Steal The Baroque Nail Art At Michael Van Der Ham's Fall 2013 Show From London Fashion Week

Steal The Baroque Nail Art At Michael Van Der Ham’s Fall 2013 Show From London Fashion Week

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Sometimes during fashion month it’s a really tight toss up between what we covet the most: the clothes or the nail art. The clothes are always so beautiful, but the nail art has its allure because it’s easy to copy at home without breaking the bank. CND (Creative Nail Design) is one of the major nail brands spotted behind the scenes at fashion shows. Their nail artists are always backstage hunched over and meticulously creating some of the most awesome and unique designs on the models’ digits. Such was the case at the Michael Van Der Ham’s fall 2013 show at London Fashion Week. CND was on the scene crafting some serious baroque-esque nail art AND were gracious enough to give us the scoop on how to get the look at home!



For this season’s collection with van de Ham, Lead CND Education Ambassador Amanda Fontanarrosa created a distressed manicure resembling tortured, tarnished metal on a sleek chisel-edge almond shape. For one of the nail designs, CND color in Fedora was adorned with a gold and copper leaf pattern. For the second, CND in Midnight Swim and Cityscape was topped with silver leaf patches. “CND is the industry expert,” said Michael van der Ham. “The nails they designed perfectly reflect the feminine shapes, metallic embellishments, and tough, textured fabrics in the collection.” Indeed they do!




Will you be trying this nail look at home?



-Danielle Gray


Photos courtesy CND