who played Spock’s father in Star Trek was another very nice person. He stayed around signing autographs and posing for pictures at a con I worked security for long after the other stars had left. He nearly missed his plane that night because he didn’t want anyone who waited for him to miss out. Kevin smith who played Ares in Xena and Hercules sat around with the fans and chatted with them for 2 hours before he had to leave.

  • You know they are a douche celebrity when they feel they have to an entourage.

    • I agree with that one. A bunch of yes-men toadies hanging on their every word.

  • I think these people are kind of douchey. Seriously. If not for their fans they would be nothing! And it’s beneath them to give their fans something back?! Especially dick-heads like John C. Reilly and Will Farrell. UGH. Screw-em’ Don’t want their autograph. Save them for class acts like Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who are happy to give to their fans because they know who put them where they are.

  • markrep

    I have mixed feelings about this. I do agree that it is fans willing to shell out money and/or time to invest in their projects that allows them to be famous. And for that, they do owe the fans something. However, I agree with what Cameron Diaz said as well. If she stops and signs for one, then there will be 20 more around her within seconds. It can be disruptive. Imagine trying to eat dinner but people keep coming up to you. Or imagine an impromptu assembly on Aisle 5 at Ralph’s when a celebrity is discovered. Not only can it disrupt the celebrity trying to shop, but it can also be disruptive to the establishment where the encounter took place.

    In the end, I think if there is not a chance of a mass gathering, then a celebrity should be gracious and at least exchange pleasantries with a fan who says hello. However, fans also need to learn boundaries. I would never go up to someone trying to eat or play with his child and intrude. However, if I was in Ralph’s at 1 a.m. where there were only 3 shoppers, I might at least acknowledge the celebrity and tell him or her that I enjoy the work they do. Show some respect and common sense and you should be able to expect the same in return.

    • Montgomery Richmond

      Agreed. I can also see the point: If I have to sign for one, I have to sign for all. I guess it just depends on the situation, and your approach, as you said.

  • joblo

    if my kid asked rosie o’donnell for an autograph i’d disown them

    • kurt

      Amen to that
      She is a pig

  • Skegeeaces

    And John C. Reilly is the fugliest, D-list celebrity wannabe, “I-eat-the-dingleberries-off-of-Will-Ferrell’s-behind” loser in Hollywood. I can’t believe ANYONE would want his autograph EVER.

  • They would be nobody without the people that support them. Some of them are rich enough to help cure world hunger, but they can’t take 2 seconds to sign their name, or 5-10 (or even more) to do something for a fan that they’ll remember forever?
    It may be nothing to them, but that makes them nothing to me.
    Holier than thou. Jeez.

  • Sad to know that some of actors and actresses I really like are on this list. I don’t want to support them anymore. They are blessed beyond belief, and they don’t even know it. The lead singer of Journey skidded his car to a stop to see me even though he was late for sound check because he knows that his fans are actually important (and it’s not just because we had met before, either – he’s just like that as people should be). I don’t care how much time it would take – if I were famous, I would sign every freaking autograph I could.

  • MikeyG

    I would find it very intrusive to be constantly asked for autographs. Besides, there isn’t very mnay people I would care to get an autograph from in the first place.

  • Corebare

    Cameron Diaz is getting uglier by the second. Is her mout actually getting wider?? She looks like the Joker!!

    • Lebowski genmay

      That face needs an enema

  • joant1221

    I am a restaurant server and have met two famous people. Bob Lily of Dallas Cowboy fame and Dash Crofts of Seals and Crofts. They were extremely nice and personable. I did not tell anyone who they were until they left the restaurant. It’s about respect. They were there with family to enjoy dinner.

    This is my never to be humble opinion, if you are at an event that features the celebrity such as concert, red carpet event, etc. then it is appropriate to give them attention as a celebrity. If they are walking down the street, grocery shopping, eating out or doing anything else a normal person does then leave them alone.

    Acknowledging them in a non obtrusive manner is okay. Drawing attention to them, asking for autographs or pictures is annoying. Imagine being at the grocery store doing your shopping and people coming up and bugging you.

