15 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made Them Unpopular

While it may help to be overly political in some fields, the entertainment industry is certainly not one of them. Hollywood has always been notoriously political, typically leaning toward the left side of things (with a few exceptions). The film, music, and television industry is generally adamant about taking a progressive stance on issues while also appealing to a sense of patriotism and middle-class values. It’s a complex balancing act that can make for a sea of detractors when celebrities go against the grain. For examples of entertainers who have been vilified for their views, here are 15 famous faces whose outspoken politics made them unpopular in Hollywood.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller PF WENN

Photo: Carrie Devorah/WENN.com

Though former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host Dennis Miller was perceived as a left-leaning cynic throughout his career, he publicly switched over to the Republican Party following the events of 9/11. In 2007, Miller took his conservative views to radio by hosting The Dennis Miller Show. The comedian-turned-political-pundit has been cast as a right-wing fanatic by many of his Hollywood contemporaries, an image Miller has helped cultivate by regularly attacking the film industry for becoming part of the liberal status quo. Despite his public perception as a right-winger, Miller maintains a number of left leaning views that include being pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.


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  1. says:

    Where’s Jane Fonda? Sean Penn? Danny Glover? Al Franken? Madonna? ……….

  2. says:

    Alec Baldwin? Michael Moore?

  3. says:

    It seems this site thinks these people are unpopular, for the very reasons we like them. I suggest being a leftwing libtard is becoming much more unpopular.

  4. says:

    Funny how this list only run afoul of the left. Even if that person is on the left they walk it back and say there good now. This is the stupidest list ever. What about Baldwin? Penn? Moore? Glover? Franken? This is the authors personal opinion and not an actual list based on any fact. Why not just call it: “A list of 15 famous people whose politics rub ME the wrong way”

    • says:

      The writer included two dead conservatives but overlooked Baldwin and Penn. What a joke.

      Did anybody edit this piece?

      • says:

        Did I miss Rosie Odonnell , Kathy Griffin and Sandra Bernhardt

      • says:

        Just Be Quiet..Republican scum

        • says:

          I bet you would side with an terror extremist before any of your fellow (right) countrymen, huh? You are the reason we as a country are being laughed at by our enemies. They played you like the fool you are, dear friend.

        • says:

          You are correct, this is only a liberal Hollywood lists created to put conservatives down. I love it when Dems/Libs make up lists to make themselves look good.. like how they pretend to care about children being killed by guns but killing thousands of unborn behind their back.

        • says:

          somebody please kick off the American civil war allready so US real Americans can terminate all the F@#$tard lib/demtards infecting these GREAT AMERICAN STATES.

        • says:

          spoken like a true commie silence the other side..ur sick bastard

        • says:

          Yet another logical, well reasoned response from the left. Thanks HHB – you make our case every time you open your mouth. Sit back and have another drink of that Kool-Aide… close your eyes and everything will be just fine.

        • says:

          What an intelligent and tolerant comment, libtard. I’d be willing to bet that your IQ hovers somewhere around 60–give or take a point. I think that the heyday of liberalism is coming to an end. Your kooky policies are destroying a once great nation and liberals are becoming known as persons suffering from a corrupt mental illness. Someday you’ll all be placed in an asylem or to prison–which is where most of you belong anyway.

        • says:

          What an intelligent and tolerant comment, libtard. I’d be willing to bet that your IQ hovers somewhere around 60–give or take a point. I think that the heyday of liberalism is coming to an end. Your kooky policies are destroying a once great nation and liberals are becoming known as persons suffering from a corrupt mental illness. Someday you’ll all be placed in an asylem or to prison–which is where most of you belong anyway.

      • says:

        Baldwin and Penn are nothing but a joke…’overlooked’?…how about forgotten…

        • says:

          And? This article lists an obscure actress whose sole career highlight was being on SNL in the early nineties! Not to mention Kirk-fucking-Cameron, a dude who’s had to make a living by mindlessly rambling on pundit shows thanks to him being utterly blacklisted from anything Hollywood, whether it be liberal or the small conservative part of the place!

      • says:

        Nobody edits any of these pieces. Or proofreads them.

      • says:

        It’s hard to find conservatives in Hollywood. They are the only ones whose views are considered “wrong” out there. Everyone else is an enlightened, intelligent, free-thinker who knows everything there is to know about everything.

    • says:

      You are quite right. This is an utterly skewed list. I was an exec. in the entertainment industry–your politics will not harm your career unless they harm your public appeal. It is all about money-like any business. You can be right or left-if you make money for the studio/network/production co. etc., your career will be just fine. This bullshit about your politics harming your career is just that-the whining of people whose $$$ appeal is lessening. There may well be a distaste for a person of extreme political views on the part of some other performers who won’t want to work for them but that is not an industry-wide prejudice destroying one’s career. Some of those cited in this ridiculous article are doing very very well indeed.

      • says:

        BS, I’ve been in the Music Business for 40 years and I know for a fact musicians with a conservative view will be left out…drinking too much perhaps?

    • says:

      You read my mind! Right! they start off the article by stating hollywood leans to the left and then listed only the handful of conservatives. The list of liberals in hollywood would take too long to write. I know longer watch several actors including Susan Sarandon, Penn, etc. cuz of their ignorant and extreme political beliefs. Stupid article and not worth reading.

    • says:

      Also, please tell me how Charlton Heston and for that fact how John Wayne were unpopular. John Wayne still tops the list for most popular actors and has been dead for over 30 years.

      • says:

        Meanwhile, Jim Carrey tried to make himself prominent again by mocking Charlton Heston, who was an elder statesmen of Hollywood and one of its most respected actors even to his death.

    • says:

      Andrew, READ!! they are presenting a list that are unpopular in mainstream Hollywood NOW because of their right wing views, dummy!!

      • says:

        Duhh!!!! what an idiot. Did we expect anything different from Hollywood. I would be proud to be on this list if I was an actor/actress with a conservative view.

      • says:

        Dorothy, the headline says “15 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made Them Unpopular,” and does not mention right wing views or where they are unpopular. There are plenty of mediocre leftist celebrities who would get a dirty azs-beating at a NASCAR race NOW, and any conservative is unpopular in a mental institution full of liberals such as Hollywood, so what’s your point? I see…you don’t have one.

        • says:

          Apparently you’re a child of a bad public education…these are celebrities who’s careers have suffered from their political views,I’ve been in the music business for 40 years and I know for a fact that conservatives lose work because of their political beliefs…awake yet?

          • says:

            but it should have been balanced. there is just as many conservative fans out there who were turned off by Eva Longera, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, who quit putting money into seeing their movies. I know I did. so it was a very bias piece.I know I always loved listening to Bett Midler sing, then when I read that she thought that the IRS should go after conservative groups, totally lost any reason to hear her music again.

    • says:

      The buffoons you speak of are all Hollywood royalty in part because of their loony, lefty views. Remember, they can do no wrong. It’s people who believe in capitalism, small government, and reasonable moral values that are pushed aside, silenced, and ignored. This is what being “open-minded’ and “inclusive” is all about.

    • says:

      What I mean to say, is this isn’t the author’s opinion so much as he is speaking for the mainstream Hollywood view. Like in academia, 90% of people in Hollywood are leftists. The media and schools just take PC liberal garbage as gospel. The only people who could possibly be espoused for their political views are Republicans and Libertarians.

    • says:

      No way would I sign up for this site to send me anything but a notice that they’re declaring bankruptcy and disappearing forever.

  5. says:

    This list only verifies what these conservatives are saying about Hollywood. What bias! You libs are so clueless as to how loathed your celebrities are by a HUGE number of Americans. The list of liberal actors who make me want conservatives want to puke is so long it merits its own website.

    • says:

      not fair to point out the truth to the America haters ………….. as they are to busy hating any who dare to have a different outlook/opinion/morals than those parroted by the antiAmerican set of fonda/obama/farrakhan/penn/castro/osama/chavez/hitler

      • says:

        Mr. Kennedy, you are another fascist calling himself a conservative Republican-anyone who links the president of the united states who has just been decisively reelected with Bin Laden, Chavez, Farrakhan and Hitler is, as you are, the scum of America.

        • says:

          Decisively re-elected? Did you see numbers others haven’t?

        • says:

          Oclownboy received less votes from democorruptocRats than he did the last time he was foolishly mis-elected. Republicans simply didn’t vote during the last election. Maybe it was because the corrupt IRS worked so hard to suppress the conservative message on Oclownboy’s behalf. In any case, his mis-election was hardly “decisive.” He scraped by just in time to buy you a cell phone. Call your parole officer and tell him you’ve been stalking kids on the internet again.

