Manicures Double As Weapons On The Streets Of Barasat, India

Manicures Double As Weapons On The Streets Of Barasat, India

India One Billion RisingPhoto: AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

After international attention was put on the rampant sexual harassment/assault issues of east India, the Wall Street Journal decided to investigate the extent of the problem. In a detailed piece, writers Amol Sharma, Biman Mukherji and Rupa Subramanya talked to police, activists and nearly two dozen women about daily life in these cities.

In Barasat, 20-year-old college student Juhi Nondi told the journalists about her long, sharp fingernails. “They’re not just for fashion,” she said of her pink nails, “but also for self-defense.” Nondi added that sexual harassment is a daily part of life with her breast and hips being grabbed on her way to and from school in the past. “If I’m even a half-hour late coming home, my parents panic,” she added.

The piece also talks about the unjust legal system that has forced women to use self-defense against a system that favors men. “For generations, men haven’t seen women so empowered,” said Mayank Saksena, an executive at consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle who has developed real estate in Barasat and has studied the town closely. “It builds jealousy and envy.”

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-Danielle Kwateng