8 Spring Break Essentials For Your Upcoming Getaway. Don't Forget To Pack These!

8 Spring Break Essentials For Your Upcoming Getaway (Don’t Forget To Pack These!)


It’s that time of the year again when we start to think about the summer and even opt to change cities, and climates, before the warm weather hits our own area. Yes, we’re talking about spring break. June Ambrose has been teasing us all week, posting pictures of herself on the beach and at the pool, while we’re in NYC trying to save our strands from the snow and rain. But, we’re not going to just sit around and hate on all the ladies laying pool-side. Instead, we’re going to supply you with 8 spring break buys. Though obvious, any of these essentials can easily be forgotten, unless you have our checklist!

Check out 8 essentials needed for your spring break to any location.




First things first, it’s time to show off what you’ve been working on all winter, and this Miraclesuit Jena one piece swimsuit will do just the trick. We know black is slimming, but combined with the draped detail, which gives the illusion of constraining the midsection, this suit will flatter most shapes!



Christian Dior

You want to protect your eyes just as much as your skin. The difference is you can protect your eyes in style with these Christian Dior panther-printed cat eye sunglasses.



Salvatore Ferragamo


Whether you’re hitting a beach or a pool, a flip-flop is always in order. This Salvatore Ferragamo Balli jelly flip-flop will have your water-ready footwear chicer than the average rubber slip ons.