    • says:

      Well, given the venemous nature of your comments. Mr/Ms O’Dwyer, it is clear you certainly are full of puke-as you acknowledge.

      • says:

        you are a dimwit hypocrite!

        • says:

          No reason to name-call. People whose lives are ruled by anger or jealously or ignorance will shoot themselves in the foot without any help from those with whom they disagree. Make your case calmly, and with respect. A bit of sarcasm? Fine. Irony. All the better. But name-calling does neither side any good – and the fact that “they” – whoever “they” are – started it is not an excuse to similarly indulge. Respectful arguments help sharpen your case, and make potential members of your audience much more comfortable than yelling and screaming. Elliot is obviously a “believer” – and having not realized by now the issues with which we’re faced, is not likely to listen to anything that disagrees with his current worldview. Ignore him. Reach for the people who are still learning, still growing, still trying to figure out how to deal with real problems (health care, immigration, the environment, etc) inn a way that is both effective and careful of individual rights and liberties. The Elliots are not worth your time. Don’t be angry with them, they just don’t know any better.

          • says:

            You wish you had my success, my money and my education.

          • says:

            Your sterling education should have taught you that bragging over the internet about your station in life is a non starter.

          • says:

            And you are another ill-bred tea party flop/failure/loser who certainly does not have my “sterling” (it’s Ivy League) education. Like like your fellow fascist (aka conservative) lowlifes “John Smith” (oh he is original picking that as his supposed name-guess he like you graduated from Sarah Palin University) and GJK you and they defame me as a worthless , stupid, dimwitted and a hypocrite and then you’ve got the gall to try to put me down. Wait until 2016 when you fascist/Republican/loonies get your reward as we elect Sec. Clinton or VP Biden.

  6. says:

    John Wayne, Charleton Heston and Clint Eastwood are unpopular…hardly!!!

  7. says:

    Hahahaha! This is the dumbest, most ill informed, story (non story) I have read in years! Yes, these people you cite are unpopular because of their politics but almost exclusively within their own chosen field of show business. They are wildly popular with the public at large.

  8. says:

    12 of the 15 on this list are for the crime of being Repubican, Conservative or holding views that Liberals don’t agree with. I guess in the Liberal mind “people” are all Liberals, so if Liberals hate them (which is very easy to do) then everyone hates them. I see this mindset when they are talking about “science”. If most Liberals agree with something then it becomes “fact” and anyone who knows real science becomes, anti-science or a denier.

  9. says:

    and another list of America hatred…………from the elites that want to rule the world

    but, the Real Americans expect this from the white guilt set……………. the set that are rich and KNOW that they don’t deserve it

  10. says:

    Wow – all but 3 are “unpopular” because they happen to be have conservative political and social viewpoints. Hmmm … interesting that they are “unpopular” among their peers, but many are wildly popular among the general public. I find it so hypocritical that many of the Hollywood celebrities accuse the conservative crowd of being “small-minded”, “discriminatory”, “hatemongers” – yet if someone DARES to have any type of opinions or beliefs that are different than their own, they vilify them, blackball them in the Hollywood crowd, call them names, and rail hatred on them. The definition of tolerance is to accept someone else for who they are, even if their belief system is different than your own. For all the talk of tolerance, this article just reinforces the fact that Hollywood and their friends are anything BUT tolerant. They’re only tolerant if you believe like them.

  11. says:

    Just because they are unpopular with the msnbc crowd does not make them unpopular with the majority

  12. says:

    just more proof Hollywood and Liberal media live in a bubble!

  13. says:

    Many actors on the hard left have a large percent of people who will not go to their movies because of their politics none of them are mentioned here. Hummm I wonder why?

  14. says:

    What a one-sided report. Only conservative opinions can be unpopular. No mention of a lot of Hollywood lefties whose movies I will never, ever watch.

    • says:

      StyleBlazer describes itself as “dedicated to upscale, progressive, chic and sophisticated women” – read liberals, many of whom are hanging out on someone else’s dime or wish they were. They have a definite New York / LA axis and probably don’t realize people might consider such articles biased. More likely is that they don’t care. There’s a lot of self-referential contact and confirmation bias in most media organizations. Their comments pages are a valuable platform to help tighten your arguments and sharpen your prose – once you quit wasting time on the obvious morons and respond instead only to those who have at least the appearance of literacy – and for that they should be thanked.

    • says:

      James I hop;e they can make it without your support LOL Maybe they can be as successful as Kirk Cameron, Victoria Jackson, and Dennis Miller LOL too funny!

  15. says:

    What standards are being used here to determine waning popularity?Oh yeah, NONE. It’s very arbitrary and capricious to state that the celebrities have suffered a popularity hit without referencing any verifiable data like movie or record sales……I can make up my own list of celebrities that ought to shut up and sing (or act), and Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna would top the list…

  16. says:

    The people named are some of my favorite people. Article is biased BS, sure to piss off half the country. Amazing how blind libs are!

  17. says:

    Who wrote this Moron Moore ?

  18. says:

    Should be titled – Celebs libs don’t like because they reuse to drink the kool-aid

  19. says:

    Notice how they have mostly republicans. This story is not worth the time it was to read it ….. that is the left for you you disagree with them and your “unpopular”

  20. says:

    There is certainly no Commiewood bias here. I avoid anything and everything with a left-winger in it. If it’s something I want to see, I download it. I pay for anything with real Americans in it. The left votes to hike my taxes whenever they can and I download there s**t at no charge whenever I can–tit for tat. We need another McCarthy, and fast! FU, Progressive-Commie-Fu***! F…U…!

  21. says:

    The 15 people you show are some of my favorites because they are respectable people and not trash like many liberal actors.

  22. says:

    Thank God there are still a FEW brains in Hollywood, not many but a start.

  23. says:

    Wow, what a stupid list. Would expect to see Sean Penn at the top.

  24. says:

    The more things change, the more they remain the same. Hollywood once ad another list like this. It was called The Hollywood 10. You know, The Black List. I’m sure Ike Oden has spoken approvingly of that one too.

  25. says:

    Hmm, no room for Sarandon, Penn, or that phatphuqe Michael Moore?

  26. says:

    SB certainly appears to be hate-mongering and hypocritical. The ostracizing, hazing, and public demonizing anyone who doesn’t conform to the far left view is a new form of McCarthyism of its own, and liberals who like to pat themselves on the back for being open-minded, enlightened, and accepting are actually more like the Inquisition than the Enlightenment. Co-exist? Yeah, but only if you are liberal. Free speech? Sure, but only if you agree with us. Liberals are haters.

  27. says:

    Notice how many of these “hated” celebrities are conservatives? That’s not allowed in Hollyweird. The Left is so tolerant, aren’t they?

  28. says:

    The Dixie Chicks are among the best performers in show business. Each of the three is super talented….even the short, fat stupid one.

  29. says:

    and those are your readers of this website in the subway fighting the police,,,,as far as the hate list you got it backwards….Al Franken…..Sean Penn… Jane Fonda….A media with middle class values?????…..Surely you jest or just more Kool-Aid drinkers for the zombies on the ultra left wing side of ignorance…

  30. says:

    I hate to break the news to you Ike, but Dennis Miller is hugely popular….just not with Liberals.

  31. says:

    Unpopular with who? Hollywood? That’s the bar that SB is measuring this with? It certainly can’t be against what mainstream America thinks. What a joke and a waste of 5 minutes of flipping through these pages.

  32. says:

    Ike, Miller is more popular today than ever bringing home $10 plus million per year. Bad call dude…

  33. says:

    I could be wrong but Jim Carrey had 10 million followers on his Facebook page. One video later and a large portion turned on him. Well those who support the Second Amendment. Carrey doesnt rank?

  34. says:

    This article should have been entitled: Hollywood hates conservatives, Christians and American family values. Oh, you threw in a couple of ringers just to prove you could, but this is strictly a hatchet job on anyone who might had a differing opinion from the accepted far leftist leanings of the Hollywood elite. You would think that creativity and tolerance should go hand in hand, but obviously that is not true in Hollywood.

  35. says:

    unpopular with who? I like them better for not following the crowd. The left will eat you alive if you don’t agree with them.

  36. says:

    Err, um… Jane Fonda?

  37. says:

    Say Ike, you’re not by any chance a registered Democrat, are you?

  38. says:

    Who’s the lefty idiot that made this list?

  39. says:

    wow, not credible in the least. Michael Moore? This list seems to just profile people on the right. The left has triple the number at least.

