Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pose In The Buff For French Magazine


You probably didn’t see this coming. Scratch that, you probably did. Since they stepped out on the scene arm in arm with matching kicks and fro yo cups last March, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been very public with their love. Now Kim and her baby daddy put it all out there— literally—for a very public display of affection. The two pose bare in a steamy embrace for the cover of the French magazine, L’Officiel Hommes. We’re used to seeing Kim in very little, and after all, Kanye knows his “girl became a star all from a home movie.” Most expectant parents pose with belly bumps on display, these two opted for the… ummm.. road less traveled? Not sure how their baby girl will feel about this one when she grows up.

StyleBlazers, what do you think? Hot, or doing too much?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  1. says:

    Allow me to be the 1st to say fvck both of these attention hogs. Who REALLY needs to read about their fvckery everyday?

  2. says:

    kim will take down kanye’s career

  3. says:

    what a dirty skanky broad and she got the nerve to be having a baby..non black babys mamas haha..doesnt seem to just be a blk thing..

  4. says:

    Hot,Mother and Father

  5. says:

    What’s funny is how she got “Top Billing”:(

  6. says:

    Yawn. They are definitely doing the most. I think the artist Kevin A. Williams did it better in his original artwork “N Luv”, the obvious inspiration for this copycat pose.

  7. says:

    I heard Ye is quite limp……so I guess Kim went in for the publicity! lol!!

  8. says:

    Isn’t she still married to Kris Humphries?

  9. says:

    “Media whoredom” taken to new levels….the lowest ones.

  10. says:

    the photo is nice and tasteful, were there skankier ones i’m missing out on ? this pic well done in black white shading, makes Kanye look like he’s built thick…. very nice fantasy !

  11. says:

    lmao…never really cared about the two of ‘em…but i gotta say… I think its kind of sexxy in a “if you like short guys” kinda way!! lmaoooo

  12. says:

    Looks like Paula Abdul, not K

  13. says:

    Looks like Paula Abdul, not K

  14. says:

    chocolate lovin ho

  15. says:

    Personally, Im tired of all of this bragging about unwed couples having babies without benefit of clergy. It is still wrong in God’s eyes and thats what is really important. Get married and have a real family instead of a fantasy family…

    • says:

      Yes true, but God also told us not to judge and the person without sin is to be the first to judge…so that basically means all of us!

      • says:

        Whose judging whom ? As for me, I am sharing the ” word “, which is what Jesus and the apostle Paul said we are to do, ( Matthew 10:7. 27 ; Acts 10:42 ; 2 Timothy 4:2 ), just as they did. ( 1 Corinthians 9:16 ). If it appears as a JUDGING, then some of you must be guilty of SOMETHING ! Did you know that we are to warn a person about doing wrong, if not we can be held accountable for thier sins ? ( Ezekiel 3:18 – 22 ). That is . . . Warning versus JUDGING !

    • says:

      Oh…here we go again…people thinking they know what “god” thinks, says, does. OMG. What hubris.

      • says:

        i know exactly what GOd thinks. Read the Bible and you will too

          • says:

            Jesus Christ, the Savior of your eternal soul if you so choose, who is coming again really soon. I know Him, do you??

          • says:

            Hallelujah ! He will separate the sheep from the GOATS, ( Matthew 25:31 – 33 ), and to get to the point, the ” goats ” have been cursed, and will end up in the place prepared for Satan and his demons ! ( Matthew 25:41, 46 ; also 2 THESSALONIANS 1:7 – 9 ; and Revelations 20:10 ).

          • says:

            AMEN!!! GOD’S GOT OUR BACK!!! Don;t waste Your time on those who REFUSE HIM, Pray for Them and let GOD handle the REST…

          • says:


        • says:

          No, you know exactly what multiple translations of a book put together in 394 AD by a group of bishops says about what all the documents they read and decided to accept said about what God thinks. And remember, writing at the time did not include punctuation, so without a comma or period or semicolon here and there, some meanings are unclear. For instance, in the original text, at the crucifixion, Jesus says to one of the thieves “Verily I say to you today you will be with me in Heaven” – OK, now let’s try it with a comma in one place: “Verily I say to you today, you will be with me in Heaven” and now in another place “Verily, I say unto you, today you will be with me in Heaven.” See the tremendous difference in meaning? Exactly which one was meant? How can you tell?

