These Items Were Once Awesome: 15 Accessories You Used to Rock in the ’90s

With ’90s fashion in the midst of a comeback we can’t help but think about the trends we used to love. It may be somewhat hard to believe but these items were once AWESOME!

Get nostalgic with us by checking out our list of ’90s accessories you used to rock.

Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly Clips

They were sweet and trendy, and all the girls had to have them! Seeing celebs like the Olsen twins and Sarah Michelle Gellar rock these just made you want to wear them even more. ‘Cause if it’s on TV, it must be a good idea! Let’s be honest though, most of us probably overdid it a bit with these cute little butterfly shaped clips.


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  1. says:

    how far we have come…

  2. says:

    nice flashback.

  3. says:

    I see how they posted Aaliyah on bawssip site for this post. That chic out dress most and she been gone. Kids, take a lesson, be classic, keep it simple.You should not have to put on another face to be beautiful…a dab a do ya.

  4. says:

    slap bracelets were fun

  5. says:

    Ah, memories. So, so much has changed. Those hair clips were the business for holding your broke off ends in place. LOL. Back when I was a kid and didn’t know nothing bout taking care of a perm.

  6. says:

    Please don’t bring back platform shoes! lol. The 90’s were so innocent compared to now. Baggy jeans, a choker, bandana and backpack purse you were doing it! I miss those days!!!

  7. says:

    @0dde73242afdfaa3f97525e417c3c9c2:disqus I am not sure why they blocked your comment. but you speak truth.

  8. says:

    @0dde73242afdfaa3f97525e417c3c9c2:disqus if this went to the wrong Kek, I am very sorry for that.

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