Look Out: Up And Coming Actresses We Love! (Ne Ne Leakes On 'The New Normal,' Quvenzhané Wallis As 'Annie' and More)

Look Out: Up And Coming Actresses We Love! (NeNe Leakes On ‘The New Normal,’ Quvenzhané Wallis As ‘Annie’ and More)


Don’t you get tired of seeing the same old actresses recycled over and over?  Well there are some new ladies on the big and small screen that are making big waves—NeNe Leakes is a fierce assistant on The New Normal, Oscar-nominated Quvenzhané Wallis was amazing in Beasts of the Southern Wild (can’t wait to see her as Annie!), while Danai Gurira is a killer warrior queen on The Walking Dead. These are just a few of the talented actresses that are making a name for themselves in the tough industry of movie making. No matter what genre you love whether it’s comedy, rom-com, sci-fi or drama they got you covered!

Check to see who will be your new favorite actress.

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Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN

NeNe Leakes has made herself a household name with roles like Coach Roz on Glee and now as Rocky on The New Normal,  Ms. Leakes has arrived honey.

  • Wep1

    Nene will be back in hollyhood(ATL) real soon!

  • Lynn

    Danai Gurira is so beautiful! Ugh.