Steal Her Style: Ciara's Topshop Cropped Sweater

Steal Her Style: Ciara’s Topshop Cropped Sweater


Ciara PFPhoto:  Ciara’s Instagram

First Ciara made a comeback with her new single, “Body Party,” and now she’s hitting us with those abs for days! CiCi posted a photo on Instagram showing off a look that took us back to the ’90s. In a high bun and shades, the songstress wore a 1991 cropped sweater from Topshop.


Topshop PF

If you want the baggy ripped jean look, try a pair of boyfriend jeans or a pair of men’s jeans. We’re digging these by Levi‘s.

Asos pf

For the boots, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Doc Martens or Timberlands.

Dr Martens PF

Photo: Doc MartensTimberland pf

Photo: Timberland

What do you think, StyleBlazers? You feelin’ Ciara’s look?

-Adrienne A. Gadling

  • xedos

    Come back! Really,she’s like 3 songs deep in her album and don’t have a release date. As soon as they flop she says it’s a buzz single.

  • iReezy

    This is a page right out of Rihanna’s book of style. Well…I guess it fits her personality, too. Overall, it’s cute. I dig.

    • iReezy

      I now realize that this isn’t so much a RihRih copy cat outfit. Ciara’s been dressing this way since day 1. The two of them have a similar sense of style, maybe that’s why they can’t seem to get along. They see too much of themselves in the other.

      • Dinnyq

        Except Rihanna is super successful and Ciara isn’t.