WTF was Rachel Roy thinking with this Red Carpet "Pajamas" Disaster? (We expected better, Rachel)

WTF was Rachel Roy thinking with this Red Carpet “Pajamas” Ensemble?!! (SMH – we expected better, Rachel)

What could Rachel Roy have possibly been thinking when she decided to wear this ensemble to the movie premiere of “One Day,” the new film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess? Why would she even leave her home like this?!

The top and bottom obviously look like a two-piece luxury pajamas set. We sure do hope that this is not a preview of what we can expect from her clothing line in the future. We understand that designers are innovators, very creative and artistic individuals. But the line has to be drawn somewhere. We want to see our favorite designers in something that we can at least understand, so that we will trust their vision when adding their pieces to our wardrobe.

She tried to glam the look with a brown leather clutch, black sandals by Manolo Blahnik and thick black glasses – but a fashion crime this bad isn’t easily fixed. Rachel Roy has a lovely clothing line and continues to put out fabulous pieces, but this look makes us a bit (ahem, a lot) worried about her sense of and purpose for style.

What do you say StyleBlazers? Can you see where Rachel was going with this one?

See more pics of the Rachel’s Red Carpet Hot Mess on the following pages:

  • She cant be serious with this

  • Rachel Roy's style is…interesting. I have yet to see her wear an amazing outfit and am not sure why she designs nice dresses but doesn't wear great outfits? Didn't she used to be a model, too??

  • Hels

    I'm soooo confused!

  • Bevan

    She tries just a little too hard………….none of that look is stylish, she always seems to be caught up……………no real sense of style. I could outdress her with clothes from anywhere…………..she just doesn't have that innate sense of style.