  40. says:

    I recall Dennis Miller being on the old Hannity and Colmes show and basically telling Sean Hannity, “If you think I’m solidly in your corner, you have me all wrong. I’ve got a mind of my own”

  41. says:

    I’m a bleeding-heart realist. Mostly liberal but I have my causes and Carolla, while he doesn’t always mirror my feelings, is blatantly truthful and he is correct. Maybe not “Politically correct” but he says what others won’t say. As a result, he has many friends whom one would not expect based on his middle-of-the-road views.
    The crazy left doesn’t like him but they’re mostly as bad as the crazy right.
    He and I will never agree on music. I like John Hiatt AND the Eagles.

  42. says:

    I was trying to think of something nice to write about Chuck. OK, I liked that Texas Ranger show. Politically? I think he’s a bit nutty but he’d think the same of me

  43. says:

    Politics didn’t make Trump unpopular, being a blowhard buffoon made him unpopular. To be fair, Trump is very popular with the one person who matters to him….himself.

  44. says:

    I’m a California Democrat. I like Arnold. It’s not his politics that have caused him trouble, it’s his penis.

  45. says:

    I like everyone on the list, but boycott dozens of politically vocal libtard actors/actresses

  46. says:

    List of 15 conservative actors.

  47. says:

    Victoria Jackson’s politics are the only reason why anybody is talking about her today.

  48. says:

    Unpopular with who?

  49. says:

    Simply hilarious! Where is Hanoi Jane, seems quite a few bleeding heart, left of center liberals were overlooked. Oh I get it, this is a left leaning rag piece,,, or should I say peace! Yeah, thats it, go to visit Chazev and your in, right Sean Penn!

  50. says:

    This article makes me laugh. If you are a Christian, Republican or gun owner and have morals then you are hated by the left. There are so many left leaning idiots in Hollywood that I don’t watch a lot of movies or shows that they are in. And people like John Wayne, Charlton Heston and the still living Clint Eastwood and Dennis Miller that could care less what Hollywood leftist thought or think. And I am embarrassed that the Dixie Chicks are from my state of Texas.

  51. says:

    Clint Eastwood’s write-up here is unfair. Left wingers HATED it while right wingers LOVED IT. Who you were politically decided how you felt about it and it was as simple as that.

    Funny thing is, this article makes no mention of how unpopular certain actors have become with the public for the left leaning, anti-American views.

  52. says:

    Where is Baldwin, Winfrey, Streisand, O’Donnel, Penn, Sarandon, Robbins, etc.

    Funny how only those on the right are considered unpopular.

    Hey Hollywood – I refuse to pay to see any of the above stars.

  53. says:

    What a politically biased load of drivel.

  54. says:

    Open minded liberals don’t like people who disagree. Diversity minded leftists shun those with differing views.
    How ordinary.

  55. says:

    The author is right there are celebrities that are unpopular because of their politics. I can name a few I don’t like and won’t see their movies or TV shows; Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’donnell, Kathy Griffin, Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, Leonard DiCaprio, Eva Longoria, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Jim Carrey, Piers Morgan, David Letterman, and that’s just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

    • says:

      The Hollywood left is the most hypocritical group of egotists on the planet. I’m so proud of the posts on here who point that out. The celebs think they are so enlightened and sophisticated and tolerant. In reality, they are all a bunch of mindless sheep who think alike and therefore assume they are intelligent. They’re all a bunch of unpatriotic, spoiled brats. Rodman chumming up with baby UN, Penn buddying with the thankfully dead Chavez. And what’s with the Che t-shirts? Those men HATED everything that true Americans stand for. Don’t they have a clue what monsters those men were? Clint Eastwood has more class in one of his nose hairs that all of these mindless idiots put together. And as they all scream for limiting everyday citizens the right to protect themselves by the 2nd amendment, most of them have armed body guards to protect their worthless arces.

      One glaring fact that is ignored by the leftists when they stand up for the rights of “moderate” Muslims is that they (the left) will be some of the first to be eliminated by the jihadists because of their support for homosexuality and their lack of conviction about God in general. They are the epitome of infidels when it comes to Muslims. Their loose morals will make them immediate targets. They will be begging for conservatives to protect them! Because they will be granted the same treatment that Hitler bestowed upon the Jews and the Russians and the Gypsies.. And they don’t even know it. History ALWAYS repeats itself.

  56. says:

    I vote Ike as the most unpopular writer. Could you be more biased. Just another glimpse into our state run media.

  57. says:

    Hilarious, we don’t need trolls in the comment section anymore, the blog is the troll. All the “author” did is plagiarize a “who is conservative in Hollywood” story and ad a trollish title.

  58. says:

    I’m surprised Chuck Woolery isn’t on this list. Have you seen his latest videos? The one about the assault weapons is pure gold!

  59. says:

    Is this article for real?? First of all, the author clearly cannot spell which screams “I’m a libtard!!” Second of all…. what about Sean Penn, Rosie O’Donnell, etc, etc.?! The most obnoxious, foul, ridiculous ‘celebritards’ on the planet? This author is a moron.

  60. says:

    I mean… this retarded author even included Stacey Dash. Give me a break! If simply stating which nominee you are for is considered to make you unpopular, then Lord save us all! She doesn’t run her mouth or do anything obnoxious. All she did was state which candidate she supported.

  61. says:

    I stopped reading the list at 7. Clearly a left wing BS article. I guess when you world is an isolated liberal enclave that’s all you know. Work on your site layout, crappy articles like this are not worth the excessive load time.

  62. says:

    Made them “unpopular”? With who exactly?

  63. says:

    This list is biased as hell.

  64. says:

    I love this ‘list’, or ‘article’, or ‘blog’, or whatever the author thinks it should be called. Any time you need a reminder of how intellectually illiterate the left is, or if you just need a good laugh, come back and read this load of manure. Hey ‘Ike’, the next time you are confused by the swarms of birds and squirrels attacking your head, just remember the phrase: ‘Nature abhors a vaccuum.’

  65. says:

    This is the worst article I’ve seen in years. The post by Andrew King six days ago, while only four lines, is in itself a far better piece of journalism. Ike Oden should quit Styleblazer and just take a job with the DNC.

  66. says:

    I am now a fan of each and every person on this list. Thank you for pointing them out :)

  67. says:


  68. says:

    My goodness. Do you actually read what you publish?

    Victoria Jackson’s book wasn’t “Is My Bow To Big.” Even Jackson knows it’s “too.”

    This Kirk Cameron entry is almost painful to read.

    “With this in mind ____ shouldn’t be too much of a shock to hear ….”At least you got “too” right this time.

    “As a creationist, Cameron has been responsible for a number of
    propaganda against evolutionary theory…” What the heck is a number of propaganda?

    “…he admonished homosexuality….” Look up “admonished.”

    “…former c0-star Alan Thicke….”0 and o are not the same thing.

    We all make mistakes, but this is ridiculous.

  69. says:

    Took about 15 seconds of review to recognize that you can only be “unpopular” if you’re not a leftist. I would like to know who pays for drivel like this? Seriously, Adult Swim has better objectivity.

  70. says:

    No Susan Sarandon and he ex husband? Clooney? Baldwins? Hmmm… it is only bad if you are a conservative is what this is saying. what a joke.

  71. says:

    What a hopelessly slanted piece of garbage. Are the jokers who put this together really serious.

  72. says:

    These people may be unpopular in Hollywood left wing circles, but they are as popular as ever in real America, except the Dixie Chicks who only got stung because of their out spoken, radical stance, not for their political views.

  73. says:

    Funny this list is just people whose right leaning politics make them unpopular with left leaning Hollywood. Miller, Corrola, Heaton all still have broad public appeal, it’s just the bitter left that doesn’t like them. It should have been, “Celebrities that liberal hipsters don’t like”

  74. says:

    Who the heck wrote this article? 15 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made Them Unpopular? Unpopular with whom? They’re heroes of mine. Maybe they’re unpopular with the puling Left. The arrogance of the Left knows no bounds. Notice Bush’s popularity numbers are now equal to Oblamer’s. The tide has turned – finally!

  75. says:

    What, no Ted Nugent?

  76. says:

    Maybe should have named the article, “The only non-liberals I could find in Hollywood”.

  77. says:

    The writer of these captions is illiterate.

  78. says:

    This article should be entitled, ‘Celebrities We Don’t Like Because They Are Conservative’.

  79. says:

    This author and publication is completely lost. John Wayne????

    His career was hurt, really???

