Nicki Minaj Names Grace Jones And Cyndi Lauper Her Style Icons, Shares Beauty & Fitness Regimen

Nicki Minaj Names Grace Jones And Cyndi Lauper Her Style Icons, Shares Beauty & Fitness Regimen

Nicki Minaj PFPhoto: WENN

Although she’s toned down a bit in the hair and makeup department, there is no denying the impact that Nicki Minaj‘s style and beauty has on pop culture. At every appearance, we’re accustomed to seeing her complete with candy colored wigs and over the top clothes that show off her envy-worthy curves. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Nicki dishes on her colorful style, and the pop icons who inspired her eye popping look.

On her skin care regimen:

“I never go to bed with my makeup on – ever. I drink tons of water and slather myself in cocoa butter. I have a dermatologist in LA who gave me some great advice; never use anything to wash my skin that contains alcohol or oil, and those rules really work for me. Before I would buy something from a store and I would either dry out or break out.”

On her makeup routine:

“I’m really into contouring to change the shape of my face. When it comes to putting on fake eyelashes, I use a little imagination, a lot of eyeliner, a steady hand and no fear! For me, more is more!”

On how she stays fit:

“I’m not really into working out; not that I’m proud of that as I do want to start. But when I am on tour singing and dancing and moving around for ninety minutes is a real work out. Then if I’m not on tour and I have to do something on camera I will follow a quick diet and drink lots of water, cut out all carbs, all sugar, all dairy and all fried food. So I would rather diet than exercise.”

On how she cares for her real hair:

“I do a wash and set, I go to a Dominican hairstylist who uses a lot of hot oil treatments and I use really moisturizing Mizani shampoos and masks.”

On her beauty and style icons:

“Cyndi Lauper because she is the first person who used color in a way that made me feel excited. She used it on her face and hair, her clothes, her accessories. She would put different coloured shapes and cut outs in her hair, and that made me want to explore the world. I remember thinking, ‘I want to get to that part of the word where people dress like that and act like that.’ And of course I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and for high fashion Naomi Campbell, Iman and Grace Jones. All of the pictures I would see for references for my early photo shoots were of Grace Jones and I got to meet her about two years ago in Hong Kong, and that was a really great experience for me.”


StyleBlazers, will you incorporate Nicki’s beauty secrets in your routine?

-Adrienne A. Gadling

  • BlackBarbie627

    She always leaves out Lil’ Kim….

    • BlooDSheD101


  • Soul Touch

    Not a fan, but nice she would include the originals (Lil’ Kim is not the original). I saw Ms. Lauper on Fashion Police and she actually took the time to credit Nick Minaj for her style.

    • MaterialGirl

      She may not be original but she is the one who she got her style from!

  • curlycue

    Nikki Minaj is just a phony. West Indian performers always pull this “Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones” lie. She only mentioned them because they are west indian also. Rihanna did the same thing. When she first came out, she was gushing about Destiny’s Child and other black American artists, and I’m sure a w.i. got in her ear and told her to start saying Grace Jones, and she did. I hope this is not a way to subliminally throw shade at black Americans, because we spend no time thinking about you.