15 Most Memorable '90s TV Show Theme Songs

15 Of The Most Memorable ’90s TV Show Theme Songs (You’ll Probably Never Forget These Tunes)

The ’90s brought us some of the greatest TV shows and the most infectious theme songs. These songs have become a part of our childhood and teenage memories, and we will likely never forget them.

Here are 15 of the most memorable ’90s TV show theme songs.

Family Matters

Family Matters

Who can forget the Family Matters theme? It filled you with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings as shots of each of the cast members rolled on screen. The loveable theme song, “As Days Go By”  was co-written and performed by Jesse Frederick, who is also behind the theme for the next show on our list…



Full House

full house

Everywhere You Look” was a song about being able to count on family even in a time when moral values and a sense of community seem to be lost. Jesse Frederick co-wrote and performed it in all his 80’s pop/rock glory. That’s right, kids, the Full House and Family Matters themes were sung by the same person!  Ah, so that explains why they always sounded so eerily similar and why you would often confuse them as a kid. It all makes sense now. You’re welcome.





Step by Step

Step by Step

Going for the three-peat, Jesse Frederick wrote and performed the Step by Step theme song, “Second Time Around,” as well. A duet with singer Teresa James, it was a memorable intro created for a show about a blended family trying to make it work.



The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song is one of the freshest and most highly regarded TV show themes to 90’s kids and teens. It had viewers rapping about a trouble-making teenager in west Philadelphia (born and raised) who gets sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel Air. The song was performed by none other than the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, in the early days of his rapping career.



Growing Pains


Another wholesome theme song for ’80s and ’90s viewers, “As Long as We’ve Got Each Other” touted the value of family. There were three different versions of the song used throughout the show’s run from 1985-1992 sung by BJ Thomas (Season 1 ), B.J. Thomas & Jennifer Warnes (Seasons 2, 3, 5, part of 7 ), and B.J. Thomas & Dusty Springfield (Season 4). There was also an a capella version used on Season 6 and part of season 7.




The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

At one point deemed the best comedy series on TV, The Wonder Years didn’t have an original theme song. The show opened to Joe Crocker’s rendition of The Beatles’ tune “With a Little Help from My Friends.”  The song achieved much popularity and acclaim, and was eventually inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001. But to many people, the song’s significance will always be attached to their childhood wonder years.



Married With Children


Some people may not know that the Married with Children theme song “Love and Marriage,” which seems to instantly tickle a funny bone due to its association with the show, was actually recorded by Frank Sinatra back in 1955. It was the perfect fit for a sitcom about being unhappily stuck in a marriage and dysfunctional family. Filled with so much irony.




Brandy starred in the UPN hit show, Moesha, and also performed the original theme song. It’s one of the more smooth theme songs of the ’90s that actually felt like it could have been a radio hit. Slightly different versions of the theme were used for each season. Some more uptempo and hip-hop, others slowed down and given a stronger R&B style.





I’ll Be There for You” was recorded by The Rembrandts. The song became so popular that the duo had to re-record it as a longer version so it could be played on the radio. The group also made it a last minute addition to their album, LP.  The track hit No. 1 on the Billboard Top 40 mainstream chart.

Saved by The Bell

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell was a hit because it depicted a diverse group of friends from different race, economic, and social backgrounds. The show had all the high school archetypes: the  jock, the prep, the over-achiever, the geek, the cheerleader, and the fashion expert/gossip queen. The theme song was performed by Scott Gale.






The Cheers theme song made us all realize that we all wanted to go where everybody knows our name as was stated in the song’s title “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” Written and performed by Gary Portnoy, the song expressed the sense of belonging that we all desire in life.



All That

All That

Girl group sensation TLC had us jamming to the opening credits of Nickelodeon’s hit comedy sketch show All That.



 Living Single

Living Single

Living Single was a hit show about four single girlfriends taking on their careers and the dating world. Queen Latifah, who starred on the show as Khadijah James, penned and performed the show’s theme “We Are Living Single.”



Cousin Skeeter


The Cousin Skeeter theme song was memorable for one very simple reason: it was an alternate version of 702’s 1997 hit “Steelo.” The lyrics were changed to include Skeeter’s name and reflect a girl’s feelings about him. Skeeter, for those who may not know, was a puppet living in the real world. The humor of the show was that he was obviously a puppet, yet there was never any mention of this fact by any of the characters on the show. They treated him like any other human being.



The Highlander

Highlander: The Series had the most epic theme song of any ’90s television show, but that is to be expected with the great Freddie Mercury writing and his legendary band Queen performing it. The song “Princes of the Universe” was originally written for the Highlander soundtrack. It eventually became the theme for the series with a slight modification. About the life of an immortal, the song instantly infected viewers and got them pumped for the show.




  • Kelly

    As long as I’ll live I will NEVER forget The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song lol

  • Stacy

    Highlander?? Come on what about 227, Amen don’t forget about Mr. Belvedere,.Webster & Punky Brewster.

    • Pawesl

      cause none of those shows were on in the 90s

  • devotee86

    Good list…i definitely watched all of these shows…..the only one you guys are missing is ” living single “…..we are livinggggg ah ay singleeeee….oooooo in a 90’s kinda worllllld im glad i got my girrrrlllsss…..lol

    • Kek

      Actually, that one’s on there too! On page 13! Def a memorable one!

  • Kek

    Ok, I love ALL of these but my favorites are: Family Matters, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Moesha, and Highlander themes. Boy, that Queen used to have my whole family rockin’ out! lol. And Adrian Paul was frickin’ BEAUTIFUL! Holy–!

    It’s amazing how music can instantly transport you back to another time. I can remember so many details of my childhood just by playing each one of these songs. Music is awesome!

  • SunshineBlossom

    I remember watching Cousin Skeeter as a kid and I never knew Meagan Good was in it… My behind was too busy dancing to “Steelo”.

  • Kayla

    Love the list but what about Beverly Hills, 90210?!

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