Nicki Minaj Names Grace Jones And Cyndi Lauper Her Style Icons, Shares Beauty & Fitness Regimen

  • BlackBarbie627

    She always leaves out Lil’ Kim….

    • BlooDSheD101


  • Soul Touch

    Not a fan, but nice she would include the originals (Lil’ Kim is not the original). I saw Ms. Lauper on Fashion Police and she actually took the time to credit Nick Minaj for her style.

    • MaterialGirl

      She may not be original but she is the one who she got her style from!

  • curlycue

    Nikki Minaj is just a phony. West Indian performers always pull this “Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones” lie. She only mentioned them because they are west indian also. Rihanna did the same thing. When she first came out, she was gushing about Destiny’s Child and other black American artists, and I’m sure a w.i. got in her ear and told her to start saying Grace Jones, and she did. I hope this is not a way to subliminally throw shade at black Americans, because we spend no time thinking about you.

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