    Ike Oden is barely making $25k and he has the balls to say that John Wayne hurt his career – as the country slowly turns and tv viewership is down and box office draws are down eventually people like Ike will find themselves a victim of believing their own BS – I predict that Ike will be on the top 15 list of former never has beens eating cat food in retirement

  80. says:

    Clint Eastwood – Oscar winning director and acclaimed actor – at the age of 82 is still working and churning out great movies while Ike and this BS blog try to condemn him for his political views

    The only thing sadder is the fact I clicked on this bs

  81. says:


    • says:

      Apparently they didn’t teach in your special-ed class that the KKK was the terrorist adjunct of the Democrat Party. And your English, well, it’s bad.
      However, I do believe you’re as good a Democrat as there is, so you have that going for you.

  82. says:

    With one or two exceptions (the Dixie Chicks, for example), you’re simply listing a number of celebrities with…..gasp….conservative political views. And Ms. Heaton, for example, has committed the unpardonable sin of being ….oh no…..anti-woman, or as some of us call it, pro-life. This is the most ridiculous list I’ve seen on the web and more indication that Hollywood is so out of touch with many Americans it doesn’t even realize it. Sure, there are a lot of blue states, but there are a lot of red ones also.

  83. says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ‘tolerant left’.

  84. says:

    In Patricia Heaton’s entry:

    “Sandra Fluke, who famously testified to House Democrats about the importance of contraception mandates for insurance companies”
    Um, Fluke is famous for being used as a prop by democrats to get the American people hip to the idea that we should pay for women’s birth control. Apparently, affording a school like Georgetown makes 10 bucks a month on condoms a hardship. Of course, looking at Fluke, I’d wager that 10 bucks is a high bid for her monthly birth control requirements. Ugh.

  85. says:

    Let’s see: 2 dead men, one former Cali Gov that the right does not claim and the rest a majority of “righties”. Chuck Norris can still kick the crap out of you, Mr. Oden

  86. says:

    I’m sorry, but it is wildly entertaining when conservatives get confused and spout their ignorance and stupidity for all the world to enjoy –

    Penn, Baldwin, Moore, Glover, Franken, Rosie Odonnell , Kathy Griffin and Sandra Bernhard, clooney, leonard dicaprio are all Wildly Popular!

    Did you All miss the title of the article? Idiots!

  87. says:

    I only got to #6 and decided that pissin’ off liberals was all it took to get on this list. I knew that already.

  88. says:

    Where’s Rosie O’Donnell and her rant against Christians? Where’s Jane Fonda and her trip to N. Vietnam? Even Whoopi made the mistake of going too far while bashing President Bush and lost her Slim Fast endorsement deal. What was with the Dixie Chicks example? How can their Grammy success in 2002 be considered a comeback when their attack of the American president occurred in London in 2003?

  89. says:

    If I were Patricia Heaton I wouldn’t lament too much about not having a mainstream career. She’s starring in her 2nd hit network show and she got paid for several unsuccessful ones between them.

    I do notice that in addition to being pro-life she is also anti-death penalty, that seems to be a rare combination.

  90. says:

    Interesting the backlash that the Dixie Chicks got from the right yet they line up behind Ted Nugent who has said FAR worse things about a sitting president.

    • says:

      In Ted’s case, what he says is true and he says it in this country. The Dixie Chicks bashed the then President over seas, Ted does not have to bash this country overseas because our President does that more than enough.

  91. says:

    This article is very one sided. By reading this it looks like you ‘googled’ republicans or something because a lot of these celebrities have stayed out of the lime light by choice, not because of their views.

  92. says:

    Wow. All republicans. Every one of them. And frankly, none are unpopular.

  93. says:

    Victoria Jackson,Chuck Norris,Charlton Heston,Kirk Cameron…what a Mount Rushmore of awfulness.

  94. says:

    This is the most biased piece of crap article that I have ever read. I now know never to visit this crappy website again.

  95. says:

    I remember when Dennis Miller was a bleeding heart liberal, then he had kids, then he saw the vile things that some :subhumans” are capable of, He then became a conservative.

  96. says:

    Charlton Heston was a mans man, he had the guts to tell everyone his position

  97. says:

    Should be titled 14 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made Them Unpopular with Left Wing Liberals

  98. says:

    It is amazing that the majority of the “Unpopular” celebrities are all considered “conservative” or “right wing”. Many people have mentioned Sean Penn (an admirer of Hugo Chavez) Danny Glover (ditto), and all the other “enlightened liberals”, who are smarter than the rest of us hicks. But what about the biggest d-bag of them all… Bill Maher? People on both sides of the political/social spectrum find him juvenile and utter offensive.

  99. says:

    An editor who actually understood the craft would have noted that Heston and John Wayne didn’t suffer much when they were alive. More importantly, others who have paid a huge price would have been included – Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, dozens of others – the political slant of this click-trap renders a good idea just another lefty self-indulgence. I don’t know who you consider your audience, and you may have decided that anything too factual would drive them away, but you raised a serious issue ( consequences of taking a stand ) and then proceeded to treat it carelessly. Hire some adults – people who remember the craft of good writing – and invite your audience into the story instead of pandering to some and greatly angering others. The pander/anger thing is not a great way to build an audience, IMHO.

  100. says:

    Unpopular to idiots on the left perhaps, but others find the politics of the above listed personalities to be quite refreshing in the obnoxious Hollywood landscapre

  101. says:

    No Liberal leanings here……How about the other side? Its not just conservative celebrities who have fallen out of favor! How about we show our intellectual prowess, list ALL the facts and let the readers decide for themselves? Stop try to push the liberal agenda! It reminds me of poor propaganda from a second rate nation. We are better than that! I’m glad to see your readers have more common sense and understanding of reality then you do!

  102. says:

    Cool how they only mentioned the Conservative ones! What about Me. I can not even go to a show any longer with Susan Saranden, Leonardo, Barbara Streisand, Alex Baldwin, Danny Glover, that jerk that loved Hugo Chavez, Ashley Judd, and the biased news casters make life impossible.

    Sad I can’t tolerate their crap so bad I will not go to a show.

  103. says:

    The 15 people I want everyone else to dislike, because I am a closed minded liberal – is a better title for this trash.

  104. says:

    Maybe these celebrities should keep their politics to themselves. When they come out with their views they are insulting half their fans.

    • says:

      You mean kinda like Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins,
      Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, or Richard Gere. Kinda like when those celebs keep their politics to themselves??? Oh wait – liberal ‘tolerance’ is a one way street. I keep forgetting that.

  105. says:

    I don’t know where you got your information, but it looks like almost all of them are either conservative or have Christian values, that obviously Hollywood does not. Would you like to hear my list of 15 famous people that are unpopular?

  106. says:

    ike oden the writer of this article. must be a leftie. but he would never be biased. no, not a writer from the corrupt media. these a-holes actually think we’re to stupid to see this

  107. says:

    Dennis Miller is a miserable SOB.

    • says:

      Is that because he appears on Bill O’Reilly weekly? Is it because he now leans to the right? Is it because he speaks the truth? If Dennis Miller is a miserable SOB, then you must be his mother.

    • says:

      Hardly. He’s one of the few in the business who can provide a foundation for his politics, unlike the idiots of the left. To them, it’s all attitude and poses, without understanding.
      Libs sure don’t care to laugh at themselves- the political is personal to them.

  108. says:

    Oprah’s daily talk show that dominated for nearly two decades, died after her fawning support of Oblamer – I guess she underestimated her abiliity to make all of her midwestern white moms drink whatever Kool Aid she served them, which worked for books and home care products.
    Also, this article says these folks they have listed are “unpopular” because of their political views, but show no supporting evidence that they are “unpopular”. Adam Carolla for one, is probably more popular than he’s been for many years now since his Man Show heyday.

  109. says:

    Dennis Miller mostly became unfunny. Humor requires a central truth to be funny. . Right wing humor relies on an opinion. Either held individually or as a group. Reality does have a liberal bias. That’s why there is no right wing equal to Stewart or Colbert.

    • says:

      That is also why the FOX News channel out performs every cable news program by 6 to 7 figures. One also must be hooked on phonics to understand the vernacular used by Miller. That is why most of the burned out, drug hazed lefties don’t understand what he is saying.

    • says:

      Miller is funny, but libs don’t take humor very well- theirs is always outwardly directed.
      Then again, we don’t get our news from the Comedy Channel. Leibowitz and Colbert, well, a little of their schtick goes a LONG way.

    • says:

      ‘Reality does have a liberal bias’ could be the funniest thing I’ve read in years. God and reality will NOT be mocked.

