New 'T: The New York Times Style Magazine' Editor Notices That There's A Lot Of White People On The Pages

New ‘T: The New York Times Style Magazine’ Editor Notices That There’s A Lot Of White People On The Pages

T Magazine


Maybe the meteor hitting Russia has enlighten a few, choice people. Or maybe it’s the de-synthesizing of race relations in America, that’s making the fashion world more honest.

Either way the new editor-in-chief at the re-designed T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Deborah Needleman, noted the lily white complexion of the fashion publication. The new issue is packed with Caucasian models from the ads to the editorial spreads.

When asked about the obvious oversight she said, “It was something I noticed and regretted as we were putting the issue together.” The former editor the Wall Street Journal added, “We are a global magazine and so would like the content, subjects and geography of stories to reflect that. In coming issues, we cover the people and places of Seoul, São Paulo, Kenya, Bollywood actors, Nigeria, etc. A majority of fashion models are still unfortunately mostly white, but it is our aim to celebrate quality and beauty in all its diverse forms. We can and will aim to do better, but our goal is first and foremost to deliver the best stories we find, and it is my belief that quality and good journalism appeal to all of us regardless of our specific ethnic origins.”

Yea… well we can only hope there’s improvement. But judging from the last century or so, it may take a while for collective to notice.


-Danielle Kwateng

  • blacktruth

    the majority all white individuals that grace its pages only reflects the majority all white individuals that allowed to be employed at the publication…