15 Instagram Fashion No-No's to Avoid (No Duck Faces Allowed!)

15 Instagram Fashion No-No’s to Avoid (No Duck Faces Allowed!)


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If the Oscars weren’t enough to offend you, spend an hour or three on the social media behemoth known as Instagram. In a matter of moments, you’ll find enough funny photos and bonehead moments to last you a couple of lifetimes. While one can argue that clothes themselves are a form of self-expression and you have a right to post whatever you want—we here at StyleBlazer have the right to tell you ‘no.’

We do recognize your rights as citizens of the world, and as netizens of the world wide web, but there are still some faithful fashion no-no’s that you should avoid if you want to be recognized positively on Instagram.


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Keep Your Statements to Yourself…

Opinions are like Kanye West—everyone wants it to shut up. Don’t lose out on gaining new followers by dressing like a d.o.u.c.h.e.


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Don’t Be a ‘CamSlore’…

The public is already inundated with too much already. You should be focused on adding to the discussion and not the distortion.


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Say ‘No’ to ”…

If it has ridges and creates bridges between your thighs then it’s not meant for the public’s eyes. Wear pants instead!


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Not Able to Have ‘Selfie’ Control…

We get it. You’re cute and have a lot of time to be cute. Here’s a secret, though, we’re already moving on to the next cute thing. Establish some self control of your ‘selfie’ and stay cool.


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Wearing Uggs or Fur Boots…

Wearing a halter-top and Uggs are for trucker’s daughters or those working the Sunset Strip. If you’re neither then get your shoe game in order before you show it off.


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Wearing Velour Sweats…

Your dollars spent on this type of outfit will only be appreciated by two men: Karl Kani and Diddy. Please don’t make these men any richer by giving them InstaGram shine.


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Be a ‘Copycat’…

Hollywood always talks about who wears what and who wore it twice. Don’t fall into this category by thinking that your combination is a one-of-one. Showcase your originality.


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Spa-nk Yourself in Public…

The phenomenon still hasn’t ended but if you swear by wearing spanks/leggings in your photos then be prepared for your real life social network to increase along with your IG count.


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Never Wear ‘Pasties’…

When you step to that mirror to take that ‘selfie,’ think of these words: “I am not Lil’ Kim, I am not Lil’ Kim.” Saying that and you’ll think twice about placing X’s on or around your chest region.


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Don’t Forget to ‘Pop Your Tags’…

Ballin’ is no longer a habit—it’s a necessity. Don’t get placed on that “You Must Block” list by forgetting to take the receipts off your clothes. No one wants to see you flossin’ your T.J. Maxx!


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No Duck Faces Allowed…

If your mother never told you that your face would get stuck from doing stuff like this, slap her and then show her the picture. Then, go to your room!


Photo: F-ndingEllen

Keep Your Room Clean…

Doo-doo stains and Dolce does not make you a fashion maven nor a productive member of human society. Keep it classy, IGers!


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Wearing Less Clothes to Make More Friends…

Don’t listen to those rappers on TV, you don’t have to rock Louis V down to your belly button to be popular with the fellas. Style is always more alluring when left to the imagination.


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Being a ‘Fashion Cliche’…

The most popular people on InstaGram earn followers by crafting a visual story that people can gravitate to. If you’re looking like every trend from the last 5 years, you should log off!


Photo: All Walks of Style

Having Horrible Feet on Display…

Some people show their weight loss/gain progress on IG. Others like to document a lifestyle change or growth. For the (hopefully) few that put their hammerclaws online, may the Force be with you.

—Talyah Whitworth

  • Hahaha. Don’t be a ‘CamSlore’…

  • j a sassy aka salon22

    No duck lips allowed either.. no lip pokers allowed! fakers get lost… real people stand up.

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