          • says:

            the HOLY SPIRIT lets me know what I need to know. You have to have a personal relationship with Jesus to have that benefit. I need what I need to know.

          • says:

            How dare you attack Robin!!! You’d rather defend trashy whoreslike kimye than support a god fearing good woman????

          • says:

            The problem is, anyone can say they felt the Holy Spirit tell them this or that. Some psychotic killers said that God told them what to do. You see, your emotions are not proof of anything. Why is your God invisible and mute? I happen to agree with you about marrying and having children, but not because it says so in a book written by anonymous ancient Hebrews. Gods don’t write books, people do. And the Bible has been translated numerous times, and was preserved by nameless monks who copied the words by hand. It was boring, tedious and repetitive work. How do we know they copied everything accurately? They were Catholics, after all, and I can assume you’re not.

          • says:

            Calm down ! Don’t you know that Satan is roaming the earth, looking for someone to devour ( 1 Peter 5:8 ), and he transforms himself into an ” angel of light ” , and his demons, aka his ministers, they also transform themselves into ” ministers of righteousness “, which are most of the ministers in the churches ! ( 2 Corinthians 11:14, 15 ), and they misleads many into sin, even making it seem like the killers are doing God’s will, ( John 16:2 ), but instead the ” killers ” are doing Satan’s will, because they are Satan’s children ! ( John 8:44 ; 1 John 3:8, 10 ). Well, he who carries on sin originates with the Devil, aka Satan . . . ( 1 John 3:8 ). It is comforting to know that Jesus was made manifest for the purpose of breaking up the works of Satan ! ( 1 John 3:8 ). Hallelujah !

          • says:

            Don’t waste your breath arguing with Robin. God sleeps with her on a regular basis, and tells her exactly what to think. She has that Bible of hers wedged so far up her backside she can’t see any other way.

          • says:

            Gee, that is BETTER than letting her Bible sit on a shelf and gather dust from non-use ! We are to examine the Scriptures daily. ( Acts 17:11 ; Revelations 1:3 ). Otherwise, we are suppose to come to an ACCURATE knowledge of God’s word ! ( Philippians 1:9 ; 1 Timothy 2:4 ).

          • says:


          • says:

            You don’t have to be rude about this lady’s belief. I could say the same for you and satan, that you sleep with him, etc.

          • says:

            she says she know what God thinks While i sleep with Gaia

            I am afraid she does not tell what to think she make me learn

          • says:

            She said she KNOWS what GOD THINKS While i sleep with Gaia she doesn’t tell me things i have to learn it

        • says:

          Which Bible ? The old Latin, the original KJV, the Torah, or the current abomination ?

          • says:

            There are more than 2500 translations of the Scriptures, and they ALL have the same message ! You can google some of them on line . . . You Version, The Message, The Voice, all have easier interpretations than does the old ” King James Version “, which is now in an easier version also . . . The New King James Version ! Try them ! The original Scriptues were in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. ( * sp. ). There are some Bibles that can be down-loaded for FREE !

      • says:

        hubris??? you apparently were not brought up with knowledge that you really need to know. Hes coming soon for HIS CHURCH so I hope you find out about it before you get left here. Seriously

        • says:

          Apparently, you also lack knowledge God wanted you to know. What arrogance to presume that YOU can speak for God, and that you know what he is thinking.

          You the hell are you to put yourself so high and above everyone else ?

          Romans 12:3. Read it.

          • says:

            The prophets are all dead, ( Matthew 11:13 ; Luke 16:16 ), so we now speak the word of God through the Scriptures ! hey are His words, not Jesus’ or ours. ( JOHN 7:16 ; John 8:25 ; John 12:49, 50 ; John 14:24 ). Read what God says about prophets to whom He did not speak His words ! ( Jeremiah 23:16 – 32 ; and Ezekiel 13:2 – 9 ).

        • says:

          That GUEST needs to look up the definition of the word HUBRIS ! It seems like it describes the GUEST ! Heehee.

      • says:

        You can bet that God doesn’t think that what they’re doing is right. Do you?

