What To Wear: When You're Battling Borderline Weather. 6 Pieces To Rock Right Now & Through Spring

What To Wear: When You’re Battling Borderline Weather (6 Pieces To Rock Right Now & Through Spring)

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Spring weather has still been spotty in NYC, so before we go and splurge on a new warm weather wardrobe, we’re going to work with what we already have in our closets, or should have in our closets. In reality, we wear most of our clothes year around anyway. Since we’re still in the beginning stages of spring when the temperatures are or can be considerably cooler, we can wear pieces we wore in the winter, but it’s how you wear each piece that matters most. We’ve already given you the essential pieces for battling borderline weather, now we’re bringing you a few stylish signatures to help build up your wardrobe before summer hits.

Below, we’ve shopped you 6 transitional pieces that can be worn now and through the rest of spring. 





Linen-Cotton Blend Dress

A dress can be on of your best friends as far as you closet goes during this time of year. This Mango linen-cotton blend dress is lightweight enough for a warm day and will look even cooler with cuffed sleeves. Or, pair it with stockings and blazer on a colder day.