White House Unveils Michelle Obama's Official 2013 Portrait

White House Unveils Michelle Obama’s Official 2013 Portrait

8491445521_3a8617c53d_zPhoto: Chuck Kennedy

One word: incredible. The White House has unveiled First Lady Michelle Obama’s official 2013 portrait, and she looks as beautiful as ever! The photo was taken by Chuck Kennedy in the Green Room of the White House, and marks President Barack Obama‘s second term in office.  Her two-toned dress is a regal with a touch of her modern style, and her look is polished with a set of pearls and a pink mani. Of course, her “midlife crisis” bangs are on fab display!

Check out Michelle Obama’s 2009 portrait below. Which photo do you like best? We love them both!


StyleBlazers, how gorgeous are Michelle Obama’s portraits?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo