Hello, Beautiful!: Jennifer Lopez Covers Glamour's New Latina Beauty Magazine, 'Glam Belleza Latina'

Jennifer Lopez Covers Glamour’s New Latina Beauty Magazine, ‘Glam Belleza Latina’

jennifer-lopez-glam-latina-h724When it comes to makeup, Latinas encompass every shade in the color palette. There are no “one size fits all” tutorial when it comes to hair. But now there’s a magazine designed specifically for Latin beauties!

Glamour has just unveiled its new beauty magazine, Glam Belleza Latina that celebrates every shade of Latin beauty. And the inaugural issue’s cover girl is none other than Jennifer Lopez in all of her gorgeous glowing glory! The A-lister and quadruple threat glows and shimmers for the cover, and reminds us that Latinas come in a wide range of hues, shapes and sizes:

“Latin beauty is the rainbow. We have black, we have white, we have caramel. We have blondes, we have blue eyes, we have brown eyes, we have the darkest of the dark skin. Latin beauty is for everybody.

Love! Glam Belleza Latina hits newsstands on March 5.

StyleBlazers, are you excited for Glamour’s new beauty magazine?