Tahiry Jones, Olivia Wear Their Best Low-End Club Gear For NYC Billboard Party

Tahiry Jones, Olivia Wear Their Best Low-End Club Gear For NYC Billboard Party

Billboard 2013 at Stage 48Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN

We hate to say that certain people perpetuate stereotypes associated with them, but when Tahiry Jones wears spandex pants to a party, there’s nothing we can do.

The “Love & Hip Hop” reality star attended a party held by Billboard at Stage 48 on Thursday. For the event, Tahiry wore a crop bow top, spandex leggings and Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps with Alexander McQueen clutch. Her co-star Olivia wore a basic turtleneck tank, Versace necklace, jeans and boots with Chanel purse.

The combination of cheap body clinching fabric and European designer overload diminishes the sophistication of these looks. We’d love to see Tahiry accentuate something other than her rear end, with some nice cigarette slacks and a blouse and Olivia could step up her game with a supportive bra.


Billboard 2013 at Stage 48Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN


Billboard 2013 at Stage 48Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN

-Danielle Kwateng

  • Just Sayin

    Olivia looks like a cross between both Tyler Perry and Madea AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!

    • LaylaAjmine

      I was thinking Gonzo

  • Stay in School Kids

    Olivia looks dry and washed out. Kind of like her career.

  • Martini & Scotch

    I thought Tahiry’s last name was Jose?

  • LaughingATuRN

    LMAO … Dryed out hoes

  • LaughingATuRN

    Olivia get a new hair dresser, Tahiry do something with your life that isn’t about how a man made you. Do something more than letting your poonani elevate you

  • Christine

    Olivia knows she could have put on her good bra before she left the house.

  • Urinal Mints

    Olivia looks like a female Amare Stoudemire with her big a$$ nose. With that being said, I would feel sorry for her if she had a kid with Amare Stoudemire.

  • iReezy

    They both look cheap. Olivia’s entire look is definitely worse. Why is her forehead tan and chin white?? She needs to lose the glasses then find a better stylist, make-up artist, and hairdresser. Tahiry should lose the stripper steez and find more sophisticated looks. I could see her dressing similar to Taraji or Tyra Banks. Although she’s a bit curvier than these ladies, for some reason it seems like their fashion styles would suit her…IMO

  • both of em need to stop it cuz they aint foolin nobody.

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