    • Phoebe Moody

      Which reminds me of another story someone (who lives in Nashville) once shared with me. She and her sister were eating in a nice restaurant in Nashville where they happened to notice Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at a nearby table. Also nearby was a group of high school couples who were obviously dressed for prom night. The kids kept sneaking admiring glances at McGraw-Hill …. but otherwise left them alone. McGraw and Hill finished their meal first …. and graciously stopped to briefly chat with the kids at their table as they passed by on their way out. After they left, the waiter came over to them and informed them that McGraw had paid for their entire bill at the cashier’s station. (I just LOVE to hear these type of positive “feel-good” stories about gracious celebrities! THESE are the ones that I “collect” and publicly share with others!)

  • raven

    I give kudos to Bruce Willis- my sister in law and a friend were in NY city in an ice cream shop when he came in. They asked for his autograph and he said no-but he bought their ice cream and they had a great story to tell when they got home-Thanx Mr Willis

    • Phoebe Moody

      George Strait has done something similar to that. The story was told over the radio by a fan in Houston many years ago following one of his concerts there. They spotted him in his car after his concert and followed close behind. He eventually turned into a fast-food drive-thru … and they [the fan and her friend] also drove thru right behind him with their only intent to stick with the pursuit. George took his bag of food at the window and quickly left. The fan and her friend started to follow him out, but were flagged down by the worker at the pick-up window. They paused there long enough to be handed a bag of food that they didn’t order …. along with the explanation from the worker that “the man in the car in front of you said he wanted you to have this. He ordered it and paid for it.” It worked, too. They were charmed and amused by the gesture …. and in turn, Strait cleverly (and generously) made his get-away ….. leaving them with a great story to tell forever more!

  • I would never ask a celebrity for an autograph. That said, I did catch Ringo Starr’s drumstick he thew out at a concert. Much more meaningful.

  • John Adams

    Any adult who seeks a autograph has issues.

  • RabbyTat

    Actually, he was not the original StarTrek Captain. Jeffrey Hunter as Capt Pike was first…

  • I met Bruce Willis while he was filming Die Hard 2. My military unit supplied some of the military hardware used in the last part of the movie and I happened to be flying out of the Moses Lake airport when he and his wife at the time Demi Moore were flying in. It was late at night and I was waiting for a military transport and his private plane had just landed and Bruce and Demi were waiting for a Limo to pick them up. I realized they were tired and it was late so I decided not to bother them. Bruce started a conversation with me and was very nice and pleasant to talk to. We talked for about 30 minutes and I never even thought about asking him for an autograph. It was just nice to talk to him as a person without anyone around and no pressure. He seemed to enjoy the fact that I wasn’t trying to bother him or make a big deal about who he was, I know I enjoyed talking with him. Bruce Willis is a great down to earth guy.

    • Montgomery Richmond

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sure several celebs are all kinds of arrogant, but some of them are pretty down to earth and probably appreciate just being treated as humans rather than having people fawn over them. Cool story.

  • tommywo

    If Hollywood actors want fame and fortune than they have to understand that it goes both ways. Pesky fans and autograph seekers come with the territory. They can’t simply turn it on/off.

  • Namvet0527

    I don’t care for anyone from Hollywood let alone want their autograph. But they get paid all of these $millions. They gave up their privacy when they became stars & made all of that money. A lot of cops have asked Lindsay Lohan for her autograph lol.

  • Frederick

    If you’re a big celebrity and you sign autographs, you end up spending a large portion of your life doing so. Why should Jack Nicholson be expected to spend an entire hockey game signing autographs? He’s entitled to enjoy the game like everyone else.

  • TimmyTwoStep

    Who the hell wants Rosie’s autograph?

  • jaime

    Actually at the Great Gatsby premiere AND the afterparty at the Plaza, Tobey was one of the only people spend time signing autographs! Even for autograph hounds!

  • Jacqueline Lippman

    Every job has its downside. For some people the downside is small pay, for others its back breaking effort. For celebrities, the upside is fame, adulaton, wealth, comfort, influence, creative expression and adventure. If the downside is being polite to fans and signing autographs, they should do it with grace and appreciation that being loved at inconvenient times is the worst part of their job.

    • Another_Karen

      It probably depends on the level of celebrity. If people only recognize you once every 10 minutes or half hour, that’s not so bad. If you’re a super A-lister who can barely step outside, you’re looking at lost hours.