      • says:

        Well, God hates divorce ( Malachi 2:14 – 16 ). Kim has been divorced twice ! God hates adultery and fornication also ! ( Exodus 20:14 ; 1 CORINTHIANS 6:13 ; Colossians 3:5 ; 1 THESSALONIANS 4:3 ). Therefore, I don’t THINK, I know what God ” SAID ” !

    • says:

      I agree with you, R.W.

    • says:


      • says:

        Shucks, save your ” boo’s ” , because you just may end up like king Belshazzar ! ( Daniel 5:6 ). Haha haha haha.

    • says:

      It may be wrong to YOUR God, but since YOUR God doesn’t make the rules, deal with it.

      • says:

        Yes, He created it all and so, He did make all of the rules.

        • says:

          Yeah, well, one of those rules was not to judge others. So maybe you should start actually obeying your own God’s rules, and keep your opinions of what God thinks to yourself.

          You are not God, nor do you speak for Him. You are just an egocentric follower, ignorantly presuming that you are so much better than everyone else, that you alone can say what God wants.

          • says:

            Making a comment is not JUDGING ! By the way, Jesus did not come into the world to judge the world, but to save the sinners of the world, ( Luke 5:32 ; 1 Timothy 1:15 ), but Jesus WILL do the judging on God’s Day of Judgment ! ( John 5:22 ; ACTS 17:31 ; 2 Timothy 4:1 ).

      • says:

        That is BLASPHEMOUS and it will not be forgiven ! ( Matthew 12:31, 32 ).

    • says:

      Right on ! Kim has been divorced TWICE, and she must not know that God hates divorce ! ( Malachi 2:14 – 16 ; Matthew 19:3 – 9 ). The aposle Paul said that a woman is to remain with her husband and vice-versa, ( 1 Corinthians 7:10, 11 ), but if they do separate, neither of them is FREE to remarry, unless one of them dies ! ( 1 CORINTHIANS 7:39 ). However, if the husbands dies first, Paul said in his opinion the wife would be happier if she remains SINGLE. ( 1 Corinthians 7:40 ). I agree ! Heehee. Why go that route again ? I agree with the disciples, ” If such is the situation of a man and his wife, is it not advisable to marry. ” ! ( Matthew 19:10 . . . in response to Matthew 19:9 ).

  16. says:


  17. says:

    One word—-ICK!

  18. says:

    I was expecting worse. I think it is well done thought I do agree with the fact that teenagers are getting the wrong message seeing all these so called celebrities having babies with anyone who will spread it

    • says:

      “teenagers are getting the wrong message…..” When did teenagers ever get the right message? consider the typical message that’s conveyed via TV sitcoms, Xbox, video games, music videos and let us not forget the billions paid for advertising messages of “being the wrong body type” in ‘fashion mags, 17, Vogue, Harpers, Cosmo, etc forever. What is the “right” message?Face it…this system spits out people…there is no “family value” that is honest and honorable. Otherwise by now some Banksters would be in jail for putting millions of Americans out of their homes and into the streets, workless.
      There is nothing wrong with the ad in itself….it is artful and elegant. I wish them well.

  19. says:

    It is what it is. They are both adults so they know what can come of their actions. Plus neither of them really have a “career” they have jobs but that is about it.

  20. says:

    Leaves a bit of a bile taste in the back of my mouth. Sick of this “icky” couple. I’m allergic to all the Kardashians except Chloe and I’m definitely allergic to Kanye. I DO think they make a wonderful couple. They’re both self obsessed and really, you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. IF only people like PEREZ HILTON would stop talking about these people, the world would be a better place. :)

  21. says:


  22. says:

    damn fat and ugly get together !! anything for a dollar !!

  23. says:

    *projectile vomits*

  24. says:

    Do we honestly really care anymore about these two media hogs who will do anything to promote themselves no matter how, and Kim is an expectant mother. Be embarrassed she was my daughter. High paid scum nothing else

    • says:

      obviously you do if you clicked on the article. quit clicking and they will go away LOL

      • says:

        true. Ignore the headlines and dont watch the show and they will fade into the sunset. Great idea for anyone who doesnt give one hoot about them or what they all do. The mom is the worst.

