Chanel Iman Talks Racism In The Fashion Industry, 'We Already Found One Black Girl. We Don't Need You'

Chanel Iman Talks Racism In The Fashion Industry, ‘We Already Found One Black Girl. We Don’t Need You’



The topic of racism in the fashion industry has reared it’s ugly head one to many times over the past several months. There was that ELLE France gaffe, Dolce & Gabbana’s mammy-esque designs and the recent blackface scandal with Numéro magazine. These instances and more remind us that the post-racial society that some like to think we live in is simply a hope and not reality.

One of fashion’s top models, Chanel Iman, is supporting that notion with a candid omission about her experience dealing with racism within the fashion industry.

Read more about the race issues in fashion at BlackVoices.

  • wepo1

    Next time just tell them you’re only half black!

  • If there is no economic reason to hire somebody, then it is not racism to not hire them. Chanel models clothes primarily worn by white women. Common sense says that white women would get a better understanding of how they would look wearing clothes if the clothes are being modeled by people that look like them.

    • etover

      Do you think that black women only wear Baby Phat or House of Dereon? Please enlighten me on what Black women wear . . .

    • That’s the most frivolous argument I’ve ever heard! The reason why the fashion industry and many industries for that matter keeps using only/mostly whites is because they want to promote whites as the standard of beauty. They believe that by constantly marketing only or mostly whites in the spotlight, many people will eventually accept that white skin is superior to others and therefore, it should be used as the epitome of beauty. Individuals across the globe have been conditioned to believe that white is right… everything is wrong, which is unfortunate. Comments like yours reinforces these practices! Please educate yourself on racism in the industry before you make another rambunctious remark.

    • Bambi13

      Black Americans spend more on retail items (such as clothes and cosmetics) then another race. Skin color aside, more black models is just better for business!

  • Youknowwhatiitis


    • Asha

      Well whether you like it or not, White is the dominant culture/economy . Go to Asia/Saudi Arabia, India etc.., and see who they prefer, and these folks have more moolah than Blacks, and are even more racist towards Black.

      You think White is racist, try those other non-White nations.

      Secondly why are Blacks always needy, and begging etc… I don’t see Asians complaining about the lack of Asians in this and that, yet they have an economy which is greater than Blacks.

      The world isn’t just the U.S. Maybe to Black Americans it is, but the rest of the world counts too and White still rules on every level. Your so call Black AMerican economy ain’t shitz on a global scale. Get real.

      Secondly it’s funny how Black American like to brag about listening to only so call Black Music (aka Black Americans with specific stereotypes within Black American so call community) and luv bragging about being proud of being “Black” etc.. and racist articles in Ebony/Essence magazines, and it’s label so call proud of their so call culture, but when it’s the other way around it’s “Racist”

      Africa, the Caribbean is majority Black, yet it don’t matter at all, since they are not an economic force. So there’s your answer, and as I’ve mentioned “the world still favours Whites over Blacks. Period.

      It’s no longer about what sells in the US, it’s Latin AMerica, Japan, China, India, Saudi Arabia etc… Now you go and ask these folks where’s the Black model?

  • zetaprime

    If it was up to me all the models would be black. Black women have a beauty that no white woman can ever approach.

    • ja sassy aka salon22w

      i agee, they are scared the blk women will outshine those ww, blk women have the beauty, the perfect skin color , and the bone structure and they know how to walk and work the runway..naomi cambells walk makes those ww look like school girls! if i had my way all models would be blk women also.. and they dont need plastic surgery and fake body parts to look good and lok like a real woman!

    • tysandsnyc

      White skin just looks weird to me. Yuck.

    • tysandsnyc

      White skin just looks weird to me. Yuck.

    • im white and agree with you

  • queen

    Sure woulda helped if u had included an excerpt from the article…thanx. love Chanel btw…sooo beautiful

  • Jane Doe

    Racism is over. I hate these stupid people stuck on race. Get over it!!! My bf is white.

    • smarty

      Bytch you stupid as hell.

    • neo nazism is alive and thriving. wake up.

  • MacingFacing

    Another reason why black models need to get together and start doing their own thing. You would like think that the biggest black model of them all (coughs) hairline would be willing to do something like this. They rather bisch and be furious towards each other then making a company that is catered specially to black women in the fashion industry.

  • yaegerj

    I love looking at black women, because there are different shades of them, where as white women. There is just one color of them.

  • whitechik

    How is it that only white people can make racist comments? Don’t yu see how racist you are being to white people with the comments below. The reason there are more whites in media is to et the illusion that whites still dom society in the US, this is false. It provides a false sense of security to a dying race. Very sad.

  • whitechik

    Why was my comment deleted?

  • whitechik

    So only pro blacks can comment on this article?

    • whitechik

      Sorry I didn’t see my comment was moved!! lol