From Stars To Easy Targets: 15 Celebrities Whose Careers Have Become Punchlines

  • CharlesMaglaughlin

    So anyone who lines up with Holy Scripture is a “scumbag.” I’ve read the back of the “book.” We win, and get the last laugh. YOU lose!

    • Jeff Muetz

      of course if you are Jewish the end of the book doesn’t count. Or Muslim..or hindu…they get the last laugh too I guess?

      • CharlesMaglaughlin

        The only thing the Jews did is pay the guards at the tomb to say the body was stolen. The Muslims say Christ was never crucified. I’ll go with the Holy “anvil” of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, which has worn out many a hammer and has yet to be refuted by facts or history. The rest are all religions. Christianity is a relationship. Only Jesus Christ came to die for sinners such as I. They’ve yet to find the body! He’s coming back to personally take His own children home. Death has NO sting! To refuse such a Savior is spiritual suicide.

        • Manhattan123


    • Charles Purdy

      Thank you, Charles, for your literary input with your Wholly Babble. Now go back down the rabbit hole, it’s Bingo night at the Mad Hatter’s.

      • CharlesMaglaughlin

        Yeah, I’m a fool for Christ. Whose fool are you?

        • mastersnort

          Key word “fool”.

          • CharlesMaglaughlin

            Your user name says it all. Up yours.

          • mastersnort

            Tsk tsk…not very “Christian” of you…seems like you fundies always lose your principles when you’re angry…

          • eponymous1

            This is the Alinskyite playbook — attack Christians (unlike Muslims) because you know they are nonviolent and won’t hurt you, but try to force them to adhere to the strictest version of their own standards while you blithely violate them. Not very sporting of YOU

          • southern feminist

            see wrongo dongo – there is nothing non-violent about that guy – you guys have attacked atheists and those christians that do not adhere to your dogma for hundreds and hundreds of years. please tell me what sect of christian is nonviolent – the ONLY one i have read about was jesus.

          • mastersnort

            I know, right? Like shooting fish in a barrel.

          • mastersnort

            Also, this is the internet…I’m not worried about Muslims hurting me either…in my world, you’re all a bunch of douchecanoes.

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            Your intellectual contributions are inversely proportional to your propensity for ad hominem.

          • mastersnort

            Your mother wears army boots.

          • mastersnort

            Also, I looked through your past posts… you seem to be prone to utilizing sesquipedalian verbiage ostentatiously…is it a self esteem thing, or do you just like trying to make others look foolish/

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            Way to hit the thesaurus, bub.

          • mastersnort

            What’s a thesaurus?

          • Floyd Lee Corkins


          • Ranger Dan Parsons

            Thesauruses all died 65 million years ago.

          • southern feminist

            do you praise jesus with that mouth – what happened to turn the other cheek…..guess we will be seeing you in hell:) toodles!!!!

      • Buck Ofama

        any long swinging dripping weiner he can get his big ole lips around……..he is fond of his daddys!

    • Brenda Gertsch

      No, they are. You shove it down everyones throat and spend your time judging, hating, and telling people how to live and who to love. You are real assholes.

      • CharlesMaglaughlin

        If you or anyone is dying of cancer and I have a cure, be sure I’ll be shovin’ it down your throat. Swallow and thank me. Assholes for Jesus…just obeying His command to preach the Gospel(Good News)to every creature. W let Him do the converting. Try Him. You’ll love Him. If not, the devil will always take you back!

        • southern feminist

          i thought his only two commandments were to love God above all else, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus was a rebel in his day. FYI, Catholics believe Revelations was merely written in response to the rule of Nero. Also, you are aware that the Bible is merely a collection of works, written and translated over and over again, and then voted on at the Council of Nicea, some books didn’t make into the Bible – funny how God’s word was a democracy…and now people use it a literal interpretation of how to bash those who do not adhere to it.