  110. says:

    Where are all the left wingnuts..Jane Fonda, Shawn Penn, and Danny Glover. When was the last time Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins had a hit. If all your listing is stars out of favor of left wing Hollywood say so. But John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Charlton Heston are still beloved by most of the country.

  111. says:

    No Jane Fonda. Really nothing more needs to be said about this sorry list.

  112. says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha. I don’t watch Jim Carrey, Danny Glover, Madonna, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Bradjolina etc. Once you come out political and actively far left I can’t buy a ticket or watch a show that gives ratings. That would be aid and comfort to the enemy. For me the day they come out they are dead to me.

  113. says:

    Wow. Celebrities who get blacklisted for being conservative. Who knew. I’m just one of the millions of movie ticket buyers out there, no celeb. status, but for the record, I refuse to purchase, rent or watch anything with Ben Affleck or John Cusack (loved him in Say Anything so long ago) because their politics turn my stomach. ‘Right back atcha sheep

  114. says:

    Where’s Morgan Freeman? I won’t watch any of his movies anymore since he decided to campaign this last election.

  115. says:

    I find it ‘Odd’ that not one of these listed above are left wing nut job liberals like…Morgan Freeman, Jamie Fox, (of “Our Lord and savior, 0bama” fame) idiot, or Samual Jackson, (of “WAKE THE F#CK UP” fame), or clooney, penn, madonna, cher and the rest of the nut jobs who think socialism is best for this country, you know…the country which is based on CAPITALISM which made their sorry arses RICH, which they DO NOT PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES ON according to their messiah…0dumma!

    • says:

      Their stupidity doesn’t affect their careers. That’s as it should be, but conservative actors certainly don’t get the same latitude. That’s hypocrisy, Hollywood-style.

    • says:

      Samuel L. Jackson and the others still have careers, unlike the no-talents on the right.

  116. says:

    Hey they are all “right-wingers” surprise!

  117. says:

    Hollywood just never seems to get it, most of our Country is not as liberal as they are! Most actors are not well educated and live in a fantasy world. They love the simple feel-good answers to everything that never work in the real world.

  118. says:

    How did Jane Fonda miss the list she is the #1 traitor to Americans in Vietnam…caused some torture

  119. says:

    First of all, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston and John Wayne’s only sin was speaking thier minds. They said nothing untruthful or offensive. They remain gems of America’s glory days and honorable, respectable men. Second of all, douchnozzles, this is blatantly an attack on conservatives. Where is Alec Baldwin? Rosie ODonnell? Roseanne Barr? Poor Patricia is so undeserving of the misfortune that’s fallen upon her. She’s a conservative christian; get over it! She’s never said anything or done anything intolerant. And she can’t get a job because of all the liberals in Hollywood would never show any compassion or solidarity with a conservative! Guess what libs; conservatives are people too! I’m so sick of this double standard. We need to go back to when everyone was treated equally, even if you disagreed with them!

  120. says:

    Allow me to bust up the right wing circle jerk in the comment section. Being on the left doesn’t mean you hate America nor does being on the right mean you have America’s best interests in mind. That being said, the left tends not to put out views that look outrageous (the Oliver Stones dropping conspiracy theories with J-bombs in them notwithstanding), so they generally get a pass. But as Hollywood puts out whiter and whiter movies and TV shows (not at all a reflection of what America is really like), they lose me regardless of politics.

    And last time I checked, Alec Baldwin is Republican, isn’t he?

    • says:

      A one-man daisy chain and you took your political onanism to another degree by gifting yourself with a reach-around. Why, we might see your life story on LOGO.

    • says:

      No, but his brother Stephen is the only intelligent one in the family.

    • says:

      Anybody who’s so clueless as to think Alec Baldwin is a republican shouldn’t be allowed to comment.

  121. says:

    The article should have been titled “Actors who are unpopular with the liberal Hollywood establishment because they are conservatives”.

    The article has little to do with public popularity. In fact, many of the actors whose public popularity has been hurt by their politics are liberals but not many made the list here.

    • says:

      Well said.

    • says:

      Dream on. Most of these are D Listers that have hung on by displaying their inner wingnut. Any publicity is good publicity for these losers.

      How many hundreds of millions is Jane Fonda worth?

      How much are you worth?

  122. says:

    Ike Olden is a perfect whipping boy for the moronic left.

  123. says:

    Bravo to you VJ. I am a recovered liberal, and I can tell you that the worst mistakes I made in my life were done as a lib in the 60’s. I had it all backwards. It took a very long time ,but finally the dots connected,but not from abstract politics but from personal experience. UYouth is being indoctrinated to the left,like I was. It will take years for them to connect the dots. Hopefully,not too late. ‘Hipness’ comes in an empty ,backstabbing void.

  124. says:

    Amazing that it’s all republican leaning folks being slandered as usual. And the left has the nerve to call themselves “tolerant” What an absolute joke piece of journalism.

  125. says:

    So this is basically an attack piece on Republican celebs. If you’re Republican, you must be unpopular! And Clint Eastwood? He’s unpopular? Really? Whoever wrote this, please go shoot yourself.

  126. says:

    I traversed War torn Europe, left my home in Belarus after WWII to escape communism and came to America where I grew up. I enjoyed Chuck Heston and John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley and Wayne Newton. Pardon me but these people who wrote this list are neither open minded nor intelligent. They are essentially PC thugs trying to frighten and intimidate you (like the IRS). I’ll take John Wayne and Chuck Heston over Justin Timberlake any day of the week. God Bless the U.S.

  127. says:

    This article is a joke. How could anyone that considers them self a journalist dream up such giberish?

  128. says:

    Jenny McCarthy’s stance on vaccinations are correct — too bad she found out the truth the hard way.

  129. says:

    Dennis Miller is the only one that has survived the deviant liberal agenda.

  130. says:

    So all the people on this list had brains. Except the Dixie Brats.

    • says:

      Natalie Maines was proven right about Bush. He was an embarrassment and the Iraq war was a massive foreign policy blunder.

  131. says:

    Dennis Miller is great. Love Clint. How can you not? I still have my NRA shirt I bought because I was going to be at the Hilton in WDC when Slick Willy was doing the annual correspondents dinner there. It reads, Charlton Heston is my President!

    All the losers like Bladderwin, PennIs Danny Grover Al Frankenstein Garapalow or whatever that trolls name is George Clueless Big Nose Babs and her husband.

    Just so many morons on the left it’s hard to think of them all because I do not watch them only hear about them and that is more than enough

  132. says:

    Liberal Much?

  133. says:

    Wow…does seem to be a bit liberal…but who knows…

    I just really laugh at these “Evangelical Christians” calling themselves republicans…Jesus is the greatest lie ever told to mankind and they fall head over heels for it….extremely funny….get a effing life…

  134. says:

    Nice bias. All of your people here are Republicans. God, liberals are such children

  135. says:

    ok styleblazer here is my comment: 1. YOU TELL LIES and HALF TRUTHS, so i wont look at your site again. 2. YOU HAVE AN AD FOR EVERY LINK, so i wont visit your site again.

    if you want to make people not trust you and turn them away from your site, just because the ads are too much of a hassle….just keep doing those two things.

  136. says:

    Wrong. Dennis Miller moved away from the flame when liberals (esp. the press) mercilessly ridiculed Adm. James B. Stockdale during his unsuccessful run for Ross Perot’s vice president.

    Adm. Stockdale was a POW during the Vietnam war and was beaten daily by his captors and among other injuries, he was left with a hearing disability. I, too, remember being appalled at newscasters laughing and at the SNL skits.

    • says:

      funny – I seem to remember the Poppy Bush crowd being the most merciless toward Perot and Stockdale, and they tried to blame their for their loss.

  137. says:

    What a crock! Title an article honestly, add the words “in Hollywood” to the end of the statement. I am proud to like a lot of these people and don’t see a large number from the other side of the aisle, that I don’t respect or like.

  138. says:

    Love the attitude here. If any Actor strays off the Liberal Line he gets blackballed. All the whining of the left in the 50’s about Blacklists, and now the Lefties are in charge and they do the same thing they cried out against. Hypocrites!

    • says:

      Oh, please.
      You really think these has-beens would have a career otherwise.
      These washed-up hacks like Victoria Jackson only get airtime now because they parrot rightwing nonsense.