  • Frank__Grimes

    What a list of D-bags!
    When I was 9 my dad and I ran into Fred Dryer (From Hunter) and I was a huge fan, I went over and asked for an autograph and he turned me down. What a prick lol

  • Rick

    Who are these people and why would anyone want their signature ??

  • Booba Jumbali

    You notice how they won’t sign while out in public on a regular day, but they have no problem signing at a red carpet event or a book release or anything that promotes or benifits them, what a bunch of first class A-holes.

  • moiraesfate

    William Shatner WILL sign autographs even if its not one of his books. How do I know? Because he’s done it at Dragon Con many years.

  • Vitsing

    I don’t want any o0f their autographs. Like them I have better thing to do with my time.

  • CJK5H

    I don’t blame them. Recently, a pylon autographed by high school QB Shane Morris turned up on EBay. It is listed at $199. According to a witness, the person who got the autograph had a bag of things for 16 year-old Morris, and started yelling at him when he said he didn’t feel like signing any more items.

    An autograph really doesn’t mean jack bleep except that you begged someone you perceive as better than you to give you an excuse to live vicariously through their exploits.

    If you want an autograph, why not just decide to accomplish something yourself.

    • Montgomery Richmond

      I wouldn’t have a problem signing one item for somebody, depending on the situation, but if someone came up to me with a bag of stuff to sign, fat chance! Obviously just someone looking to cash in, and not really a FAN. I’d probably also insist on dedicating it to whoever I was signing for.. Most people who just want to flip the signature on eBay don’t want it personalized.

  • DRose

    The Shat signed hundreds of autographs this past weekend at ComicCon in Irving, Texas. Of course, it cost you $80 each time…

  • Have to agree with you E. Sanchez. Its enough for the outrageous amount of money one has to pay for the celebs concerts. There isn’t really one that I would stand in line for to buy tickets, see or get their autographs. Many of the stars forget where they came from. I also don’t care about their problems. Have enough of our own to deal with.

  • Ed

    Knowing an autograph dealer myself, I don’t blame these people one bit. The days of bobbysoxers running up with a little 5″ x 7″ book with blank pages went out in the 1950s. Today, “fans” want everything signed, but not personalized to them, on a stack of 20 identical 8x10s which go up on eBay before the ink is dry. The one hypocrite in the bunch is roly-poly Rosie O’Donnell who has asked for autographs from celebrities on her own show. But then she’s a disgusting person regardless.

  • If sense were common…

    Paul Newman said it best: “The only thing we owe them is our best performance.”
    Everything else is a bonus and it is NOT owed to you. If that isn’t your cup of tea, stop seeing their movies, listening to their music, etc. Simple as that. Period.

    • Lightninbolt

      I still watch their movies and listen to their music AFTER recording them for free (the very few that are even worth the effort). They can shove their “bonus” up their +ss. Paying for them just isn’t my cup of tea..They never see a penny, simple as that. Period

  • L A

    People have been SELLING autographs & memorabilia for years. But, nowadays the concern is with all the electronic technology today to copy & forge signatures. I’d don’t blame celebrities for saying no.

  • William

    Bruce Willis is a douche bag. Ask anyone that’s ever worked with him.

  • Hopper 2

    Who do these people think they are? They are not that important. I wouldn’t walk across the street to ask for their autograph, directions, etc.

  • Judianna2

    If these snotty people cannot be bothered to sign an autograph then I cannot be bothered with watching their generally bad movies, listening to their music or paying any of my money for their silly books. Eff ’em! See where they would be without their fans.

    • Lightninbolt

      I agree. These same celebs who just cannot tolerate the nerve of a fan asking for a autograph should keep in mind the fact that money cannot buy time, happiness or true friends. They WILL get their wish to not be bothered because one day they will look in the mirror and cannot deny they are OLD. Nobody wants their autograph ! They are old , forgotten, nothing but a burden and a total bore with all their “I remember when” BS and surrounded by the best friends money can buy. Their wish to be completely ignored is granted. Guaranteed !

  • At the end of the day, it is their choice to sign or not. They are paid to entertain, not autograph memorabilia or a napkin outside of a restaurant.

    From the fans perspective, it seems arrogant but at some level I can understand why some celebrities don’t want to as they see themselves as fulfilling the contract once they’ve performed.

