Her Future Is Bright: More Photos From Ciara’s ‘Annex’ Cover Shoot!

  • SorayaVonDerAlm

    I’m not a fan of her body it is a bit to masculine for my liking

  • Honest Policy


  • ijs

    i think cici should just focus on modeling, i like this better than her music

  • jjac401

    Ciara is a beautiful woman! She makes a beautiful model!

  • samantha

    i have every CD Ciara has ever made, and her music videos are just so amazing. Music needs her amazing singing and dance talent. I just hope she gets the promotion she needs this time around. I dont know why they are not playing her much at all on my radio right now, and I hardly ever hear her music in the club. That is the only reason she is not selling more. Florida is a party state, and she never gets air play down here.

  • young afrique

    she looks good with the tomboy edge..that refined look is not gelling

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