StyleBlazer Spotted: Emily B Rocks Notorious B.I.G. Sweatshirt (Check Out Some Of Our Fave Rapper Tees)

Emily B PF

 Photo: Emily B‘s Instagram

StyleBlazer Emily B rocked a sweatshirt in honor of the Notorious B.I.G. from Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn, and a pair of Isabel Marant white Brian sneakers. With a Louis Vuitton suitcase in tow, Emily definitely found a stylish way to travel.  Want to get a style like Emily’s? Consider these shirts next time you’re traveling.

Kanye West PF


Kanye West Sweatshirt by Hype Means Nothing


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  1. says:

    Just called to put my Bob Marley T on hold at the GAP.. Summer staple with shorts and patra braids.. Thanks much

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