  139. says:

    This seems to be a list of conservatives – I dout they care what Hollywood thinks. But, it’s just like a ‘liberal’ to blacklist and ridicoul someone that thinks different…they can’t stand being challenged or wrong. For many of us – I refuse to bother with celebrities that are constantly crying out for uber progressive mandates and making fun of things they dont’ understand. As a Libertarian, I find the left much more difficult to deal with than the right. There are many movies, books, knick knacks and general ‘stuff’ I will not buy if certain Left-O celebrities are openly involved – where’s that list?

    • says:

      “it’s just like a ‘liberal’ to blacklist and ridicoul someone that thinks different.”

      says the party of Dixie Chicks boycotts.

      • says:

        The boycott of the Dixie chicks was by the public. The liberal “blacklist” of republicans are by the employers (producers/directors). Hollywood never turned away from the Dixie Chicks

        • says:

          the boycott was initiated by a few angry rightwing websites and carried about by rightwing-owned country radio and the nu-Nashville pop-country establishment.

          The public was hardly clamoring for it. It was ginned up by rightwing media.

          • says:

            Oh, BS. People who listen to country music are almost all conservative. Radio stations didn’t play their music because the public who listens to country didn’t want to hear it. They dissed the president to a foriegn audience when he enjoyed alot of support at the time.

  140. says:

    With a couple of exceptions the people on this list deserve medals for sticking to their guns, yes guns, in a very hostile environment, something Hollywood liberals would never do in that go-along-to-get-along city.

  141. says:

    Dennis Miller has a slight lead over Tucker Carlson in the race to win the title of Most Times Canceled On TV.

    I remember he said he switched sides because he couldn’t stand liberals comparing Giuliani to Hitler, yet now he’s downright giddy to hang with the folks who make Obama-Nazi comparisons.

    He thought the country was going irreversibly to the right post 9-11 and tried to cash in by doing a political 180, now his sad career move has made him irrelevant. His news base is simply too stupid to get his references.

  142. says:

    Another example of liberal bias. How pathetic.

  143. says:

    So Hollywood is like the IRS, or is the IRS like Hollywood

  144. says:

    I knew better than to read this list when I noticed the tags at the top said “hollywood republican” but not “hollywood democrat”. So much for balance. Thanks for that much, saved me the time reading any further…

  145. says:

    i have just one prayer oh lord,may all lib/demtards please oh please lord may thay drop dead as i finish typeing this.

  146. says:

    bummer it didnt work lol oh well somuch for praying.i guess itll take “REAL” action like say a second American civil war to remove the “filth” destroying this GREAT NATION which i did,do and will allways love.

  147. says:

    No writers name. Must be proud of their work.

  148. says:

    What a left wing slant .Fonda ,Penn, Glover, the guy from X-files,PLUS most of the right like Corolla and Miller are wildly successful and STILL ON ALL THE TIME!

  149. says:

    MSNBC May 21 ,2013 hits new low on ratings of 94,000 in the key demographix ,FOX sets new heights ,Its TRUE. NBC is the political arm of the DemoKratic party .

  150. says:

    I count One nut job (Jenny) and One liberal out of 15
    that weren’t conservative, Ike either you missed quite a few people or you have
    just proven that conservatives are much more accepting of people with different
    political views than liberals.

  151. says:

    What BS…Clint Eastwood? Charlton Heston ? JOHN WAYNE??? These are some of the most iconic and BELOVED movie stars of all time. You shills never give up trying to portray conservatism as “unpopular”. The truth is, Chuck Norris has the same stature he has ever had as a titan in the field of martial arts and an exemplar of honor. No conservative you highlight here is less popular than they ever were because of their politics.

    However, you reached to try to find insignificant names like Dixie Chicks as your examples of liberals who fell foul of public opinion, while still claiming they have redeemed themselves. This romp in the sewage of absurd leftist fantasy is truly amusing. Thanks for a good laugh!

  152. says:

    What’s sad is people will read this list and believe it. Are those who created it stupid or nefarious? Either way, they’re harmful to this country.

  153. says:

    Where are all the libs??? Where are all the commies that spew their left leaning trash?? Why don’t they put there MONEY where their mouth is??

  154. says:

    You need to change the headline to 15 celebrities who don’t bow down to the entire liberal world view and actually think for themselves.

  155. says:

    This article is as screwed-up as this website, every time I’d advance a pic. the entire page would reload ?! Kudos to everyone on this list for standing up against the jewish led socialist media complex. I researched Nazism recently and this is one of the 10 facts listed;

    Nazi Germany was a ‘totalitarian’ state, meaning that the Nazi government recognized no ends to their authority, would restrict public and private life whenever possible, and would create personality cults whenever possible through propaganda and completely biased media.

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Obozo’s , Pelosi & Reid’s democratic party is nothing less than a re-hash of the Nazi party!!!

    Last but not least, John Wayne & Charlton Heston put the fear of God in liberal communist Hollywood and it took 30 years for some coward to put him on a list meant to be demeaning. The Duke first would have hunted down this worm and re-arranged his face, second he would have taken ownership of his conservative status and wore it as a badge of courage. Long Live The Duke!!!!

  156. says:

    So the article suggest that conservatism is “unpopular”. I guess 50% of the country wouldn’t define popular. I’m glad to see the administration violating the freedom of the press by investigating and harassing and intimidating reporters, since the media have their heads so far up Oblamma’s keester.

  157. says:

    This is the most biased, conservative racist list I’ve come across in a long time. Just what exactly constitutes unpopular?? With whom?? In most cases certainly not the general public!!
    Did this writer mean – left wing hollywood wackos like Baldwin, Carrey and Penn and anyone whose a Jewish entertainer, producer or director (which is 90+% of American Hollywood types).
    Except for Stone and the Dixie Chicks I admire everyone else listed and are certainly MORE popular in my book!!

  158. says:

    So refusing to drink the kool aid makes you unpopular…

  159. says:

    Almost all of these people are republicans. I think there are a lot more liberals that piss people off than these fine folks have. F-off, StyleBlazer! It’s obvious to me that you’re nothing more than another propaganda arm of the DNC. Credibility = 0.

  160. says:

    dreadfully biased article, as expected – only reaffirms why I never read these Huff-post type offerings…this is the tripe that soothes the progressive mind; unending advertisements popping up constantly and provocative-nude photos linked to other mind-numbing moronic Hollywood sludge…oh I mean “stories”…

  161. says:

    Ike Oden is obviously a dim-witted soul without an ounce of thoughtful skepticism within him…

  162. says:

    This article is sad, it really shows how immature some people (Ike Oden) in the media really are.

  163. says:

    I find it funny how the author falsely aligns McCarthy’s anti-vaccination agenda with the right wing.

  164. says:

    seriously, there are so many liberal idiots whose movies I will not pay to see. Morgan freedman. Anything with Alec Baldwin is off my list. I won’t watch Saturday night live anymore. Matt damon off the list. Sean Penn. won’t watch him. Clooney, wouldn’t pay a dime for his movie. What these people don’t understand is that we are the ones with the money who buy the dvd’s.

  165. says:

    This is laughably liberal bias. What idiot wrote this garbage.

  166. says:

    Just happened to stumble upon this article & was stunned in how one sided it was…You guys must have a really small audience … just like MSNBC….

  167. says:

    Gee, no SLANT here: 10 of the 15 are conservatives, plus you cited liberal watchdog groups as “sources” of controversy. Giant fail.

  168. says:

    Extremist Victoria Jackson. Wow, now Victoria Jackson is considered an extremist. That tells you how incredibly far to the marxist communist left our country has become.

  169. says:

    These people are intelligent, and can all think for themselves. This is why they are separated from the herd of liberals. Liberals do not know how to think, they all get taught WHAT to think, and act accordingly.

  170. says:

    what a pile of poo. the list should include: Redford, Damon, Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Alec Baldwin, Affleck, — do I need to continue? Thanks for wasting my time.d

  171. says:

    Who wrote this…The Mother Jones collective news bureau ?

  172. says:

    Based on this list, all you have to be is a Republican or a Liberal who is paranoid with conspiracy theories. However, if you a super liberal that supports America’s enemies like Jane Fonda or Sean Penn, there is no problem

  173. says:

    They didnt overlook Penn and Baldwin, there careers are golden even with bad press

  174. says:

    Barbra Streisand!!!!!

  175. says:

    Why are all of these people supposedly unpopular for being conservatives? This website is extremely biased….

  176. says:

    Why dont yall rename this list “How Being Conservative Makes You Unpopular In Hollywood” VERY BIASED ARTICLE.