          • CharlesMaglaughlin

            The Bible is a compilation of 66 different books, 40 different authors, over a period of 4000 years. All tell the same basic message, and they didn’t have the internet back then. Original manuscripts were written by scribes who, if they made a mistake, had to start all over. You are the one doing the picking and choosing. It’s God’s Holy anvil that has broken EVERY hammer that has tried to break it. The two commandments you quoted are directed to those who have already been born again. Jesus said, “You MUST be born again, to even perceive the kingdom of God.” His first commandment to those who haven’t? REPENT, or you shall perish. In other words, change your mind about trying to be your OWN savior. Only HE meets the requirements. “NO other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.

          • southern feminist

            Nice try, but I will go with my 13 years of parochial Jesuit schooling compared to your biblical nonsense. Hell is a social construct created to make you adhere to society norms. If Jesus came back, the way he really was, his own people would turn on Him in a heartbeat.

          • southern feminist

            read a history text and then we can speak like adults

          • Terri Black

            You want the REAL truth about the Bible? (You are wrong by the way) Chick dot com. God bless you.

          • southern feminist

            he spews anti-catholic dogma and is an a**hat. if you follow him then you do not follow your own f*%$^&ing gospel

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            Sounds like a soul-mate of yours…

          • Ben Mathis

            It’s hard to argue and make valid points with someone so hateful. Everyone here needs to quit feeding the troll. She obviously thrives on hateful dispute. In fact, if she could turn back time and exterminate all Christians, she would surely do so, because this is so different than what she claims the Christians have done. After all, all her opinions, oops I mean “objective” views and “open-minded” education trumps all.

          • southern feminist

            isn’t judgement reserved for your god alone, and all sin is equal in his eyes…see you in hell big fella:)

          • Ben Mathis

            only proving my point. thank you

          • eponymous1

            “merely written as a response…. merely a collection of works…” ouch. That mere volume has been one of the greatest forces for liberation and inspiration in human history.

            As for how people use it today — mostly what I see it used for is to bash those who DO adhere to it.

          • southern feminist

            so sick of the conversation – liberation, are you kidding me – spanish inquisition, st bart day massacre, burning women at the stake, each and every crusade – more people have died in his name (using that book) than all world wars combined. so put that in your liberation pipe and smoke it READ HISTORY AND STOP LIVING FICTION

          • southern feminist

            to piggyback – your book has been used to justify slavery (even american slavery), the subjugation of all women as second class citizens (read timothy), etc and so on and so on. i know the history of the church along with its business tactics – ever wonder why eggs and bunnies are easter – has nothing to do with religion – pagan fertility festival. christmas – not jesus’ bday, another pagan holiday. check out Mithra – born of a virgin on december 25th – “son of god”. we obviously will not agree on any of this – but at the very least educate yourself before you begin speaking of how liberating the bible is…..seriously, i threw up in my mouth a bit

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            More people were murdered by militant atheists last century than by Christians in the past twenty centuries. Cherry picking a few bad actors and using bogus, cartoonish history (Muslims overran most of Spain and part of France in Western Europe, and Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, and most of Poland in the east) makes for a poor, poor case. Someone does indeed need to read their history.

          • southern feminist

            muslims are not atheists – someone needs to buy a dictionary. and man, my thesis is published okay. i do not have time to negotiate common sense with you people. i hold a BA, an MLA, working towards PhD, and posses a JD – I know what I am talking about.

          • southern feminist

            oh aside from the juris doctorate – all the other degrees are IN HISTORY

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            Then you stand as an indictment against our educational system.

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            wooo, impressive credential dropping. Thanks for burning that straw-man for me. Atheists murdered more people in the 20th century that ALL RELIGIONS did in the last 20 centuries combined. I merely point out that your revisionist history dig at the Crusades as some crime of Christianity is meritless.

            Hope you can get your money back for the letters you claim to have after your name, because you don’t demonstrate that you do know what your talking about.

          • Floyd Lee Corkins

            Also, though I don’t ordinarily go in for the pedantic “spell checked you!” thing, you should show a little better adherence to grammar, spelling and punctuation if you’re in the midst of bragging about your super-superiority.

          • southern feminist

            ad hominem much? grammar nazis generally make digs when their arguments cannot hold water. i really could care less what someone thinks of me when they equate atheism with Islam, or any other branch of faith that is not christianity. unimpressed as well.

