You Can’t Beat An Original…Unless You’re One of These Artists: 15 Song Covers and Remixes That Are Better Than The Original

  • Mia Moss

    Yeah I am loving the Travis Garland Diamonds/Adorn mashup, he sounds way better than RiRi soweee its true!

  • Jazmyne Grissette

    OMG, I’m so glad that someone finally recognized Syesha’s cover for Love on Top, because she did the DAYUM THANG! In fact, her cover is the ONLY reason why I like the song.

  • TXMom

    Just watched Syeesha and Travis Garland’s videos, and they are great.

    • Kek

      They’re amazing, right! Love it!

  • What The Hell Ever

    Syesha’s acapella was good, but I still like Beyoncé’s better.

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