Our Top 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week Ending 2.22.13

Garcelle Beauvais

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com

Garcelle looks absolutely stunning! We love the sleek top knot because it shows off her gorgeous face and flawless skin. Love the minimal makeup and glossy mauvey-pink lip.


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  1. says:

    Loved Tamera and the Girlfriends!

  2. says:

    ugly white man’s mixed p0rn0 wh0res!

  3. says:

    While I do love Lauren London’s suit, I am not loving, or liking, her hair color or those red lips! It might be just me, but Jill Marie Jones DOES NOT look happy or excited to be posing with the other 3 ladies. I know, though, that looks could be deceiving. Also, I do not like that kimono thing she’s wearing. I’ve seen her dressed way better. Golden Brooks’s facial expression is pure shock…but it could just be the one over-arched brow. Tamera = gorgeous!! She’s my fave on the list.

  4. says:

    Tamera looking amazing!

  5. says:

    smdh.i like you lauren,but you became part of lil wayne

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