Video Premiere: Kelly Rowland’s 50 Shades Of The Rainbow In “Kisses Down Low”


Kelly Rowland is doing it these days. The beauty seems to be on every guy’s wish list, and she’s got women coveting that killer bod! Now she’s dropped the playful video for her new single, “Kisses Down Low.” She shimmies in a sizzling white haute mini dress and rocks every hue of the rainbow in a colorful romper room.

Girl’s white hot like dynamite!

Watch Kelly Rowland’s “Kisses Down Low” after the jump.

StyleBlazers, are you into the many shades of Kelly?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  1. says:

    werrrrrrrrk KELENDRIA! diva diviiiiiiiiiine, baby! #gameKELd #deathROW

  2. says:

    hawt kelly

  3. says:

    I LOVVVEEEEEEEEE HER!!! Always been my fave!!

  4. says:

    Cute visuals, cute song, Kelly looks great but she should learn how to dance. Video would have been crazy with some dancers all doing a nice routine.

  5. says:

    AMAZING 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. says:

    very fun video, looks like she truly enjoyed doing, thats what i like. i just wish she had some fine dudes in there though.

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