The Kardashians Are Set To Launch A Tanning Line (Get Sun Kissed Like A Kardashian)

  • annstarrrm

    Who in the HECK would want to resemble a Kartrashian? Oh I kind of like Khloe, although she is very condisending towards her brother… but that I believe this is because of her mother’s total destain of men in general has been passed on to her female children. They don’t know if they LOVE men or HATE men… because neither does their mother…. uhhh role model??!? They all have not an ounce self respect and probably never will with all THAT MONEY that got them there. Too bad, so sad, they will never find true happiness in the things that matter in life. Big sis is typical “know it all” big sis, middle sis is only concerned with her looks which ARE QUICKLY DESOLVEING” from trippin on it. YES KIMMY HOE, you simply look like a fat hoe. And Khloe who is loving…. to women…. clingly to hubby and mean to brother and step-dad who raised you for many years. OH… the young girls… SHOOT, I wish you the best of luck. IF YOU CAN REMAIN HUMBLE… YOU HAVE A CHANCE. Pls look up HUMBLE in the dictionary and you have a chance at a good life. Your “mother” will steal your entire life if you allow her to. Good luck honeys. xo

  • iHM

    Unless they have a tanning accelerator, I’m not messing with it. Bronzers are so ugly and they are the reason why people look orange. If you cannot naturally achieve a tan without using bronzers, then you shouldn’t even be attempting to tan as you do not have the right skin type. Obviously Kim and her sisters have a natural tan or at least the natural ability to tan, so I don’t see why they’d release a line of tanning lotions that only include those ridiculous bronzers! We want to be tan, not orange.

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