These Items Were Once Awesome: 15 Accessories You Used to Rock in the '90s

These Items Were Once Awesome: 15 Accessories You Used to Rock in the ’90s

With ’90s fashion in the midst of a comeback we can’t help but think about the trends we used to love. It may be somewhat hard to believe but these items were once AWESOME!

Get nostalgic with us by checking out our list of ’90s accessories you used to rock.

Butterfly Hair Clips

Butterfly Clips

They were sweet and trendy, and all the girls had to have them! Seeing celebs like the Olsen twins and Sarah Michelle Gellar rock these just made you want to wear them even more. ‘Cause if it’s on TV, it must be a good idea! Let’s be honest though, most of us probably overdid it a bit with these cute little butterfly shaped clips.

 Toe Rings

Toe ring

Photo: © Bvdc/ Stock Free Images/ Dreamstime Stock Photos

Toe rings were all the rage for girls who were a little bit more sassy and wanted to have an edge. You just couldn’t wait to wear sandals so you could show off your new stylish toe ring, which sucked if you were a kid/teen who went to a school that had a dress code.

Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets

These little babies were bright and colorful– as was typical of ’90s fashion–but more importantly they were fun to slap on and whip off! Slap bracelets weren’t a toy but they might as well have been.


Snap-in Hair Clips

Snap-in Hair ClipsSnap-in hair clips are another hair accessory that we overdosed on as kids! Many of us found ourselves snapping these babies in wherever we had stray strands and uneven ends.



Photo: S. Granitz/WireImage;

With the return of ’90s fashion, chokers may also be making a marginal comeback. Back in the day they were a s e x y accessory that made young girls look mature and adults look more youthful.

Backpack Purses


Photo: Getty Images

It was a backpack and a purse–functional and stylish. This was a must have accessory for teenage girls who wanted to feel “in.” If you didn’t have a backpack purse you were, as the famous ’90s film that helped popularize the accessory, clueless.



 Fanny Packs

rihanna 120312

Photo: WENN

Not sure who ever really thought these were cool, but man did people rock ’em back in the ’90s. Today, you’ll find mostly only tourists and the elderly crowd sporting these fashion faux pas, but apparently they’re in good company as fashion icon Rihanna has been seen strutting her stuff in one.

Body Glitter


Having sparkling, shimmering skin was “in” during the ’90s. Young girls would spread it on their arms, faces, or chests for a touch of fabulous.

Pagers aka Beepers

pager beeper

If you had a beeper in the ’90s, you had officially made it! No longer were they just for doctors and drug dealers. If you had a little money in your pocket or had proven yourself a responsible kid to your parents, getting a pager was an exciting rite of passage into independence. And beeper codes were the predecessor to text messages. Oh beeper, 143.


Stephanie-tanner-full-house- Jodie Sweetin

Didn’t we all used to collect scrunchies in all kinds of colors and designs? Most of the time they were more of a bracelet than a hair accessory.

Mood Rings


They didn’t really indicate our mood most of the time, but that never stopped us from buying them like crazy. Mood rings were cool for the simple fact that they changed colors.



Wearing a bandana in the ’90s was gangster. It was a fashion statement that indicated you were hip, and had some street cred, even if you weren’t and you didn’t. They were often worn around the head as a headband or tied around the head covering the hair. Stars like Aaliyah really demonstrated how a bandana could be both street and feminine for women.

Platform Gym Shoes

spice-girls platform gym shoes

Three words: Spice Girls, Spice Girls, Spice Girls! That’s three words, right? This British sensation showed us what girl power was while rocking these ultra high gym shoes. They made you ten feet tall, but best of all, if you had a pair you could pretend with greater authenticity that you actually were one of the Spice Girls.

Hoop Nose Rings

Fairuza Balk - The Craft

Nose rings were a rebellious fashion statement that showed just how edgy you were. They could be goth; they could be street. It really all depended on what your personal style was. Either way, if you got one you were cooler than most.

 Sideways Baseball Caps

Fresh Prince of Bel Air- Will SMith

Hat to the front says jock. Hat to the side says player. All your favorite rap artists used to rock their hats to the side. It was tough…and a little goofy.


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  • slap bracelets were fun

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    Ah, memories. So, so much has changed. Those hair clips were the business for holding your broke off ends in place. LOL. Back when I was a kid and didn’t know nothing bout taking care of a perm.

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