King’s Kicks: Beyoncé Inspires New Custom Sneaker Wedges (Made Of Exotic Skins)

BeyoncePhoto: Beyoncé’s Tumblr/PMK

Her persuasion can build a nation, and can also inspire a mean shoe game. It’s no secret that Beyoncé is a huge fan of the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge, and turns out her hubby loves when she rocks them, too. In honor of the pop star, custom design brand PMK has just released a version of the sneaker wedge just for Beyoncé. And as it turns out, Bey collaborated with PMK for the stylish recreation herself. When does this woman sleep?! The Bey approved design is made from exotic animal skins: stingray, ostrich, calf’s fur, crocodile and anaconda, and gold detail complements the white tone.

Along with her Super Bowl costume, this latest design won’t win her any fans at PETA. But the Bey Hive will probably drive out lines like a new Jordans release.


StyleBlazers, who you rock Bey’s custom wedges?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo


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  1. says:

    I dont really like the wedge sneaker trend, but i think these are actually cute.

  2. says:

    I don’t care how much they are! I will get them. If you don’t get these you are a hater!

  3. says:

    This shoe looks cheap! Not even payless would sell these. Plus, I don’t think Beyonce’s name should be associated with anything fashionable.

  4. says:

    They are actually cute, to be honest.

  5. says:

    They are cute but trust and believe PETA is Antoine Merriweather on this one….Hated it!!!!

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