    • says:

      It is Kim’s mother who promotes her = roll$ the dough.

      But I agree, it is almost embarrassing how the mother pimps-out her daughters. They cannot have any shame – bc they are counting the cash – and drawing more…..thinking about how they can angle for the next bundle.

  25. says:

    I think I saw that magazine! I think it was called “Singe de Porche”, or something like that.

  26. says:

    Can’t you just hear her moaning, OHHHH Ray J !!

    • says:

      hell no!! ray j is the only one who can’t get over it maybe he heard whitney say ohhh bobby! don’t throw stones!!!

  27. says:

    That’s the same facial expression Kim had when Ray J was doing her….

  28. says:

    I just really don’t care about them. I guess the question is why does anyone follow these talentless leeches?

  29. says:

    akk you haters on this blog need a life!!! all this hypical Sh–! who cares??, Leeches, attention hogs etc etc etc….. obviously they have all your attention and time because you take sooo much energy to rant your views!! do your salf a favor if you really can as soon as you see their names kim,kayne or pictures turn away go away BETCHA CAN”TT

  30. says:

    pure unadulterated trash…..loved by trash.

  31. says:


  32. says:

    I like that too, however, sisters are hotter…. How about Kourtney and Klhoe joining in… HOTT!!

  33. says:

    how gross. his career is being a fool just like hers.

  34. says:

    Two pigs in a poke. .. how sweet

  35. says:

    Kim = ghetto mudshark. Tramp. Skank.
    Getting knocked up while married to someone else.
    White trash.

  36. says:

    oh thats Kanye, my bad thought it was RJay

  37. says:

    They look great!

  38. says:

    I’m tired of seeing them just like I’m tired of seeing miley and beyonce everywhere. -___-

  39. says:

    kanye and kim truly make my stomach sick. I don’t mind watching the kardashians, only because some of its funny. But Kanye is a egotistical moron and just plain yuck.Never liked him anyways, but after what he did to Taylor Swift at the awards that just confirmed my thoughts on him. A nurse for a year? Give me a break. I had 5 boys, worked full time and managed to do it all without a nurse for a year. Let alone a day.

  40. says:

    No one has ever made me more sick to my stomach then Kim Kardashian. She is a shamelss self-promotor who has done nothing worthwhile with her life.

  41. says:

    How classy…not.

  42. says:

    They both need to walk around down in Florida wearing hoodies and eating skittles. Hopefully Zimmie baby will find them !!!

  43. says:

    glad theyre together..hate both of them. so i avoid one post

  44. says:

    Her lips look ridiculous!!!

  45. says:

    this is as sick as it gets. Who gives a good dam?

  46. says:

    His hand…next to her face, closed into a fist!!

  47. says:

    these two ho’s really found each other

  48. says:

    That is utterly

  49. says:

    I am not into the bible or God. But I know trash when I see it. And I see it here.

  50. says:

    Are they dealing with the real world, she is a insult to the female race, He wants military fly over at there wedding in France, well good luck with all of that. Skank and F—tard Theres two good names

  51. says:

    what the hell the only way i would watch them is if the sisters did a three sum together

  52. says:

    personally, what ever they choose to do, remember that they have a daughter they will have to explain it to, and if its ok for mom is it ok for North?

  53. says:

    Trash, both of them

  54. says:

    working hard to hide the gay waves aren’t we Kanye??

  55. says:

    Whatever you say or think about it doesn’t matter. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  56. says:

    This is gross. Definitely trying to keep themselves in the limelight. Very narcissistic and typical. Til we all just ignore them and quit talking about them will they fade away. Eventually they’ll be too old for anyone to care about.

  57. says:

    I’ll bet you a $100 bucks you could land a 747 in her she’s had her legs in the air so many times! Ho, Hum…shes’ naked…BFD!!!!

  58. says:

    If you are a good person, who tries to live a life that is right, listen to your heart, ans God will lead you, do not argur about who is wright or wrong that is what satan wants you to do

  59. says:

    I don’t see why they would want to do this except for the shock value which is all that has been going on lately an for me is getting old and they are acting like anyone I would want any of my family to look up to.. Thank goodness we don’t watch the Kardashian’s anymore.. enough was enough .. Never was that good anyhow in my opinion!

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