    • N.B. Forrest

      Since all religions are unprovable (the real definition of faith: “Take our word for it – or else…”), everyone should believe or disbelieve as they please and shut up about it. I will say this, however: any religion that threatens unbelievers with ETERNAL TORTURE in hell if they don’t believe its unverifiable claims is unworthy of the worship of dignified people.

  • Mary

    If your list for has beens and punch lines includes three of some of the most enduringly famous names in Hollywood namely Cage Travolta and Cruise then everyone in Hollywood can be said to be a has been after they have one or two good years. The others on the list I don’t disagree with.


    YOUR LIST IS TOO STUPID TO BE FUNNY! When an actor producing and acting in at least one film a year that makes >$200 mil WW box office is a has been then who the HELL is in? At least do some F##king research before pretending your a journalist.

  • Carol

    Kirk Cameron got Julie McCullough fired from Growing Pains because she posed for Playboy magazine.

  • Ray C

    I like Hoff on America’s Got Talent, and let’s not forget he was very popular overseas after his acting career was over here.

  • megaphones

    #16 Ike Oden.

  • ec

    I would have expected to see Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson on this list.

    • southern feminist

      Excellent point!

  • Trevor Gowe

    Really? Tom Cruise? One of the biggest stars in Hollywood?

    This list is ridiculous.

    • TaylorMiller

      I agree, This list is a joke right? 90% of these people are doing very well for
      themselves. But these writers like to shove the
      Kardashians down the public’s throat? Add them ALL to the list. Ill toss in Kanye and J. Foxx as well!!

  • Janice Hamilton

    There is nothing more irritating to readers than 20-something journalists who create stupid lists because “lists are cool.” Cuba Gooding Jr.? M. Night Shyamalan? Know your subject before you write about it.


    Lindsay Lohan is nothing more than a punch line in an extremely bad joke.

  • Y8

    I had been drastically wrong. Your article chose to make this subject more obvious within an interesting way.

  • Joy Likens Dragland

    So from what I can gather, some of these celebrities have had their roles dry up just because their belief system didn’t match the Hollywood Scum Machine? Typical to expect such “tolerance” from that group for differing viewpoints…

  • Amber

    Where is Charlie Sheen?

  • eponymous1

    I guess they’re “moderating” (censoring) replies now to the anti-Christian bigots on this board… (SouthernFeminist) Lord knows we wouldn’t want any dissenting opinions from their reigning orthodoxy…

  • Dave

    Ike Oden is a scumbag libtard @sshole.

  • st3v3n1

    ok on page 3 and i don’t think i will sit thru another agonizing 12 pages of this.

  • Ryan Johnson

    One thing you forgot to mention about Seagal is that he was down in Louisiana working as a Sheriff Deputy and did Seagal’s Law. He is now working on becoming a Border Patrol Agent.

  • Picturamadojo

    I liked the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

  • Bry

    I thought the Hoff was huge in Germany.

  • N.B Forrest

    Yeah, Stephen Baldwin is far less popular than his brother Alec – among the Social Marxist jooze who control Hollywitz. That’s all it takes to transform a talented goy actor into a “joke”.

  • Sharmon

    Repent and everything is okay. True repentance moves you to action. True repentance motivate you to correction. True repentance bring about Godly Sorrow. Its more than saying a few words and shedding a few tears. You can teach Godly Sorrow, its inward response to guilt, shame and letting down the King of who you love. We are to encourage each other towards perfection. Go forth and do great things in the Lord.

    • Sharmon

      Note: I say you can teach Godly sorrow, but is it real or fake. Only Christ knows! I am not a judge of sorrow and repentance. I spread the truth.

  • barbaraebj

    I loved Gooding’s performance in Snow Dogs. I can’t imagine why anyone would think poorly of that movie or his performance in it. My grandson was very young at that time and that movie must have played at least a thousand times in our house, until the CD finally gave up the ghost. He is a very good actor, and was very funny and entertaining in that film.

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