15 Signs You Are A ‘Blipster’ (From Fedora Hats, Ray Bans And Tons Of Tattoos)

Chris Brown thumbPhoto: The Chris Brown Blog

Spring is fast approaching: the cold air turns coolly warm and everyone is keen to express themselves—none more so than the mysterious Blipster.  What is a ‘Blipster,’ you say? A portmanteau of the words ‘Black’ and ‘Hipster,’ indicating that a person of African descent is socially a hipster. With that in mind, we offer some not-so-subtle hints you can use to see if this is you.

Allow us to present 15 Signs You Are A ‘Blipster’! 


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  • Whatevs

    Stupid stupid list. 1. A hipster is a hipster regardless of skin color. No need to further separate blacks from others that’s just stupid. 2. How does majority of the things on this list make you a “blipster”? Stays away from fast food chains? Really? Has a diverse array of friends and study other cultures? Really. Seeing as though I’m from the Caribbean, it highly unlikely that my friends will all look the same or that I’d only be exposed to the same cultural practices.

    • NVAdamzz

      You took the words right out of my mouth. This separation bull is getting out of hand. Why do people always have to find ways to segregate and label people?

  • Brandon B.

    This is extremely ignorant by ALL means.

  • Lolomg

    Lmao @ you blipsters actin like you sont purposely do this is on this list

  • http://dontloseyourdayjob.com/ Hassan Fvckry

    Stupid list. What’s a ‘Blipster’ anyway?

  • Sam

    Haha, it’s true. Black people ripp off white culture and act as though they are original. Coaches was infested with these people. It annoys me only because of the arrogance they portray towards white kids like we are the posers. It’s like when a black person calls a white person a “wigger” for enjoying the music of untented jerks who’s only lyrical content are curse works and witty quips abt money and hoes

  • Deal w/it

    This is so ignorant. Ugh but the thing thats the worst about this is #14, an exotic girl? Females are not exotic, no one is exotic. Please. Stop.