Good Riddance Ole’ Nicki Minaj: Rapper Allegedly Fires Entire Glam Squad For New Image, New Album

  • SUN

    She’s starting to look good…And looking like Chaka Khan’s daugher lol

  • SUN

    num 7 camel toe pic is a bit much tho

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I guess that’s a good thing since she looks like a fool most of the time.

  • hiphopIZKNOTdead

    She CANT change it up now – I enjoyed the CLOWN ACT…..lmao…..
    I heard its because of “LIV THE INVASION” go see THAT On uTUBE

  • Rashida

    She put herself out there like a clown and I think that it is too hard to overcome that. She looks better though. Maybe lay off the weave and wigs!

  • Ladydi82

    I loved the black lace dress. New year new path.

  • rororo

    It’s about time. Her crew made her look like a fool. If they were getting paid for what they did to her then she really was a fool. Love the new look, maybe I can take her serious now.

  • Mikki21

    That’s dumb, why couldn’t she just tell them she wanted to change up… What she didn’t have faith they can make changes?? Unless they are a one act pony like herself…HMMMM

  • jjac401

    Hopefully she keeps this look up so she can begin to look like an attractive human being (which she actually is). She was too hard to look at before.

  • enoni pond

    her dresses are super cut , but im soooooo tired of her looking like a puckin fool with blond hair…….please brown women have no business with blond hair!!!!!!!!

  • Shar Shares

    Great move because the rapping Ronald McDonald was becoming a repetitive punchline!

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