SB Radio: Music’s Fashion Darlings Edition



Fashion and music have gone together since Chubby Checker donned his first suit, Diana Ross reigned Supreme in bouffants and gowns, and Run DMC rocked their first pair of Adidas. Music’s influence on beauty is massive, and as common as the girls who ask for the Aaliyah swoop or the Rihanna bob in the hair shop chair. Owners of the sequined glove or cone bra need no introduction. Music provides the soundtrack for fashion shows around the world, and leaves a lasting impression long after supermodels stomp the runway.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the industry calls upon music giants to propel their brands, since monster sales are all but failproof. Beyoncé’s sparked Isabel Marant sneaker mania, just because she rocked them in her “Love On Top” video. That’s the power of music. It fuels trends in fashion and every facet of pop culture, making it even that more interesting. The girl can make the fashion, but the beat makes it iconic.

This week alone, pop music’s biggest names brought lookbooks to life. Beyoncé release the holy grail of fashion mashups with the unveiling of her summer H&M campaign. And the brand smartly has adopted her new song, “Standing on the Sun” to further imprint the superstar liaison in our subconscious with commercials. Frank Ocean starred in Band of Outsiders‘ summery Polaroid lookbook. Rick Ross sported his fresh kicks as Reebok‘s latest ambassador. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj keep MAC at the top of the beauty chain as they expand their individual lines.

Check out this week’s playlist featuring music’s fashion darlings and gents.


Happy Friday, ya’ll.


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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