G’s To Gents: Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky And More In ‘GQ Style UK’

  • iHM

    Very disappointing! Especially those top two guys, Kendrick and Meek. They are like the worst popular rappers out right now, and also the ugliest. Makes no sense.

    • Heywood

      worst popular rappers

      Come on, neither has any musical sense or talent at all, would this make j z the worst most popular rapper?

  • http://twitter.com/_Tainted_Love I’cia( ❤ My Falcons)

    Meek Mill always looks like a deer in the headlights! I love Kendrick Lamar he is such a cutie. A$ap is growing on me big time…I love his uniqueness

  • tysandsnyc

    Kendrick is so fine.

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