'Scandal' Stars Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn Get (Very) Cozy For 'TV Guide'

‘Scandal’ Stars Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn Get (Very) Cozy For ‘TV Guide’



It’s getting hot in here watching the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on the new cover of TV Guide. The “Scandal” stars posed for the weekly magazine and talked about their roles as Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit ABC show.




From their on-screen chemistry to the future of the show, the stars give their opinion on the fan-obsessed drama. “I like that they question what love is, what marriage should be,” Washington said.

“Kerry is a really extraordinary person,” said Goldwyn. “Getting to know her and work with her, she’s this deeply loving person who has this unbridled enthusiasm and passion for work everyday… And then we have this really weird chemistry that we don’t talk about much together because we don’t want to jinx it.”

See the actors answers the questions, below!


-Danielle Kwateng

  • mahogany74

    Ummm. They’re really doing the most for this show.

  • Cutie

    He is cute. I will give it to him.

    • lance wade

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      • Shilee

        oh you mad huh?

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        Is that even necessary? You seem more uglier and lonelier than her with a comment like that.

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      & yes he is cute! actually I’ll put it a step further and say very handsome!!!

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    this show $uck and lame!

    • Shilee

      tell us why you mad B? lol

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      Just like you for wasting your time commenting, idiot!

  • They are actually cute together. Maybe they’ll continue with their romance off screen.

  • Lisa

    Who cares about these two.

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      Apparently you do to leave a comment, smh!

  • Sagittarius81

    Love the show and these 2 look great together off screen as well, so picking up this TV Guide issue today.

  • I remember when he was in ghost!

  • gingerthree


    phick – COOL IT–SISTA ! . . . that’s WHY they probably chose him for this role! . . . THE SHOW IS CALLED ‘ SCANDAL ‘ !

  • Damn the chemistry between these two is palpable, I love them.

  • shine

    he’s hot