  177. says:

    Does StyleBlazer really think they’re offering anything other than political spew? You might notice that the majority of comments are from conservatives and others who also see the glaring bias in this ‘story’. And naming Charleton Heston & John Wayne to your list? Are you serious? I’ll bet none of your giggling group of 20-something liberal arts / journalism majors who composed this list even knew who Charleton Heston was or have ever seen a John Wayne movie. There are far fewer people who fall for your brand of journalism than you think.

    Entitling your article “Conservatives Hollywood Blacklisted Because of Their Political Positions” would have been more accurate except you would have had to cut the number back to 6 or 8 instead of 14. You’ve fooled no one but yourselves (as usual) So, here’s the wakeup call… your editors don’t give a rip about what trash you post… as long as people spend time on their site so they can sell more advertising! That’s the Capitalism that you young ladies detest and the same that pays your salaries (or internships more likely).

  178. says:

    I see from this list that mostly conservatives are unpopular. Wacko cocksucking degenerates seem to get a pass these days.

  179. says:

    Dennis Miller LOL…. WHO ?

  180. says:

    How could you possibly think Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris were unpopular in any way?

  181. says:

    Uh. Dennis Miller was mocking Clinton in 1992 while Carson and Leno were canonizing him

    I think the author of the caption has him confused with Ron Silver

  182. says:

    I’m glad they named names…I’ll be watching the more conservative folks from Hollywood now. A refreshing change.

  183. says:


  184. says:

    This list is a bias joke.

  185. says:

    So this list assumes (1) that EVERYONE IS A LIBERAL and (2) that only celebs who lean conservative are ‘unpopular’. What a crock.

  186. says:

    Those wondering where Baldwin, Penn, Glover, Franken, Madonna, etc are… You realize this is a list about being made UNpopular and shunned, right? All of those mentioned on the left are not shunned but embraced. They are still popular and accepted in Hollywood. Sorry to mess up your rose colored glasses.

  187. says:

    “Many actors who starred in his later films claimed they were blacklisted because of their affiliation with Wayne” – Who? Jimmy Stewart? Ron Howard?, Katherine Hepburn? Lauren Bacall? Richard Attenborough? George Kennedy? Ann Margaret? Rod Taylor? Maureen Ohara? Please. Some people actually believe the crap they read on the internet. Be more responsible. John Wayne was NEVER “Unpopular” in this 50 year carreer and 150+ movies.

    • says:

      And John Wayne is STILL not unpopular more than 30 years after his death! Quite the opposite — everyone knows who he is, and he remains one of the top 10 most popular male stars. This piece is nothing but left-wing wishful thinking.

  188. says:

    Sense of Patriotism? The more you hate America the more popular you are in Hollywood.

  189. says:

    I love Chuck Norris

  190. says:

    Hollywood has certainly moved to the extreme far left. Could anyone imagine Reagan being head of the screen actors guilt today?

    • says:

      When RWR was head of the screen actors’ guild, he was a dedicated neo-socialist. He was stunned to learn that everyone from Gus Hall to the Kremlin was involved in the SAG and the Longshoremen’s Union, among others. A person had to deal with hard case organisers…up to and including Donna Reed and many others….who were dedicated to the notion of turning Hollywood into a Red Propaganda Machine. That is why we began to hear….and then began to hear more and more and more…about the black list. The “black list” of to-day is written up by the Marxist sludge for the low-information dullards who actually go to movies to be drilled in social democracy, equalitarianism, equal-outcomes, the “goodness” of food stamps, AFDC, dope smoking and degeneracy. The evil is always represented by private business and self-sufficiency, while they glorify the notion of a few people being allowed to blow the hell out of everything with guns. So long as the guns are in the hands of approved pinkoes…of course.

  191. says:

    This article is a complete joke. It’s so biased, it’s laughable. Most Americans hardly agree with the likes of Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, Michael Moore, and so on and so on. But those leftwingers are not “controversial.” LOL. Whoever wrote this story should be a chapter in journalism school, to teach students how to corrupt the job.

  192. says:

    How did I get here? This is leftist propaganda.

  193. says:

    The author is clearly a left wing zealot,, to simply compile a list of Conservative celebrities and claim they are any less popular is simply uneducated and foolish,,

  194. says:

    The liberals don’t like Dennis Miller because he nailed their attitude towards everything the y say and do. THE TRUTH HURTS huh? He is spot on about the hatred the libs carry for the rights in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Don’t know why he isn’t on more Libs lists…GO DENNIS GO!!!

    • says:


      Hello—-liberals fought and died in every war our country has ever had to protect the rights of our Constitution, so shut the hell up with that BS—that’s not even true. God, you right-wing psycho nutcases say the stupidest things. And Miller is just a tool to the right-wing, just like that loudmouth blowhard Limbaugh—they both kiss the behind of whoever’s paying them the most.

  195. says:

    I knew this was going to be a list of conservatives. They are popular with the right. Since Hollywood is made up of pinko commie liberals, they blacklist conservative thinkers, making them fade into oblivion. It isn’t that they are unpopular, it’s that Hollywood discriminates.

  196. says:

    where is the left wing political droppings? I bet you could find some good examples from Hollywerd

    Janeane Garofalo would be a quick pick to top the list!

  197. says:

    So, according to this article, anything which conservatives say is “propaganda”, while anything liberals say is truth? Hmmm….major credibility gap there.

  198. says:

    If Miller being “unpopular” means now having a hugely sucessful talk radio program and regular live audiences of 3,000-5,000 (he had two sellouts recently in Houston, one of which I attended), then I’ll take that “unpopularity” every day.

  199. says:

    This article is a disgrace and I’d have stopped reading it if it didn’t make me laugh with each new click. It’s so awkwardly skewed left

  200. says:

    And articles like this is only one reason why AARP will never see a nickel of my money. What garbage.

  201. says:

    So it appears that these “non- judgemental” liberals are the biggest bigots of them all? The title of this should be “anyone who isn’t promoting some sort of perversion is now deemed an enemy of the hollywood elite who is probably responsible for the wide spread decay of this nation. Thank God there are still those who will stand up for what is RIGHT and not collapse under all the political correctness.

  202. says:

    The tolerant left in Hollywood black list any actors who do not stick to the party line.

    When left-wing actors in the past were blacklisted it was bad; when right-wing actors in the present are blacklisted its GOOD and encouraged!

  203. says:

    God Bless Dennis Miller! When you say unpopular, you must mean uninformed idiots. This appears to be another left leaning, agenda driven “article” written by the bad folks who control our media.. Thanks for sharing!

  204. says:

    miller is a “jew” playing a role

  205. says:

    What a stupid poll. Why don’t you include John Wilkes Booth with the other people who are dead. By the way , many of these people are more popular via their speaking out. What’s clear is that this website is very liberal.

  206. says:

    Author Ike OdenMarch and StyleBlazer would both be unpopular if anyone knew who they were. Never heard of either one until clicking on this link.

  207. says:

    Funny how everyone of these poepl are conservatives. Hmm. Does that mean the looney left is the only thought in town? The ones who are supposed to be the champions of equality: first amendment and such? What a bunch of slimy hypocrites!

  208. says:

    The headline should have continued with”…made them unpopular with queers who read Style Blazer”!

  209. says:

    Unpopular with who? The squishy left wing Hollyweird scum. I am sure at least half of this country find them very popular. Obviously the writer of this trash is one of the limp wristed Leftist Communists out there in La La land.

  210. says:

    Clearly the political bigotry wass showing in that writer’s hit piece. I want my clicks back.

  211. says:

    So if they dont toe the Leftist Party Line they dont get invited to eat sushi at Barbara Streisands house? How sad…

  212. says:

    This is the most one sided article I’ve seen in a while. Why not just say what you want in the title ” Conservative Party actors in Hollywood ” . Since when did Clint Eastwood become unpopular, or to be honest, this list of 15? The only reason they became unpopular was due to old age, death, retirement, no talent, or in the case of this article…. disliked by a liberal reporter. What some Bullcrap you have written here. First thing that came to my mind when I saw this article was….. well, maybe Arnold S. and Bill Maher. Arnold, since he actually was governor at least you could say earned to be on the list, but idiots like Maher who I promise you have a very large hater following didn’t make the list? To the author of this….. GET SOME WRITER’s ETHICS and don’t be a biased jacka##

  213. says:

    …. but they forgive Jane Fonda, Roman Polanski, wife beaters, rapists and drug attics on regular basis. The Hollywood cesspool is really in no position to judge anyone. This is coming from someone who voted Democratic in the last two elections.

  214. says:

    What a pantload. I notice it’s mostly Conservatives. What about the most despised celebrities? Let’s see that one.

