Strong & Smokin’ Hot!: Beyoncé’s ‘SHAPE’ Full Editorial Is Here! (Peep All The Photos)

  • JaneDoe

    She looks amazing

    • Cory B

      No she doesn’t.

    • t.i.t.l.

      Thank all the full body make overs an the doctors.

  • Kutta_MoFo

    The best thing about the shoot was that her earrings were designed by a cancer patient. Everything else can go to h3ll or obscurity. That includes Beysus.

  • iHM

    Eek, she is so beautiful! She’s like the prettiest woman in the entire entertainment industry.

  • luanna

    Well, if they didn’t want the attention ( as far as giving autographs ) they shouldn’t have wanted to become STARS…..get over it, live with the fact that you have MASSIVE star power and be generous with your time

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