They Are Just Getting Started: 15 Celebrities 30 And Under With Crazy Net Worths!

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I can’t read isht because the page keeps reformatting to about 2 inches wide because of all the advertising. Get your isht together.

  • Leecey

    And all these people are are entertainers… they dont save lives, change lives around the nation, invent something that would be life altering around the world, shelter the homeless, rid the world of poverty, discover a new planet, nothing.. theres people struggling to no end everyday and these entertainers get paid more than they can spend in 3,4,5 life times all for just entertaining our eyes and our ears in a complete non educational or spirtual way… Smh

    • MacingFacing

      Thank you!

  • Faithz

    Rihanna Net Worth is 75Million and she made 53 Million , 2012.
    that’s worth mentioning if the other stars got added income like Robert and Nicki, Geez.

    • samira

      rihannas net worth on forbes is 129m! dont know wea they got dis wack list


    wack @$$ article what’s with the shade with Nicki’s post? And FYI, her payment for American idol was about 8 to 6 million. Do yo research. Yall betta stop using google to find these fake @$$ networths too bcuz it was far from JUST 14 mill

  • me

    Is it just me or was Miley Cyrus SO much hotter without the butch haircut? I seriously hate it.

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