    • Lightninbolt

      That works 2 ways. I also have the choice of never laying down the $ $, which I have no problem doing to those types. Movies can be RECORDED FOR FREE, music can be RECORDED FOR FREE There are exceptions to anything. Not wanting to get something started were fans would stampede around them and have to sign 50 I can understand. Not wanting to sign obvious re sell items I can understand but acting like a *sshole to the very people who put their spoiled *ss where they are NO WAY ! I have no problem whatsoever asking one of those to sign a roll of toilet paper with the assurance it will be used and it most certainly will be.

  • maretta

    Meh, who cares….if you REALLY want one of these out of date actors signatures, just purchase it on ebay. I’m not bashing any of them…I just know they are all over the internet for sale…if you’re that desperate to buy one.

  • Keith McManus

    you should certainly cut ringo some slack. he signed mail autographs from the early days to 2008. That’s 45 years. seriously, that’s a long time

  • Phoebe Moody

    Starr has never been one to enjoy giving autographs …. and neither was Harrison. The most cooperative ones were Lennon and McCartney — in that order. You’re almost guaranteed to get one from McCartney if you are black. For some reason, he seems to crave the admiration and acceptance of himself as a musician from African-American fans. He frequently demonstrates his misogyny and personal disrespect for white female fans ….. especially those who are obviously former teenaged Beatlemaniacs. He is usually downright rude to them. Those are the facts ….. I’m just the “messenger”.

  • me

    I understand that they want a “real” life outside of the movies. But they also have to understand that they have fans… fans that go see and buy their movies,music etc… They know that going into acting, they also know that it also puts them in the public interest. If they didn’t want that type of life then they shouldn’t of picked acting as a career. If it bugs them so much and it is so inconvenient for them to sign an autograph for the fans that have gave them the money to live the lifestyle they all live… maybe they need a different career. Or better yet start charging for autographs. That would stop many from bugging them. But don’t be surprised if the backlash starts to affect their careers as people will start boycotting their movies or shows. One shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.,

    • Lightninbolt

      I feel exactly the same way but I will still watch their movies (if they are even worth watching to begin with, most are NOT imo) and listen to their music AS LONG AS IT IS FREE ! I also make sure my friends receive FREE copies of anything they want if the name is on my sh+t list with the promise of passing it on and the reason why. Like the old saying goes “be careful what you wish for” I cant help but notice many B list and down celebs are a legend in their own mind and many A listers actually believe the bs media hype and live in some kind of fantasy world. They cant seem to grasp the out of sight out of mind concept that goes for ALL of them with the exception of fans who are 10 year olds.

  • Marsia

    I find professional autograph seekers have ruined it for fans. I don’t blame talent for not signing when it gets resold.I’ve seen PAS push fans out of the way to get to talent.
    I like how Charisma Carpenter (Buffy, Angel series) personalizes her autographs, so it’s personal and not for resell.

  • Montgomery Richmond

    Harrison Ford was in my home town (why, I have no idea) and ate at a restaurant there, and his waitress asked for an autograph. He declined, basically because he would have to sign for everybody, but read that he left her a large tip. Sounded like a decent guy, not an arrogant jacka$$.

  • Jim C.

    It comes as no surprise to me that Tom Petty was the nicest. A very wealthy Rock n Roll legend that still has both feet planted firmly on the ground. Pretty amazing for a man that has spent his entire adult life surrounded by people who saw him as a cash cow or trying to use him anyway possible. His daughter mentioned he seemed the happiest when he hung out with other music legends and she knew it was because they didn’t attempt to “drain his tank, if anything they added to it”.I am neither wealthy or famous but i can understand how that would bring the parasites and lowlifes out of the woodwork.

  • Jim C.

    After reading all the names listed I found it hilarious for some of the reasons used for refusing. Most of these people seem to have amnesia when it comes to who made them wealthy. They SHOULD let it be known they do not want to sign autographs. By mail i can understand but in person, whole different story ! I gladly do my part and encourage others to make them careful what they wish for. I go out of my way to never spend money on anything they have their name on. I will confirm they actually said it and if they did I have a poster with a penny glued to it in my media room that I add their name and (worse possible) pic to. The penny represents the one cent I will never spend on their movies or music and I help them spread the word with free advertising. I can take or leave ANY celebrity. btw Rosie O Donnel ? LMAO

  • Thomas

    Rosie O’Donnell is famous for being racist.

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