Wear Your Kicks Worn: Converse To Sell Pre-Dirtied Chuck Taylors



This is probably one of the most unique products spins we’ve seen in a while. But it actually makes a lot of sense.

Converse will be retailing a collection of worn, already dirtied shoes for Chuck Taylor fans. The colors available are butterscotch, tango red and turtledove. As Converse wearers know, the sign of a true sneaker head is having a slightly worn look.

Sold through the UK’s Office clothing store, the shoes retails for roughly $76 to $150 US dollars. Coinciding with the sale of the shoes will also be The Get Dirty music series in London’s 100 Club with a line-up of Ghostface Killah, The Cribs, Gallows, the Carnival Kids and more artists from April 17-19.

Our only concern question is how are these being worn out….


-Danielle Kwateng

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