Celeb Inspired Spring Hair Color Lookbook. Consider These Before You Get Your Next 'Do Done!

Celeb Inspired Spring Hair Color Lookbook (Consider These Before You Get Your Next ‘Do Done!)

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Spring is coming, StyleBlazers! If you’re looking to spruce up your ‘do with a brand new color and need some inspiration, we have you covered. We spotted some of our fave celebs rocking rich hair hues that are just screaming “copy me at your local salon!” so we put together a mini lookbook. Of course we have to remind you of some dye house rules:

1. Never EVER relax and color hair on the same day unless you’re using a temporary rinse (and even then make sure you read the instructions carefully). Double processing can mean a double whammy on already stressed tresses and you don’t want to run your fingers through your hair and have clumps of that new process fall out.

2. Be sure to use color-friendly products. If you want to make sure your color stays vibrant, be sure to use products that work on color-treated hair. Thankfully these products are easy to spot since they’ll say so on the bottle, but you can also use some of your favorite sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that may already exist in your stash.

3. Make sure you moisturize! Regular deep conditioning is at the utmost importance for colored hair as the process can tend to make hair drier and more brittle. You’ll also want to use a light daily moisturizer like Ojon Revitalizing Mist to help hydrate your strands without weighing the hair down.

4. Leave the dye jobs to the professionals—please. You can play kitchen beautician when it comes to simple rinses or touching up your roots, but please, PLEASE leave everything else to a pro.





Lauren London

6th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon held at the Beverly Hills hotel
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Chrisette Michele

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  • What The Hell Ever

    I’ve relaxed and bleached (lightened) my hair on the same day. I still have a head full of hair. Everyone’s hair is different.

    • Soon2bwife

      Well mine fell out so everyone should be careful. Not recommended ever. Plus two of the three blondes above have on wigs.

      • What The Hell Ever

        Sorry. 🙁 I didn’t even look at the pictures earlier. Everyone on the second and third page are weaved up!

    • CoCo

      Yes but I think the point is “better safe than sorry”… Your hair handled it fine thankfully but that could have easily ended in disaster. You may still have a full head but often times its the texture of the hair thats changed (i.e dryer, more coarse)

      • What The Hell Ever

        My hair is resistant to a lot of things. When I was relaxing my hair, many, many, many years ago, I had to relax it twice in one day on many occassions. It’s just thick, resilient hair. I wouldnt change it for the world though!

  • Chocolate_Star

    I’m sorry but blonde just doesn’t appeal to me. A lot of black women who have blonde hair do not look good with it. Of course, nobody will tell them that though.

  • Kek

    These ladies are rocking those colors! I love it! Really digging the reds! But I think I’m going for a blonde this time around. Will be my first time trying it. Of course it’s not gonna be my real hair, though. I’m not ready for that but I still want to know how it looks on me. I think that’s why wigs/full laces/front laces are so awesome because you can try out all sorts of looks without messing with your own hair!