Discover The Benefits Of BB Creams With Our 15 Finds

Discover The Benefits Of BB Creams With Our 15 Finds

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It’s no secret that a flawless, even finish is most sought when applying makeup. Whether you’re going for a soft, matte or something more supple and dewy, the main goal is to achieve a polished and well-rounded look in the end. For decades, BB creams have been a staple in the Asian beauty markets and now they’re making their impressionable mark on the West. These beauty balms are heralded as the perfect, all-in-one product. Combining concealer, foundation, primer and spot treatment into one package, it’s something only the beauty gods could accomplish. And many are getting hip to its benefits. We’ve given you the scoop on must have BB’s before, but we’ve gathered a list of 15 beauty balm finds for you to pick through, purchase, and use to polish off your next makeup looks.

Follow the pages to find 15 of these heavenly creams.




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