  215. says:

    “In regard”, not “in regards”. “Is My Bow Too Big?”, not “Is My Bow To Big?”. “became an Evangelical…”. not “became and Evangelical”. “With this in mind, it shouldn’t be …”, not “With this in mind shouldn’t be…”. “Co-star”, not c0-star”. “Presidential election”, not Presidential Election”. “Toward the end of his life, Planet Of The Apes star….”, not “Towards the end of his life Planet Of The Apes star…”. “George H.W. Bush and George Bush”, not “George H.W. Bush, and George Bush”. “John Wayne fit the role like a glove.” WTF? “bad political and moral decisions, clean”. not “bad political moral and decisions clean”. “There, the actor became”, not “There the actor became”.

    You guys are paid for this??

  216. says:

    Should have been titled “People who can think are unpopular with those that cannot”.

  217. says:

    Apparently those here talking about Baldwin and Penn comparing them to Miller and Heaton aren’t getting the gist of the article…these are celebrities who’s careers have suffered from conservative beliefs, does Alec Baldwin look like his career is suffering? Ask his brother Stephen Baldwin who’s career has severely suffered fromhis Conservative Christian viewpoints. Is the Light bulb on yet?

    • says:

      Patricia Heaton has a hit with The Middle. And Dennis Miller has a hit radio show. So you are wrong.

    • says:

      You are not very good at reading comprehension. The article does not say “due to conservative beliefs”. That is your pea sized brain trying to understand reality when you live in a liberal bubble of stupidity

  218. says:

    Gee, 13 out of the “unpopular” 15 are conservatives — not much bias here, huh? Though I’d love for whoever compiled this list to explain to me when John Wayne and Clint Eastwood became unpopular. They are only 2 of THE most popular male stars in Hollywood history, so that’s just wishful thinking on the part of the biased author. Another correction: “Sandra Fluke (who famously testified to House Democrats about the importance of contraception mandates for insurance companies)” Not quite. Sandra Fluke demanded the Catholic Church subsidize her contraception while she was attending Georgetown’s law school. You know, the Catholic Church that has always considered contraception contrary to its teachings?

  219. says:

    Who wrote this garbage? I find Ashley Judd, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Barkin,
    Kal Penn, Sean Penn, Elisha Dushku, Matt Damon, Vivica Fox, Mila Kunis,
    Tom Hanks, Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen, Scarlett Johanssen, Richard Gere, Oprah and Eva Longoria all unpopular. They are unhinged leftist. We on the right attack them
    and don’t watch their stuff. That studios give them work don’t mean
    diddly to us. They lost our money and interest. Them and the rest.

  220. says:

    Did you actually do research or did you just come up with 15 people who you hate? haha.. They don’t pay you to write this stuff do they? BTW, Adam Carolla is worth 16 million dollars being his own boss. How much do you make writing this little article that you have? haha

  221. says:

    Dear Ike Oden…there is a reason you are writing for this no name piece of trash instead of doing any real reporting or writing. I can’t believe I just wasted precious moments of my life reading this garbage.

  222. says:

    Fix the headline.
    Should say POPULAR.
    They re only unpopular with freeloaders, druggies, perverts, pedophiles, looters, homos and lesbians,North American Pavement Apes, and the rest of the Demoncrats.
    Decent humans like this group just fine.
    Obviously, this website is edited by one of the above…

  223. says:

    Seems Ike Odin is shooting for a career in films … didn’t want to list any of the lefty loonies from Hollywood that the public has shunned …

  224. says:

    Arnold? Really, Arnold? The man was Governor of our most populous state! That is the OPPOSITE of unpopular.

    • says:

      Actually he did lose a lot of popularity, but (as you alluded to) it wasn’t for his politics. It was for being so awful too his wife.

  225. says:

    Could have just called this list, “Mostly Republicans and a few Wild Cards to Hide our Opinion.” A solid number of these people are still really successful. I don’t see Clint Eastwood losing roles over his politics. Dennis Miller is selling out theaters. And as annoying as he may be, if any press is good press, Trump is more popular (talked about) than ever.

  226. says:

    I guess throwing in Oliver Stone made the lefty bot writer feel like his list was balanced. What a turd.

  227. says:

    Clint spoke to an empty chair. Dems sent it a voter registration form.

  228. says:

    Anyone else notice that a majority of these are conservative celebrities. Typical liberal media propaganda. I can think of a few liberal celebrities that need to find the rock from whence they came and crawl back under it.

  229. says:

    Dumb story. These people are not “unpopular” just because the writer of the article doesn’t agree with their politics.

  230. says:

    Unpopular with whom?

  231. says:

    OK, so the author hates conservatives and loves loonie lefties–as though anyone actually thought the fashion industry was rife with anything other the nutty left.

  232. says:

    What a waste of bandwidth.

  233. says:

    Yeah, I totally see how Clint Eastwood isn’t popular. He only happens to be the one director almost universally loved by critics and fans alike.

  234. says:

    Their politics have made me love them even more!

  235. says:

    Only conservatives…what about Matt Damon (who I won’t watch anymore), Barbara Striesand, etc. This is nothing more than propaganda entertainment journalism. Shame on you.

  236. says:

    You mean 15 Celebrities whose CONSERVATIVE politics have made them unpopular.

    Then again I should have known there would be a biased slant to this. I want my wasted 15 minutes of my life back.

  237. says:

    The title should have been “15 Celebrities Whose Politics Have Made Them Unpopular to Liberals”

  238. says:

    Looks like ‘pc’ and i were bothing noticing how ‘right-sided’ all of these ‘unpopular’ celebs are in tHEIR eyes ( and probably all of you low-info voter minded entertainment junkies.

  239. says:

    i see only conservatives (for the most part) supposedly become unpopular. This article is a load of you know what. Rosie O’Donnell and Danny Glover, to name two, are much more toxic than any of the above mentioned conservatives.

  240. says:

    What a stupid article! Somehow we’re to believe that only conservatives are resented for their politics? And you couldn’t find enough conservative celebrities so you had to choose Donald Trump rather than one of the **many** lunatics on the left?

  241. says:

    It’s simple, politics only hurt you if your aren’t a liberal in Hollywood. This list really only covered Right wing people, because left wing people who are even to a lunatic degree don’t suffer any penality. Hollywood is such biased organization its not even funny.

  242. says:

    Jim Carrey, Micheal Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, but then they’re all liberals.

  243. says:

    Okay whoever wrote this piece of crap is a Leftist. Samuel L Jackson and many other Liberals should be on this crappy list.

  244. says:

    Dennis Miller is AWESOME and still has a huge following. I guess it is just lefty libs that do not like him, which doesn’t seem to bother him a bit…..

  245. says:

    Monument is his HIT. If you get a chance, watch that film!!

  246. says:

    Not a liberal on the list hu? Lost in their own delusions here at Style…

  247. says:

    You have to remember in Hollywood it’s a group think thing and if you think for yourself or go outside of the socialist, communist, left wing liberal thinking you are an enemy of Hollywood.

  248. says:

    So Adam Carolla is both unpopular and has the number 1 iTunes Podcast. LOL

  249. says:

    This is the most biased left-leaning load of crap I’ve ever read. Wow. The author didn’t even make any attempt to cover their bias. Every Christian is “extreme” or “right-wing”. In other words, dangerous. Funny how most of these (if not all) are millionaires and are getting the last laugh!!!

  250. says:

    A better title is “The only 14 Conservative people in Hollywood”. Odd that in our country being g&y in the entertainment “industry” is less of a career impediment than your political affiliation.

  251. says:

    This article proves, beyond all doubt, that libs are intolerant bullies. Their mental illness (liberalism) causes them to only play nice with like-minded loons. It’s kinda funny when these kooks preach tolerance lol. It’s more like, “agree with me or get out of our sandbox!” And, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that every person of intelligent common sense is laughing at them.

    • says:

      Seems to me you’re the one who is oblivious. But then again you probably think the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin are amongst those of “intelligent common sense.”

      • says:

        How am I oblivious? No one mentioned Hannity, O’Reilly or Palin, so your comment is kinda stupid–ain’t it Kenny? Libs, like you, are among the most intolerant, unintelligent asshats around. Your kooky obsession with Fox News proves it beyond all doubt.

  252. says:

    Your list is a crock – except for two, all conservatives. Making this blog one of the most unpopular due to its politics. There’s your irony!

  253. says:

    Where’s Samuel L Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, and so many more?

  254. says:

    Correct Headline: 15 Conservative Celebrities Blackballed by Intolerant Hollywood Liberals

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