Black Women Worry That Their Natural Hair Could Affect Job Employment Or Retention

Black Women Worry That Their Natural Hair Could Affect Job Employment Or Retention

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Is the texture or style of your hair preventing you from being hired? Sounds like a pretty silly question, however it was precisely the topic at hand during a panel discussion entitled “Black Women, Their Hair & The Work Place – A Dialogue” at Georgia State University.

Approximately 100 women gathered last week to contemplate the idea that their skills, talent and intelligence could be overshadowed by a hairstyle. And more often than not, the concern is based on women of color sporting their natural hair.

Read more about the panel discussion at BlackVoices.

  • harlemqueen

    That’s why we must continue to create our own jobs and start our own businesses. If the Chinese can live in their own world on Canal Street, what is our problem? On another note Some Black people have a problem with being Black and try hard to be accepted by whites. Why should you have to alter your appearance to suit others.

  • latoya

    Yea I think thats bull about black hair.Its just an excuse for black women to keep wearing somebody elses hair. My hair is natural and beautiful, Ive never had a problem getting a job

    • Heather

      Clearly you’re not in the top echelon of the corporate sector. They do not play that bull$hit.

      • Alaedra

        I completely agree with Heather. I work in a bank and constantly got feedback that I needed to ‘tame’ my hair by my then manager (but she never said it directly to me. It always came from the assistant manager who actually liked my hair). My hair was never wild because if it was, I wouldn’t have come to work! While she was trying to make me straighten my hair, the customers loved my hair and I’ve inspired a few people to go natural and they always ask me what products I use and how I manage it.

    • I agree.. Im tired of black women not thinking that who they really are is beautiful and think they have to wear hair hats.Sad most sistas feel more confident with other ppls hair on their head.

  • White Mike

    B!tch, get a perm!