StyleBlazer TV Exclusive – Part II: One on One Convo with Grammy Award Winning Songstress, Estelle

In Part II of our chat with Estelle, the Grammy-winning songstress talks about her hot new single "Break my Heart" featuring Rick Ross, the growth and maturity she's showing in her new music, her relationship with close friend and mentor John Legend, and she even shares some candid thoughts about the recently deceased UK soul singer, Amy Winehouse.
We have to admit, talking to her was just so refreshing and real. Honestly, Estelle's one of the most down-to-earth Grammy winners you'll ever meet. We wish everyone was this nice.

And of course, if you missed Part 1 of our sit-down with Estelle at the Atlantic Records offices in NYC, just click right here and get plugged in.

Lastly, don't forget to look out for her new album "All of Me" dropping in October.

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